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Spring Decorating Trends Inspired By Pottery Barn

Posted in Home Sweet Home, Pinterest Projects & Recipes
on March 27, 2017

Every season, I love to visit Pottery Barn and gasp in awe at their beautiful home decor.  In the past I’ve shared with you some Christmas Decor & Fall Decor, but today it’s time to lighten things up a bit with Spring Decorating!  From basket-weave textures, to aquamarine votives, to terrarium gardens, & succulent walls….it’s all here!

So, pull up a chair, and grab your cappuccino, and enjoy this springtime tour of Pottery Barn.

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A Peaceful Happy Life: 20 Ways To Live Hygge This Winter

Posted in Home Sweet Home, Inspiration
on February 5, 2017

Hygge is a way of life, that is embraced in Denmark, where according to various studies, people are happier than anywhere else in the world.  By creating warm, cozy homes, celebrating the season, unplugging from technology, and connecting with loved ones and nature, the Danish have learned to live a satisfied and fulfilled life.

I decided to investigate the Hygge way of living, and what I discovered is simple and doable.  It’s these simple steps that help the Danish actually enjoy their long winters, and embrace each season of life.

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Christmas Tree Decorating: From Painful to Delightful

Posted in Home Sweet Home, Life Lately
on December 6, 2016
Christmas Tree

I always envision decorating the Christmas tree in a glorious, unstresful way.  I picture a crackling fire, hot cocoa in mugs overflowing with marshmallows, Christmas music playing in the background, and us joyfully reminscing about life and memories as we delicately place each ornament on the beautifully lit tree.  And, at the conclusion of this fantasy, I picture a Christmas tree that belongs in a Pottery Barn magazine or something.

Every year, I picture this heavenly decorating day as our kick off to Christmas, and plan for it, and it never quite turns out how I’d hoped.

In this post, I’ll explain what I’ve learned over the last few years caring for and decorating a pre-lit tree.  Follow these Step By step instructions to have a Christmas tree that doesn’t become a pain the neck, & somewhat resembles a designer tree at the end of the day.

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Santa Approved Christmas Cookies Collection

Posted in Family Life, Home Sweet Home, Pinterest Projects & Recipes
on December 2, 2016

December is here, and holiday traditions are in full swing.  The stockings are hung, the snow is falling outside, and the children are making their lists for Santa.  But, what does Santa long for this time year?  Yummy Sugary Christmas cookies to fill his belly during his long journey on Christmas Eve…of course!   And, boy, have I got the best Cookie Collection for you.  This “list” he will definite “check twice”!

So, let’s turn up the Christmas tunes & grab the flour, sugar, vanilla, & butter and start creating Christmas magic in the kitchen with these “Santa Approved” cookies!

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Have A Very Merry Magnolia Christmas

Posted in Home Sweet Home, Likes & Links
on November 30, 2016
Magnolia Market Christmas

I could not contain my excitement a couple months ago, when I saw the unveiling of the Magnolia Market Christmas Home Collection. I think my husband thought something very serious had happened, because I shrieked with excitement so abruptly.

I absolutely love Chip & Joanna Gaines.  I love their spirit, their family life, their philosophy…basically everything about them.  I want to be them!

Their home improvement show on HGTV called Fixer Upper, has completely transformed how I view decorating my own home.  Adding a little country vintage flare here and there, and including chalkboard elements a barn door and some shiplap are a Fixer Upper must.

If you’ve never heard of this adorable couple, then…

“Pardon My French Door, But Holy Shiplap…You’re Life Is About To Be Changed Forever!”

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How To Create A Cozy Home This Christmas

Posted in Home Sweet Home, Pinterest Projects & Recipes
on November 17, 2016
How to add extra coziness, warmth, and Christmas cheer to your home.

I absolutely go googly-eyed over this time of year!   Between all the Christmas decorations and Sparkly lights, I can hardly contain my excitement for the impending Christmas season.  There are so many activities and family gatherings I look forward to every Christmas. But quite honestly, some of my most treasured moments, are cozy nights at home by the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, Christmas lights glowing, carols playing in the background, and cookies baking in the oven.

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A Step By Step Guide To Hosting Thanksgiving

Posted in Home Sweet Home
on November 13, 2016
How to host Thanksgiving dinner in a step by step guide. Follow this countdown to Thanksgiving, and enjoy time with your family and friends without the stress.

We are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, and preparations are in full swing.  Hosting Thanksgiving at our house is like an Olympic event.  It’s probably my husband’s favorite holiday.  What man doesn’t love stuffing himself with amazing food all day, and watching football, am I right?!

But he treats Thanksgiving much like Bob does from Bob’s Burgers!  He’s infatuated with Thanksgiving.  Thankfully, though, he does not talk with our bird like Bob does on the show!  But, he gets just as excited!

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