Comment Policy

Posted on October 10, 2016

I feel like this goes without saying, and I feel a little bit like a kindergarten teacher here.  But, can I make a request please, from you, my devoted readers.

Please Be Kind And Loving.  Sure sure, this page is about comments on my blog.  But isn’t this true for life in general anyways?

I know sometimes, especially as women, we can get extremely passionate {and therefore judgmental??} regarding several subjects that are discussed here at Lattes, Lilacs, & Lullabies.

I would really like this little place on the internet, to be a safe place for us all to share ideas and thoughts.

So, please keep that in mind if you decide to leave a comment under a post.  Remember to be kind and loving.  And, as Thumper says,

“If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”