Bri’s “Finding Dory” Day

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on June 28, 2016

*This week only..say the words “Bamboo Shark” at the Admissions Desk, & receive $6 off each ticket (up to 6 tickets)!  Happy Shark Week! 6/20/16-6/26/16

We love spending time with our nieces and nephew, and I especially love a themed day.  Bri’s “Finding Dory” Day was so epic…she  could hardly contain her excitement.



Our first stop was the theater to see the new Disney movie, “Finding Dory”. We settled in with our popcorn, soft pretzels, & Icee’s.  We were ready to spend the next 90 minutes or so “under the sea”.

If you haven’t been to the theater to see it…run, don’t walk, to a theater near you and see it ASAP.  It will make you ugly cry, like most Disney movies these days.  The baby Dory is so stinking cute, I could hardly stand it!  I thought it was nicely written, and much better than most sequels.  And, of course I fell in love with the Beluga Whale!  Bri couldn’t stop talking about the octopus…she thought he was pretty cool.

Flippantly on the way to the car I said, “I wish we could go to the aquarium!”  Bri shrieked in excitement. So, next thing we knew we were hopping onto the freeway on our way to SeaLife Aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing to look for the real “Dory’s” and  “Nemo’s”!imageimageimage

When we arrived at SeaLife, Bri was given her dive book to collect stamps at the many “dive stations” throughout the aquarium.  After a short cute little movie, we entered the beautiful aquarium.  Bri loved climbing in the nooks & crannies, tunnels, & bubble viewing areas they have for kids….or adults who are willing to bang up their knees!  She recognized fish from the movie, and could state facts about them, and was learning more about their care and habitats….and I was loving it!  There’s nothing better than watching her or the other kiddos enjoying learning.  It makes the price of admission worth it!


She couldn’t wait to get to the Touch Pool where she could touch slipper lobsters, cleaner shrimp, and sea stars.  She, with the help of an Aquarius, was able to hold a hermit crab in her hand.  But, I think her favorite, was getting to hold a “Mermaid Purse”, AKA a shark egg!  Yep!  Way cool!  This is the kid who, when she was much much younger, prayed to be a mermaid at bedtime prayers! I remember her wishing to be a mermaid, and pretending to be a mermaid.  When I was little, I was obsessed with Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, so I totally understand her point of view! She’s a little me, what can I say?!

Next, we encountered the long scary eel, stingrays, sharks, and finally…the octopus!  We learned in the movie that octopi have 3 hearts.  She was so fascinated by Ursula at SeaLife.


She checked out the real Dory’s and the teeny tiny baby Nemo’s in another colorful tank, before moving through the underwater aquarium tunnel.  She screamed with excitement at the shark resting on the glass above us!  We searched for Benson, the new rescued sea turtle, but couldn’t find him.  He must have already gone to bed.

We got a few pictures by the sea goddess in the big tank, let her play for a few minutes on the play structure before getting a pressed penny to commemorate our very epic “Dory Day”.  She chose the touch pool design, since that was her favorite place.  She showed the SeaLife staff her completed stamped Dive Book, and received a medal that she wore with pride!


Then, as if the day couldn’t get any more exciting, we headed into Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  She counted the Dory’s in the many fish tanks in the restaurant, and was delighted that there was rain and thunderstorms during dinner.  We sat by the elephants, who she taunted with her French Fries.  She wanted pictures by all the animals and rainbows, but especially under the starry night sky.  She danced and twirled, and made wishes on the shooting stars!  She loved it!image


To top off the day, we ordered the Sparkling Chocolate Volcano.  Her eyes in the photo say it all.  She was in awe.  And, since she’s just like her Aunt Nie Nie, she was overjoyed to dive into the chocolatey goodness too!  After all, we’d worked up quite an appetite learning about fish all evening!

One more pressed penny and a few more photos, before we were finally on our way home.  She didn’t want to leave.  She said, “let’s do this again next week, guys!”.

If you’d like to have your very own Dory Day, or learn more about SeaLife’s programs to Breed, Rescue, & Protect visit their website.

“When life gets you down, Just Keep Swimming” -Finding Dory

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    WOW, I can’t believe how engaged Brianna was. So impressive and many thanks to her Aunt Nie Nie and Uncle Adam! 🙂

    June 28, 2016 at 8:30 pm
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