10 Restaurants Perfect For Date Night

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on August 9, 2016

My hubby and I are bonefide foodies, and love going out to eat, trying new foods, & finding new local restaurants that knock our socks off! Get ready to salivate!

Hope you enjoy this list of local faves!

NICE Modern Creamery

{Howes Bayou}

Howes Bayou

We’re starting out in Fabulous Ferndale at Howes Bayou, a place that will escort you to New Orleans, Louisiana & Mardi Gras with cajun cuisine that is so yummy you will have to go back for more!  Your taste buds will thank you!

Howes Bayou

Our favorites are the Chicken VooDoo Poboy, Jambalya, Gumbo, Crawfish Bisque & Cornbread.  Their Sweet Potato Fries and Mac ‘N Cheese are to die for! Other Cajun favorites on the menu include, Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Etouffe, & finish with some sweet Peach Cobbler.  Trust me, this place will not disappoint.

Howes Bayou

{Vinsetta Garage}

Vinsetta Garage

Vinsetta Garage is located on Woodward  Avenue, and is the “oldest garage east of the Mississippi”….yes, I said garage!  If you are into themed restaurants, Vinsetta Garage has to be the coolest one around.  (Check out the penny floors in the bathroom!  I wanted to take a photo, but thought that might be inappropriate!)

Vinsetta Garage

Vinsetta Garage

I am a sucker for details, so the attention to the little things at Vinsetta Garage gets me every time, and the food is super duper yummy!  My favorites are the flank steak, wood fired pizza, and burgers. But if you go, you have to try the Union Mac ‘N Cheese!  It’s unbelievably good!

Vinsetta GarageVinsetta Garage

Finish the meal with a unique Michigan inspired dessert…. Faygo Rock ‘N Rye Ice Cream topped with Pop Rocks!  Mmmm!

Vinsetta Garage

{NICE Modern Creamery}

NICE Modern Creamery is “Michigan’s First Nitrogen Creamery” , and is the place where science and ice cream come together to make the most amazing homemade ice cream around!

NICE Modern Creamery

NICE is located in Madison Heights in the back of a Bigby Coffee Shop!  It’s kind of a hidden gem.  Where do I begin with this amazing place? How about I let them tell you what their all about…

“At Nice Modern Creamery its our desire to create a meaningful and memorable moment for the entire family. We want your visit to be an experience at every level, from the lesson in sharing with others to a product that we hope will bring lots of ohhh and ahhhs. We use liquid nitrogen to custom make every order of “nicecream” while you wait, this provides a super smooth texture while eliminating the need for extra preservatives and emulsifires. We strive to use the most organic, natural ingredients available. To create our flavors we teamed up with some great local companies.”

Their menu really speaks for itself.  I’ve borrowed the photos from their website by KeriHankins Photography to get your taste buds craving these sweet treats!

NICE Modern Creamery

Biscoff Voyage

Our local cream mixed with our secret Organic decaf coffee and Biscoff spread; topped with a Biscoff cookie and an optional flavor syringe!

NICE Modern Creamery

Rich Truffle Chocolate

Pure Ghirardelli cocoa, mixed with our local Michigan cream, and topped with cocoa

NICE Modern Creamery

Fresh Balsamic Strawberry

Fresh organic strawberries, balsamic vinegar, and our local Michigan cream

NICE Modern Creamery


Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream topped with a fresh 1 shot of BIGGBY COFFEE Espresso

And many more delectable flavors!  I want to try them all!

NICE Modern Creamery also has partnered with Hope Water Project to bring fresh water to the Pokot people every time you buy their ice cream!  See dessert does change the world!


“We partnered with our friends at Hope Water Project to help the Pokot people of Western Kenya. Their biggest need is clean water. With your help, for every cup of ice cream we sell, we’ll donate a cup of water by digging wells for the Pokot people. Through clean water, you bring life, health, and HOPE.”

{Black Lotus}

If you and your “honey buns” are craving something scrumptious on a bun, head to Black Lotus for quite honestly the best burgers & brews around!  We don’t consume alcohol….gasp!….but Black Lotus does brew their own beer and has quite an expansive  menu if you’re into fancy microbrews and that sorta thing.

Black Lotus

I can only speak to the amazing food!  Holy Moly!  The first time we visited Black Lotus, we couldn’t believe it had been under our nose this whole time, and we’d never tried it! It was beyond delicious!

My preferred burger is the Lotus Burger…”Made with 100% certified mid-western grain fed beef, on a delicious brioche bun.  Topped with creamy Muenster and a pile of bacon with Lotus sauce, leaf lettuce and tomato.”  I like mine served up with a helping pile of their scrumptious sweet potato fries!

Black Lotus

Is your mouth watering yet?

