25 Must-Have Accessories For The Erin Condren Life Planner

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on September 5, 2017

My family and friends know that I love, love, LOVE my Erin Condren Life Planner.  I use mine almost like a scrapbook.  I decorate it with stickers, lots of color, pictures, ticket stubs, and more.  Using Erin Condren’s Life Planner has helped me organize my entire life and be way more productive.

Today I’d love to share with you 25 of my favorite accessories for the Life Planner that I use every single day.  These accessories are definitely worth the money.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

{This post contains links to my favorite Erin Condren Life Planner Accessories.  I’m so excited to be an affiliate of Erin’s, so if you like something you see here, feel free to click on the picture and go nuts!  Because I am an affiliate, if you decide to purchase some of these beautiful accessories and/or a Life Planner of your own, I get paid!! Woohoo!  To read my Disclosure Policy and learn more about affiliates click here!}

Click on the pictures below to learn more about each product!  

First things first, if you’ve never heard of the Life Planner, well, it’s simply the best thing since sliced bread.  They are completely customizable from the cover to the coil color, to whether or not you want a colorful spread or a black and white spread.

You can choose between horizontal, vertical, or hourly layouts as well.  Add some, or all, of these beautiful accessories, and you’re going to be on your way to a creative organize purpose-filled life.  Enjoy!

1. Classic Edition 3 Sticker Book

I cannot say enough how much I love Erin’s sticker books!  They add a pop of color and pizazz to my planner pages, and this sticker book in particular includes sticker that help me with productivity.  I use these stickers to highlight special events during my day, and use them as a pretty way to check off my to-do list!

You will fall in love with this new sticker book.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it with my new Life Planner.

2. Painted Petals SnapIn Stylized Sticky Notes

Erin Condren’s snap in sticky notes are ah-mazing!  There is a beautiful collection of various shapes and colors of sticky notes on a sturdy plastic piece that literally snaps onto the coil in your life planner so you’re never without your sticky notes.

I use these to jot a quick note in my calendar, and they’re movable.  They don’t seem to lose their stickiness to me.  I use them to plan out future blog posts, and move them around to accommodate my schedule.  I love these sticky notes.  They help me organize in so many ways!

3. Monthly Bill Tracker Dashboard

I am the worst at budgeting.  Thankfully, my husband lives and breathe budgeting.  It the only thing that stops me from spending every penny on stickers for my planner. 🙂

The Monthly Bill Dashboard snaps onto the coil of my life planner and helps me keep track of our family finances.  I love that I can have everything that’s super important to the running of our household right smack dab in my Life Planner.  It’s the one thing that makes the Life Planner extremely unique from any other planner.  It’s the best!

4. Mini Snap In Bookmarks

I use these mini bookmarks all over the place in my Life Planner.  I use them to flag the week I’m currently living, and to mark where the note pages at the back of the life planner begin.  They have so many uses that they are definitely a must-have accessory.

5. To-Do List Dashboard

This dashboard snaps right into your Life Planner on the coil that you can customize to be rose gold, gold, black, or silver.  This simple dashboard is perfect for writing your to do list.

I use permanent fine tip markers for my dashboards so that the ink doesn’t smear.  And, when I’m ready for a change, I use alcohol wipes I get from the hospital to wipe the ink off, or I use a wet paper towel with a dab of toothpaste to clean it.  Yep, you read that right.  Toothpaste.  It works like a charm.

6. Wellness Dashboard

This Wellness Dashboard is perfect for jotting down your meals throughout the day and keeping track of water intake. If you like to track your meals for weight loss or maintenance, then this dashboard is perfect for that.  I love mine.  I just need to use it more.  Hmmm. 🙂

7. 2″ CoilClip Connectors

I love these CoilClip Connectors.  They come in various sizes, and easily adhere to tickets, pictures, invitations, notes, cards, and more.  I love that they allow me to easily attach a birthday invitation, wedding shower invite, or special note right into my Life Planner.  They are simply genius!

8. Meal Planner Dashboard

Once again, y’all are going to flip over this useful dashboard.  I mean, seriously.  It’s a novel idea.  Why didn’t we think of this?  The Meal Planner Dashboard snaps right into your planner, where you can plan your meals till your heart’s content.  Then flip it over, and there is space to write down your grocery list as well.

I use this to meal plan, and then take it along with me to the grocery store, cross off the ingredients I bought, and then snap it right back into my life planner when I get back home!  It’s a life saver! And, yes, it easily wipes off your multiple uses.

9. StylizedSticky Corner Pockets

These corner pockets are so stinking cute and so useful too!  They adhere like a sticker, and can hold movie tickets, small pics, valentines from your kids, you name it!  They add a scrapbook kinda feel to my life planner, which I love.  And, they hold little keepsakes beautifully on the decorated pages.  You’ll love these!

10. Paper Tape

One of the many ways I like to decorate and add a pop of color to my pages is through washi paper tape.  Erin sells different designs to match her various covers.  They are beautiful and match perfectly.

