The Dog Bowl, Glow Balloons, & Bubble Tea- Our Memorial Day Weekend in Frankenmuth

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on June 29, 2017

I love going to the Dog Bowl and Balloons Over Bavarian Inn every Memorial Day weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Frankenmuth is like Michigan’s own “little bravaria”.  When you drive into town it feels as though you’ve just driven into the German hillside.  There are cheese shops, famous fried chicken, the Bavarian Belle, shops, & lots of fun activities throughout the year.

Memorial Day Weekend up in Frankenmuth is like a big giant kick-off to summer for us, & I’d love to share it with you.

I don’t know about you, but we are dog-lovers.  We’ve been waiting for just the right time to adopt our fur-baby.  We can’t wait to have a dog.

If you are a dog-fan too, then you have to check out The Dog Bowl.  The Dog Bowl is the largest olympic-style event for dogs in the world, and it’s held right here in Michigan.

We love visiting the different vendors that make anything and everything a furry friend would ever want.  There are even German-style pretzels made specifically for “man’s best friend”!

Dogs from all over the world compete in different activities.   There are obstacle courses, police training, frisbee catching, Weiner dog races, & so much more!  It’s so stinking cute to watch all of the various dogs perform…or not, which is even cuter.

One of our favorite competitions is the dock jumping.  We love to watch the dogs get so excited to jump and splash in the water.  We’ve never sat in the splash zone, though.  Maybe one day!

The earlier part of the day is filled with dog-loving people, lots of barking and panting, and plenty of “oohs and aahs”.

This year, after the Dock Dogs finished their competition, we went for a bathroom and beverage break in the Riverplace Shops.  My favorite place to grab a quick bite is at the Beignet shop.  Mmmm!!

And, when we remerged from inside, we saw the most beautiful site…

You see, along with The Dog Bowl, Frankenmuth also “Balloons Over Bravarian Inn” a hot air balloon competition and showcase.   I told you Memorial Day Weekend in Michigan is pretty awesome!

We looked up and saw several colorful hot air balloons floating just above out heads.

The weather this year was perfect for flying the balloons…there was hardly any breeze at all.  The balloons just slowly drifted along the skyline, almost in slow motion.  I was so glad I brought my “good camera” to capture these photos. They were beautiful.



We set up our folding chairs along the field and waited for the hot air balloons to land.  The real show was about to begin at dusk.

Every year it seems like the sunset over Frankenmuth is just as perfect as can be, with hues of hot pink, purple, and orange.  And, it didn’t disappoint this year.

Families line the field with their dogs in tow, waiting for Glow Balloons to begin just as it gets dark enough.


The hot air balloon pilots pass out baseball style trading cards for the kids to collect…or big kids like me! And, when the time is right, they light up the fires inside the balloons creating quite a spectacle.

This year, my hubby and I meandered out onto the field during Glow Balloons.  The pilots are gracious enough to allow us to get up and close and personal with their precious hot air balloons to ask questions and get to know them.

It was so awe-inspiring to stand surrounded by giant clouds of heat and colors and watch them light up the night sky!

Typically we end this glorious weekend tradition with dinner the Frankenmuth Brewery, the oldest brewery in Michigan, but this year we decided to change it up a bit.  We stopped for pasties (another Michigan tradition) and bubble tea at the Pasty Haus.

This was my first experience trying a bubble tea.  Bubble tea is a Thai tradition that is as popular as coffee here in the USA.  They have bubble tea shops like we have coffee shops.

At the Pasty Haus in Frankenmuth they offer several different kinds of tea along with flavors and bubbles.  Traditionally the bubble are made from tapioca, but at the Pasty Haus they have fruity flavors that burst in your mouth…kind of like those gummy snacks called Gushers.  I used to love those in elementary school!

My husband got a green tea with mango and strawberry bubbles.  It was actually quite refreshing after such a long wonderful day.

Our fun-filled day concluded with a foot soak for me using my Vanilla Lavender Bath Salts from Lemongrass Spa and our sweet treats we bought at the Hello Kitty Cafe earlier in the day.

What fun summer traditions do you look forward to each year?  I can’t wait to share more of our adventures with y’all.  Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy Summer!

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