The Best Of Lattes, Lilacs, And Lullabies: Top 20 Posts of 2017

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on January 7, 2018

It’s always fun for me to look back on the year, and reminisce about my favorite happenings here at Lattes, Lilacs, and Lullabies.  It’s been an amazing year here on the blog.  This year bought over 65,000 views and over 40,000 users to this “little” blog of mine.   Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we, and celebrate the blog posts that you enjoyed most in 2017.

Will your favorite post be #1?

#20- 5 Simple Ways To Prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Today  {230 Views views}

This post is near and dear to my heart and something that I teach every single day at the hospital.  There are ways to prevent SIDS and they are simple.  This post shares 5 things you can start doing today to decrease your baby’s risk.

#19- Fertility Boosting Bucket List: 10 Things Every Hopeful Mommy-To-Be Should Do {235 views}

This post has everything that I hopeful mommy would need to know about getting preggers, including a link to my favorite and the most accurate fertility monitor on the market!

#18- 10 Things You Need To Know About Your Baby’s Car Seat {286 views}

How-To Videos and links to car seat safety make this post a must read for any new parent!

#17- How To Calm A Fussy Baby In 5 Simple Steps {313 views}

Dr. Harvey Karp who wrote “Happiest Baby On The Block” inspired this post, and can you believe I actually got to meet him this past year?  I was like a 90’s teenage girl meeting Zack Morris!  Ha!

#16- 12 Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs {347 views}

This was one of the first posts I wrote on my brand new MacBook.  Believe it or not, prior to last spring I was blogging on my iPhone.  Talk about a nightmare.  I was so thankful (and still am) to have my new favorite toy and was so excited at the new creative possibilities at my fingertips like being able to make gorgeous pins for Pinterest.

12 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs...

#15- 25 Must-Have Accessories For The Erin Condren Life Planner {369 views}

One of the many exciting companies I have joined forces with this year is Erin Condren.  It’s no secret that I absolutely love my Life Planner, and now I get to share more about her products and even make $$$.  Woohoo!  The 2018 Life Planner in colorfully painted petals is my favorite one so far.  You’ll love all these rose gold, watercolor accessories.


#14- A Message To Mommies At Heart This Mother’s Day {417 views} 

I wrote this piece as a special message to friends out there who long to be mothers, who pray every day for their tiny miracle, and sometimes hide behind the loneliness that comes with infertility or loss.  It’s one of my most vulnerable blog posts, and the outpour of support was truly appreciated.  Hang in there, sweet mommies at heart.  Remember, motherhood often begins in the heart, in a desire to, in a prayer, and in a longing.

#13- When Infertility Steals Your Joy {541 views}

This was another blog post for those readers who struggle with infertility.  “You’ve got a friend in me,” they say.

A Message of Hope & Encouragement for Mommies Still Waiting...

#12- Infertility Story: Our 7 Year Journey {622 views}

Not only was I able to finally share our 7-year journey to have a baby, but I was also able to feature a new fertility product in my first sponsored post.  This is just one leg of our journey.  Our story is not over.  Little did we know that having a family would be a grand adventure filled with many peaks and valleys.

7 Ways to Conceive Naturally...

#11- 10 Awesome Books To Read This Summer {645 views}

I had the privilege this year to be a part of a book launch team.  “Cultivate” is featured on this list as well as many other amazing books to read not only in the summertime but anytime.


#10- Ellie’s Story: A Message Of Hope & Faith For NICU Families {767 views}

A good friend and former co-worker shared the miraculous story of her baby girl, Ellie, on my blog this year in my new Warrior Mommy Series.  If you’ve ever doubted the power of prayer, read Ellie’s story.  Be sure to grab some Kleenex first.

#9- Cultivate What Matters: 2018 PowerSheets Goal Planner {784 views}

Lara Casey’s Cultivate Shop is another company I now have the privilege of working with.  It is always my desire to share products and companies with you that I love, and The Cultivate Shop is no exception.  The PowerSheets Goal Planner has completely changed how I set and achieve goals.  If you’re interested in having the best year of your life, check out this post.

#8- The Color Run Dream Tour {855 views}

This Life Lately post gave me my first big surprise of the year when The Color Run shared it on their facebook page.  We had an amazing time dancing through foamy bubbles, getting showered with tropical colors, creating our own unique snow cones, receiving our 4th unicorn medals, and devouring a giant strawberry shortcake.  If you’re looking for a family-friendly 5K to try this year, look no farther than The Color Run.

#7- A Day In Plymouth, Massachusetts {1703 views}

I’ve slowly begun sharing tidbits of our dreamy New England Road Trip.  This day in Plymouth, we’ll never forget.

Monument to the Forefathers

#6- 10 Things To Do Before Your Baby Arrives {1364 views}

This post is a mother-baby nurse’s love letter to all new parents.  These are definitely things you need to do before you have your baby.

#5- Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017 {2,181 views}

This post was so fun to do.  It was like virtual shopping for a baby!  These are tried and true must-have items every new baby should have.

20 Must-Have Gifts for Your Baby Registry in this Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017

#4- A Seasonal Guide To Cozy Living: The Danish Tradition Called Hygge {2,207 views}

This post offers various ways to live hyggely in every season.

Living a Cozy, Purposeful Life

#3- 25 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies {4,043 views}

I do believe that I have conjured up the cutest Halloween costumes ever in this adorable post.  This one was one of my favorites of 2017.  Get ready for an overload of cuteness.

#2- 10 Must-Have Items You’ll Need When Taking Your Newborn Baby Home {6,122 views}

Newborns don’t need a whole lot, but they do need these 10 things to make life easier. This post brought to you by the thousands of new mommies and daddies I’ve taken care of over the last several years.

We’ve made it!  Can you guess which blog post made #1 this year?  Is it your favorite too?

Drum roll, please……

#1- A Peaceful Happy Life: 20 Ways To Live Hygge This Winter


I wrote this simple post last February, and ever since, it’s brought hundreds of visitors to my blog every single day.  It went viral on Pinterest being shared hundreds, if not, thousands of times.  I guess I wasn’t only one seeking some new ways to live a simple, happy life.

The success of this post is what inspired me to write my very first ebook, “The Simple Guide To Living Hygge” to be released January 15th!! I can’t wait!

I cannot begin to thank you all so much for your love and support on this blogging journey.  I look forward to seeing what 2018 brings.

Did your favorite blog post make the list?  Share in the comments below.



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  • Reply Twila

    Okay, so one of my favorites is the “Live Hygge” blog. I had read it before and loved it then, but somehow the challenge escaped me before. I’m all about trying the challenge now. I think I’m a Hygge kind of gal, LOL. Thank you for this blog…it is truly a blessing and you’re doing a bang-up job!!! Keep ’em coming girl!! 🙂

    January 9, 2018 at 11:09 am
    • Reply Stephanie Wilson

      Thank you so much, Twila! I really appreciate your love and support!

      January 9, 2018 at 10:09 pm

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