11. Travel Dashboard

If you and your family love to travel, then you will love this Travel Dashboard.  Keep track of your packing list, jot down your itinerary on the back, and organize your vacation details all in one reusable place that can easily fit right on top of your clothes in your suitcase.

12. Perpetual Calendar

If you purchase a Life Planner, then this perpetual calendar come complimentary in the back pocket.  I have a very special use for it, which I’ll share in just a second.

If the Life Planner is too big and bulky for you, then I suggest you look into the Deluxe Monthly Planner.  It gives you the calendar pages, as well as pages after each monthly calendar to write down note, goals, family adventures, meals, etc.  It does not have the weekly pages where you can plan specific things for each day, which is why the Deluxe Monthly Planner is so much smaller than the Life Planner.

This cute little perpetual calendar does not come with the Deluxe Monthly Planner, but is avaulbe for $6.  It hold important contact information as well as important passwords, since I can never remember mine!

But, I also like to use mine as a daily Gratitude Journal.  I write a quick note about something amazing that happened that day, or something that I’m simply thankful for.  It tucks neatly in the back of both planners, so that you can always reference your gratitude journal and remember what you’re thankful for.

13. Party Planner Dashboard

A lot of my mommy friends use this dashboards to plan their kiddos birthday parties and other fun family get togethers.  It’s a perfect way to tuck your party ideas in one place, and keep track of what needs to get done next to throw the perfect bash.

14. Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter

This little photo printer is on my Christmas list!  This cute little printer that comes with your choice of sticker design by Erin Condren to spruce it up a bit, corresponds with an app on your phone to print out cute little picture stickers.  These picture stickers just so happen to fit perfectly in the squares of the life planner.  It’s pure genius, and I’m in love.  I must have this! How about you?

15. 2017 Monthly Sticker Book

As we get closer to 2018, Erin will probably release another Monthly Sticker Book.  However, the 2017 sticker book is still available, and you don’t want to miss it.  These monthly stickers are gorgeous!  They make your monthly calendar spread look so classy and impressive.  People…meaning me…go completely nutso over these stickers.  Hurry up and grab these before they’re gone.

16. Sticker Book Edition 2

This sticker book is beautiful, as well.  It has collections of gold, silver, and rose gold (my favorite!!) and offers many options for keeping you organized and motivated in a gorgeous girly way!  Love!!

17. Watercolor SnapIn Sticky Notes

If you are a sticky note freak like myself, then you have to get these gorgeous watercolor stickies.  I showed you the painted petals sticky notes earlier, and Erin has several other styles as well.  They are must for any Life Planner girl!

18. Cool for School Sticker Book

If you have a little one in school or are a teacher, then you’ll love this school-themed sticker book.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

19. Wellness Log

If you are starting on a weight loss journey this year, check out this wellness log that will help you track your weight, inches loss, other measurements, and your meal plan throughout the week.  It’s a helpful tool that you could easily use a CoilClip to snap it into your planner your slide it in a pocket in the back.

20. Productivity Dashboard

I love to use this dashboard to track my Bucket List or yearly New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s hard to forget what you set out to do when it staring you right in the face.  It’s beautiful, colorful, and keeps me motivated.  Thanks you, sweet little dashboard.  🙂

21. Interchangeable Covers

One of the extra unique and special things about Erin Condren’s Life Planners is that you can easily remove and change the cover.  I have fall covers, Christmas covers, personalized covers with our photos on them, and inspirational quote covers too!  I love to change them with the seasons, or whenever I feel like it!

The covers snap on and off, and are extra sturdy.  They also have wipeable dry erase boards on the back side of the the cover to use for taking notes or to do lists.

Click the cover photo below to peruse the many options of covers for you. Which is your favorite?

22. Sticker Sheets

If you’re not completely stickered out at this point, then can I tempt you with these matching sticker sheets.  Their sturdy beautiful stickers that match the various cover options I mentioned before.  If you like everything to match, then you could easily coordinate your stickers and cover and other accessories…which I just might do with some of these gorgeous new designs for 2018.

23. Carry All Clutch

These Carry All Clutches are wonderful. They come in many different designs and colors, and can even be personalized with your name.  I keep my Life Planner and sticker books, washi tape, and some pens in mine, and it tucks nicely in my purse.  It’s made of a waterproof material that’s used for scuba diving suits to keep your planner protected and extra dry.  I love this painted petals pattern, don’t you?

24. Rose Gold Coloring Book

Erin added some bonus coloring pages to the back of the Life Planner this year, which I absolutely love.  If you want to get started coloring on a regular basis, check out this beautiful rose gold coloring book.  I just may ask Santa for this beauty this year too.

Coloring can be extremely relaxing and many of my friends love using their adult coloring books when coloring with their kids.  This coloring book includes several of Erin’s exclusive designs and inspirational quotes that would be perfect to frame afterwards.

25. Colored Pencils

And, to go along with that beautiful coloring book are these gorgeous colored pencils in a collectors tin.  Simply perfect.

To read more about how I decorate my life planner click here, and to find out how using this planner has helped me organize my entire life click here!  What accessory is you favorite?  Are you a Life Planner addict like myself?  Happy planning!  Thanks for stopping by!

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