5 Things I Learned About Marriage From Chip & Joanna Gaines

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on September 28, 2017

Binge watching ‘Fixer Upper’ on Saturday mornings has become a new favorite in our home.  Even my husband watches the show with me!!  He and I both get a kick out of Chip’s shenanigans, and I’m practically drooling by the end of each show looking at Jo’s beautiful designs.

Chip and Jo Jo are definitely #marriagegoals, aren’t they?  I love how they can be goofy with each other, yet parent their children gracefully and run an enormous business together flawlessly.

I think Joanna and I would be quick friends, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve day dreamed of sitting on their farmhouse porch, sipping sweat tea with her, devouring some cupcakes, and talking about everything home and family.  And, in this elaborate day-dream, I see Chip and Adam wrangling the cattle out in the pasture…Adam getting his inner cowboy on.  Those 2 goofballs would be knee-deep in mud, while Joanna and I shared stories around her kitchen island with subway tile and greenery in the background.

I guess I’ve thought about this more than I realized!  Ha!

This adorable family has graced our television so often, that they feel like close friends. So, it’s no surprise that when I heard this week that this upcoming season of Fixer Upper will be their last, I was sad.  Actually, ‘sad’ is an understatement.

But, if there’s anything that we have learned from Chip & Jo, it would be that family comes first.  Not even a popular HGTV show will cause them to compromise their family values.  And, I don’t know about you, but for me it just causes me to love them more.

So, today I’d love to share with you 5 Things I Learned About Marriage from this amazing, God-fearing couple.  What a powerful testimony our marriage can be…

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Laugh Together

One thing {out of many, believe me!} that I love about Chip and Joanna, is how much they laugh together.

When Chip’s up to no good, or is knee-deep in entertaining their kids or their clients, Joanna giggles right along with them and let’s him do his thing.

I honestly admire that.

Coming from a marriage where my husband can be a complete goofball as well, I often times find myself rolling my eyes or saying something condescending under my breath.  Why?  Because that’s the reaction I think I’m supposed to have.  For some reason, I squelch that humor in him so often by my awful reaction, and I’m not sure why?.

They say that ‘laughter is the best medicine’, right?  And, I know that in our relationship, his funny outbursts and the times when we’ve belly laughed together, are some of our most precious memories.  I love that funny, childish side of him.

So, I’ve learned from watching Jo, to allow him to be his goofy, jovial self.  Not roll my eyes or correct him, but stand alongside him, laugh together, and allow him to just be.  It’s the way God made him, and for that I should be grateful.

Be Patient With Each Other

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, ‘I think Joanna Gaines has the patience of a saint’.  This idea comes from the episode where Chip eats a cockroach in front of their clients on a dare.

Jo is completely grossed out, like the rest of us watching, but she doesn’t belittle him or scold him for being a weirdo.  Instead, she  speaks gently to him in private {as private as you can be with cameras in your face} and shows the epitome of patience.

I wish I could have just an ounce of her patience.  Could they maybe just bottle up some of Jo Jo’s patience and sell it at the Silos? Here’s my charge card.  I’ll be there in a minute.

In our marriage, I can become so quick-tempered and short with husband.  It is not right, hurts our relationship, and hurts his spirit.  When I get that way, I can see it happening before my eyes.

The goofy, free-spirited, hilarious man I fell in love with is now deflated and embarrassed…in front of me…his best friend….the one he should be able to be his most comfortable around.

When I feel the eye-roll coming on, or catch myself about to say something belittling, I’m going to stop myself and think ‘what would Joanna do’?

I think her patience is one of the best aspects of her testimony, and one of the many reasons why the world has fallen in love with them as a couple.  They exhibit what marriage should look like…what God intended marriage to be.

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She’s submissive and supportive of him, and yet runs a huge business.  She’s not on the back-burner or a non-priority, which is often what we think of these days when we hear the word “submit”.

And, he leads in a gentle, quiet sort of way all while making them laugh and filling their family with joy and love.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch.  I am going to miss watching them so much!  Cue the tears!

{These photos below are borrowed from Joanna’s blog.  These are some photos from their new fall displays at The Silo’s, their design shop in Waco, Texas.  One of these days I’ll make it down there and shop till I drop!}

Thank Him

I love, Love, LOVE when Jo visits the work site when Chip and the crew are demolishing or putting in the floors or reworking the home in some way.  Something I always notice, that fills my heart with the warm fuzzies, is that they thank each other.

