Family Memory Time Capsule

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on December 31, 2016
Family Memory Time Capsule

The Family Memory Time Capsule is such a wonderful activity for your entire family.  You can Pinterest it up if you want, or “dress it down” to fit your family’s style.  The point is to capture everyone’s favorite memories, thankful thoughts, and any other creative ideas, in a Family Time Capsule.

Then, on New Years Eve, during your family celebration, pass around the Mason Jar, and take turns reading your family memories from that year.  It’s a great way to remember the year, while welcoming the next.

The possibilites for customization are endless! Here’s how I put ours together…

Family Memory Time Capsule

The Supplies I Used:

The good thing with this project, is that most of these supplies we all have lying around our house already.  If you do not have these supplies, no fear!  You can find these supplies practically anywhere, and they’re pretty inexpensive.

1 large Mason Jar

Scrapbook Paper/Cardstock cut into strips

Decorative Ribbon/Twine

Family Memory Time Capsule

See, told ya it would be easy.  ? I took a large Mason Jar (to hold more memories, of course), and cut some coordinating cardstock into strips.  I put my strips of paper into the Mason Jar for picture purposes, but I’m sure it would be easier to store them in an envelope and then add to the Jar once you’ve written a memory on them.

I finished decorating our Jar with some gold flecked twine and a decorative cardboard tag.

Family Memory Time Capsule

Throughout the year, perhaps at Sunday dinner every week, go around the table and have everyone share their favorite memory for that week.  If that draws a blank, then have everyone write down a thankful thought.

I know some of you may be thinking, “yeah right, that’ll never happen in our house”.  So, you could personalize it to your family.  You could use it as a journal, documenting funny memories, quotes, or other crazy things your kids did that day/week.

Family Memory Time Capsule

You could use it to share words of encouragement to your husband or kiddos.  Or, you could encourage your kids that they can write whatever they’d like to and add it to the Jar anytime of the week.  Do whatever works for your family.

Just remeber this should be fun…not a chore! ?

Family Memory Time Capsule

If you wanted to get really fancy, each member of the family could have their own color of paper, to easily keep track of who wrote what.

On New Years Eve, open up your Family Memory Time Capsule, and relive the good, the bad, and the funny of that year!

Family Memory Time Capsule

What a fun New Years Eve Tradition! Right?!

What are you’re favorite New Years Eve traditions to do with your family?  Are you going to try the Family Memory Time Capsule in 2017?!  Please let me know your thoughts and plans for your family in the New Year in the comments below!  I’d love to hear from ya!

Happy New Year!

Family Memory Time Capsule

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