“I Chews You”- Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines

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on February 7, 2017

I made these sweet, adorable, and unique Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines for our nieces and nephew recently, and I fell in love with them…no pun intended. ? I’m not sure what I like more…the colorful gum balls or the super cute tags that say, “I Chews You”.

If you’re looking for a different idea for Valentines Day look no further.  I think Little {and Big} kiddos will absolutely love these!

What You’ll Need

*Multicolored Bubble Gumballs

*2 1/2 in. Plastic Fillable Ornaments

*Red Paper Cups

*Cardstock and Ribbon to Make Tags

I used plastic red cups to make my mini bubblegum machines, but I’d suggest using the paper ones linked above.  The plastic cups were harder to cut and sharp!  Yikes!

I cut slits in the bottoms of the cups so the bulbs full of gum balls could be secured with tape underneath.  And, because my cups were larger than I liked, I cut them around the bottom, to make them look more like bubblegum machines.  I’m particular, and wanted it to look as close to a gumball machine as possible.  ?

I then used twine to secure a tag to the cup.  I wrote, “I Chews You” on the tags, but you could certainly personalize them with other funny quotes or classmates names.

Also, if you happen to be looking for an allergy-free alternative to this project, you could fill these Bubblegum Machines with mini bouncy balls instead of gumballs.

I hope you enjoy with project as much as I did.  I know I would’ve gone bonkers if I had been given one of these Valentine’s as a kid.  I hope your kids love them too!

Happy Valentines Day!

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