He thanks her for stopping by, and offering her input on the project.  And, she thanks him for doing a good job and working so hard.

How powerful is that?

Those simple words breathe appreciation into their marriage, and apparently me as a viewer.  I listen for it in every episode.  And, when I hear it, I can’t help but smile.

How often do we thank our spouse?  I know I don’t enough.

Can I encourage you today, to look for one thing to thank your husband for?  It doesn’t have to be something big.  It could be that he took the garbage out and didn’t wake you up with being noisy {this is true in my house today!}.  Or, maybe you could thank him because he comes home from work every day and immediately dives into playing with kids or helping them with their homework.  Or, maybe you want to thank him for just simply loving your family, or grilling pizzas on the weekend, or cutting the grass in the 90 degree horrible heat.

Find something each and every day to be grateful for, and thank him.  Say those words.  They will breathe life into your relationship, I promise.

Work Together As A Team

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work”, right?  And, aren’t our marriages the most important team we’ve ever been on?

I love how Chip and Joanna encourage each other in their strengths during their design projects.  And, I’d have to dare say, I’m sure they do the same in their home also.

They seem to fit seamlessly into their roles, encouraging each other, working together like a well-oiled machine.  He handles demo day and construction like a champ, but steps back and allows Jo to work her magic in the design elements.  She decorates masterfully, but will still ask Chip for help with tasks that he’s good at like hanging sconces or lighting.

They encourage each other and work alongside each other beautifully.

Something I struggle with in our marriage, is the allocation of “roles” and carrying them out.  When my husband offers to help with a simple task like loading the dishwasher and then I bark at him for how he did it, do you think he really wants to help in the dishes department ever again?  Nope.

It’s perfectly ok to come alongside your partner in life, and teach him and help him, as long as we do so with an attitude of grace.

 Communicate with your husband in love, & ask for help when you need it.  Let him be the hero once in a while and get the attention and praise.  Be humble and patient, and watch as your teamwork grows.

Learning to put another person before yourself is hard work.  Trust me.  You don’t think you’re selfish until you get married, and suddenly you have coordinate your entire life with another human being.  It can be a beautiful experience, and sometimes a frustrating experience too.

But, the 2 of you together make a great team, and if you work alongside each other, you will do great things.

{The photos below are from Chip & Jo Jo’s Baking Co’s 1st Birthday Celebration!!  How amazing does this look?}

Put Your Family First

 Another part of the show that I look forward to every episode, is when Chip brings the kiddos over to the project to visit Joanna when she’s decorating.

First, of all, I love how she calls them “her kiddos”.  I thought I was the only one who still uses that word these days.

And, secondly, I love how they bring pizza, cupcakes, or other goodies to enjoy together, and how excited Joanna is to see her family.

It is blatantly obvious on the show, that Chip and Joanna put their family first.  They are focused on creating a beautiful memory-filled life for their family.

I love how they spend the majority of their days outside with the farm animals, collecting fresh eggs, all in Matilda Jane dresses to top it off!  So cute!

I love how the girls sometimes come to a project to help Jo decorate, and the boys are out with Chip riding the horse, climbing trees, and playing in the dirt.

They are respectful towards one another in front of their children.  They thank each other, laugh together, and all of the above.  Not only are they modeling great business for their children, but also a great marriage and family life.

Do we do the same in our homes?  Do we examine every opportunity and how it will affect our family structure?  Are we willing to step away from amazing opportunities when it doesn’t align anymore with our family’s core values?

I admire Chip and Joanna.  I feel honored that I’ve been able to watch and learn from them over the last few years.

I can’t wait to watch this upcoming {and last} season of Fixer Upper, and gaze in wonderment at the beautiful homes they create for other families.

But, what I’m most thankful for, is having a real-life example of what a God-centered marriage looks like every week as I watched episode after episode.  I appreciate them opening up their lives and their home for all of us to enjoy.

I hope we all find something here today to apply to our marriage, and that we are shining examples of what marriage can really be.  And, I pray that those around us look at our relationship, just like I look at Chip and Joanna’s, and think ‘I want what they have’.

Here’s to a happy marriage and a happy home, dear friend.  See you again, soon!

{I saved the best for last!!  Try not to pee your pants!!  Bloopers video below!!}

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