And, this place is perfect for date night, because there is an indoor golf pub right next door called The Drive In!  Go play some virtual golf while enjoying great food and drinks!


A new Crispelli’s just opened near our home in Troy, and we couldn’t wait to try it.  Crispelli’s offers a different dining experience.  You can be seated in their dining room for service, or you can order at the counter for quick service.


We ordered sandwiches and salads for a picnic one afternoon.  But, we decided it was too hot to eat outside…we are not hot weather people.  So we sat and ate in their quick service dining space.


I also may or may not have gone back on a different occasion to order tiramisu to go….which may or may not have rocked my world. ? Crispelli’s is a unique eatery best described as…

“A completely new restaurant-like eatery concept that’s steeped in the old world. Part bakery, part pizzeria, part mercado, at Crispelli’s we’re focused on one thing and one thing only: affordable gourmet. Using the finest ingredients, and highly refined baking techniques, we’re bringing back old world taste with an old world price. Enjoy!”


{Tom and Chee}

“Eat What’s Fun! At Tom+Chee, we proudly serve comfort food for the kid at heart, using fresh ingredients and a quirky take on a classic meal: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Our entire menu is made fresh – we don’t use fryers, freezers or microwaves. Plus, we have a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options that make it easy for you to create your perfect Tom+Chee experience.”

Tom & Chee

I am completely convinced that my hubby could keep our local Tom and Chee in business with his love of cheese alone!  He loves this place.  He first saw the concept on the TV show, Shark Tank, and the owners got a deal from one of the sharks to turn their dream into these amazing restaurants!

It’s the perfect spot to grab a quick gourmet grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup before going shopping or heading to a park or a movie.  A half sandwich is only around $4 and a dipper of soup is $1.  Pretty reasonable, right?!

Tom and Chee

Plus, it’s the perfect family restaurant!  There’s a basket of comic books and coloring books at the front door, and the Disney channel is usually on the TV.  Very kid friendly!  But don’t be fooled, these are not your basic grilled cheese sandwiches!

Tom and Chee

I love trying their daily special grilled cheeses, but my favorite regular menu sandwiches are the Crunchy Garlic Chicken {Chicken+Grilled Onion+Tomato+Sweet Hot Mustard +Garlic Seasoning+Parmesan Garlic Chips+Pepper Jack+Wheat Berry} and the Italian Sandwich {Salt & Vinegar Chips+Pepperoni+Ham+Mozz+Hearty White}…both of which have potato chips on them!  I’m all about some added salty crunch!

And, if you’re sweet tooth gets the best of you & you are brave enough to try a grilled cheese donut, may I suggest the Smores?  It’s loaded with melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow marscapone cheese. Super yummy!

Tom and Chee

{Union Woodshop}

 Union Woodshop is a “hand crafted, fire grilled joint” in Downtown Clarkston.  It will honestly be some of the best barbecue you’ll ever eat!  And, you have to try their mashed sweet potatoes!  They are amazing!


And if you get a hankering for dessert afterwards, {if you still have room}, try one of their hand crafted desserts, or walk down the street to their cupcakery!  Mmmm!

{Kona Grill}

Kona Grill is one of our absolute favorite restaurants.  We haven’t tried many dishes at this restaurant, because once we got the macadamia nut chicken, we were hooked!  The oriental chicken salad is also wonderful.  We’ve also tried their fresh sushi from their sushi bar, which was a-may-zing, and the tropical fruit creme brûlée….heart be still!  This is definitely a must try for any date night.  And they also have happy hour specials!

Kona Grill

{Melting Pot}

The Melting Pot is a romantic fondue restaurant that we frequent on special occasions.  It’s an experience!  I think the cheese fondue is our favorite part…even more than the chocolate.  Don’t let the raw meat tray intimidate you.  Cooking the meat at your table is absolutely delicious and well worth it! We haven’t gotten salmonella yet!  But, trust me, if cooking raw meat at your table grosses you out, you can easily make a meal out of cheese fondue, salad, & chocolate fondue!  You’ll leave stuffed to the brim!


{Taste Love Cupcakes}

And, lastly, speaking of romantical, you have to try Taste Love Cupcakes in downtown Royal Oak.  They have a wonderful assortment of cupcake flavors including red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, sweet potato, & vegan options.  All cupcakes are adorned by a red velvet heart.

Taste Love Cupcakes

The owners competed on Food Networks Cupcake Wars…and won!  You’ll see why as soon as you bite into one of their delectable cupcakes!

Cupcake warsTaste love cupcakes

Hope you found a new favorite date night restaurant.  If you have any suggestions for places we should try, leave it in the comments below.  More of these date night posts to come!  I have many more restaurants to share with you!  Thanks for stopping by!

{Some photos included in this blog post were “borrowed” from the restaurants websites, and are not my own.  Photographers named where applicable.}

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