Celebrating The Year In Photographs: A Photo Challenge For 2018

I love goal planning and making resolutions just like you, but have you stopped and celebrated the year we just finished?  Have you paused to reflect on those days, and express gratitude for what you accomplished, experienced, and cultivated?

Today, I’m going to share with you a quick and easy photo challenge, to help you relive this past year.  Can I encourage you, sweet friend, to then print these photos or add them to a photo book?  I’ll show you how in this post.  Let’s take some time right now to celebrate 2017 & add photos of our lives into our homes, shall we?

Are you ready to celebrate?  Let’s get started!

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My new friends over at Artifact Uprising inspired this photo challenged.  They offer beautiful photo prints and photo albums that get your photos off of your phone and into your hands.  They even offer a photo book series called ‘Volumes’ that automatically downloads photos from your chosen device when you prompt it to, &  creates a beautiful new photo book.  Simply add photos into a special album on your phone, pick your photo book style, color, and foil print, and Artifact Uprising will design a beautiful photo book for you and your family to enjoy as often as you like.

Take this photo challenge below, and print these photos to display around your home to enjoy and celebrate what you saw and experienced in 2017.  When you order prints from Artifact Uprising, they arrive in a beautiful keepsake box.  Store your photos in a safe place, or display them in frames, on ledges, or even on your fridge.  These prints are high-quality prints that will look beautiful for years to come.

hardcover photo book

The Photo Challenge

Choose a few of these photos to print or print them all.  Or, create a beautiful photo album of your best moments of 2017.

Have fun reliving the memories…

1. Find a photo from this year’s Greatest Adventure– big or small

One of my greatest adventures from 2017 was celebrating this little blog’s 1st birthday.  Sharing our story with the world, and meeting so many new friends has certainly been a rewarding adventure.

2. Find a photo from a Significant Moment this past year

This year we lost Adam’s sweet uncle who was more like a father to him.  It was a moment that struck our family with great force and forever changed our lives.  I don’t know about you, but whenever I see beautiful billowing clouds and sun rays peeking through, I think of Heaven.  This photo of the sky I took this year, reminds me of the gorgeous place that Uncle Doug now calls home, and makes me feel extremely grateful for our faith and the hope that we have.

3. Find a photo of what Made You Feel Most Alive in 2017

4. Find your favorite photo of The People You Love

Celebrating Adam’s 34th birthday with our niece and nephew who look more like teenagers than the little kiddos we still picture them as.  Sniff Sniff.  Slow down, please!

5. Find a photo of a Morning You Want To Remember

The Color Run is always one of my favorite mornings throughout the year.  This year we danced in our sparkly tutus amongst gorgeous tropical colors like corals, greens, and yellows.  We made new friends, ate snow cones, and received our 4th unicorn medal.  Then, we rested our sore muscles at The Sidetrack restaurant and devoured yummy food and the biggest strawberry shortcake on earth!

Artifact Uprising holiday cards

6. Find a Photo that Represents Joy in 2017

What could elicit more joy than a warm summer’s night spent eating ice cream cones and watching movies in the street with neighbors and friends?

7. Find a photo of the People That Shaped Your Year

This guy, right here, wearing his infamous Jurassic park t-shirt and Detroit Tigers baseball cap, who takes me on the wildest adventures, encourages me to continue going after my dreams, and even stands in line with me for 4 hours just to get petite fours from The Hello Kitty Cafe truck.  He’s simply the best.

8. Find a photo of you Trying Something New

It’s kinda silly to take photos of your lunch, but not when it’s at the new Shake Shack in town.  This place became one of our newest, favorite hangouts in 2017.

9. Find a photo of Something You Are Proud Of in 2017

In 2017, I made a big change and left my nightshift position at the hospital, and switched to the lighter side….AKA dayshift.  I’m proud of myself for taking the plunge into an unknown world, and for embracing mornings and sunshine.  And, I’m proud of the nurses and aids that I have the privilege of working alongside.  They surprised me with a party and many of my favorite things, including this Alex and Ani bracelet, a Starbucks gift card, and a mug that reads, “Kiss Me, I’m Caffeinated”.

10. Find a photo You’ll Want To Pass Down For Generations To Come

My Gramma, as many of you know, just recently turned 95 years old!  She’s truly an inspiration, and the entire reason I began this journey through my photos.  She enjoyed a big party, lots of cake, and lots of hugs and kisses from her 7 great-grandchildren.

Artifact Uprising Photo Gifts

11. Find a photo of an Exciting Moment

This past year we were able to attend the last Red Wings hockey game at “The Joe” and help celebrate the very first game at our new arena, The Little Caesars.  We took our nephew with us to both games, and in turn, made a hockey fan out of him.  It was precious to watch him and Adam bond over icings and penalties.

12. Find a photo of a favorite Family Memory from 2017

In November, my mom treated us to a Broadway show at The Fox Theater in Detroit.  Not only was it a beautiful evening with just us girls, but we saw “The Wizard of Oz” which was my sister’s favorite movie growing up.  We all loved it, and expressed how incredibly impressed we were with the real-life ToTo on stage!

13. Find a photo of an Evening To Remember from 2017

One of my favorite evenings in the summer is Glow Balloons at Bavarian Inn.  We spend the day in Frankenmuth, which looks like a little German town right smack dab in the middle of Michigan.  We watch the Dog Olympics during the day and “oooo” and “ahh” as the hot air balloons launch overhead in the afternoon.  But, in the evenings during this Memorial Day Weekend festival, the balloons reassemble on the lawn and glow and glow into the night.  It’s beyond amazing to walk amongst them, feel the heat of the flame, and take in the enormity of these balloons.  It takes my breath away every time.

14. Find your favorite Black & White Photo of 2017

Every fall, our town hosts a little festival to say goodbye to the long days of summer and hello to the cooler more colorful days of autumn.  We walk amongst the screaming children being tossed to and throw on ferris wheels and bumper cars; pet the menagerie of animals at the petting zoo (this year Adam was spat on by an irate Alpaca…it was priceless!!); and snack on elephant ears and deep fried Oreos.  We look forward to our little fair every single year.

15. Find a photo of a Moment of Appreciation from 2017

It’s not every day that nurses are handed a beautiful box filled with pink iced cookies that say “thank you” and have baby feet, rattles, and polka dots on them.  We felt much appreciated on this particular day, so much so that I had to take pictures.  These cookies were too cute not to be photographed!

16. Find a photo of a Favorite Place in 2017

The Detroit Zoo, where we spend every Wednesday night in the summer listening to music, eating ice cream, and running into old friends.  It’s a favorite summer date night.

17. Find a photo of you enjoying a Favorite Tradition 

The Michigan State Fair on Labor Day.

18. Find a photo of a Holiday Celebration in 2017

I worked Christmas Day this year, which was a real bummer.  But, then this guy in a red suit showed up and my day got a whole lot sweeter.

19-23. Find photos of Each Season in 2017

Winter in Michigan is no joke, but it certianly can be breathtaking…literally!

24. Find a photo of a Moment of Accomplishment in 2017

The finish line and the color throw celebration at The Color Run!

25. Find a photo of a Special Treat you enjoyed in 2017

The Zombie Frappuccino this Halloween season at Starbucks was….interesting!

26. Find a photo of a New Adventure you embarked on in 2017

27. Find a photo of your Favorite Quote for 2017

28. Find a photo of a New Discovery in 2017

Tiny suction cups on a sea star at The SeaLife Michigan Aquarium.

29. Find a photo of You in 2017

Oh, you know, this is just me, my mocha, and SnapChat staying out of the cold at my niece, Brianna’s, Halloween parade.

30. Find a photo of Your Home in 2017

This is a simple picture of how we spent most of the Christmas season during our coldest December in history….snuggled up by the tree, or baking cookies, or watching movies.  It was a simple, quiet Christmas season this year.  It was cozy and that’s ok with me.

31. Find a photo of a Birthday Celebration

My traditional St. Patrick’s Day birthday cake from Mannino’s Bakery!  Mmmm!

32. Find a photo of a Special Time with Friends in 2017

‘Second times a charm’ they say, right?  Well, it was for this bright group!  After the building lost power during our first try, our second trip to The Escape Room was a big success. We made it out of there just barely!  Hallelujah!  I guess getting locked in a room with these goofballs wasn’t so bad!

33. Find a photo of a Beautiful Place you saw in 2017

Our view every Sunday night in the summer on our nature walks in Stony Creek Metropark.  We love to watch the sailboats dance along the lake, and the sunsets aren’t too shabby either.

34. Find a photo of a Daily Routine

Coffee.  Definitly Coffee.

35. Find a photo of what you are Most Grateful For in 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017, I’m most grateful for hope and the promise that God supplies all our needs and hears our desires.  Looking forward to a very blessed New Year!

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?  Did you have fun taking a walk down memory lane?  Share you photo challenge with me in the comments below!


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