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on April 5, 2017

Just a couple days ago we had the most Ultimate Lego Day of all time with our niece, Natalie.  We first saw the new Lego Batman movie in the theater and then spent the afternoon at the new Legoland Discovery Center.  And, if that wasn’t enough fun, we finished the day scarfing down burgers, fries, & milkshakes at Johnny Rockets.

I’m all about a good “themed” day with the kids…it makes me feel very Pinteresty! :-). This Ultimate Lego Day was super duper fun!

I’ll break down our time at the Legoland Discovery Center, so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to take the “littles” in your life.  Enjoy…

We started our special Lego day, with a trip to the theater to watch the newest Lego Movie about Batman himself.  I’ve never heard my niece and my husband laugh so much simultaneously.  It’s the kind of movie that adults can enjoy too, and is entertaining for all ages.

Here’s a clip of Lego Batman….

After hooting and hollering at the movies, we headed over to the new Legoland Discovery Center at Great Lakes Crossing.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to visit the new Legoland Discovery Center for months now, and we thought this would be the perfect time.

Every little thing in this place is Lego inspired.  It was beyond belief, really.

If you have a Lego fan in your family, take them to Legoland and they’ll think they’ve died and gone to Heaven.

Our little Lego fan sure was amazed!

We added on a cute lanyard and guide to our admission for Natalie to wear.  She collected embossed stamps at various embossed stamp stations throughout the Discovery Center, and the guide included some Lego Instructions to help her build different creations, as well. Personally, I thought it was well worth the extra $4.

After a quick Factory Tour where we learned how Lego’s are made, the big bright doors opened and we entered the Discovery Center.  We decided to ride the Kingdom Quest ride first since it was right in front of us.

We used laser guns to shoot various objects like spiders (fine by me! Yuck!) in order to save the princess and therefore the Kingdom, while riding on our own pirate ship.  It was pretty neat…

After finishing the ride, we were then led into a MiniCity, which was probably my favorite part of the entire Discovery Center.  They included everything about Detroit….The Ren Cen, Belle Isle,  Comerica Park, Ford Field, the Ambassador Bridge, and so much more.  The best part was when the lights would dim and the city would come to life with lights and fireworks.  It was amazing!

They included other iconic places around south east Michigan as well, like the airport….

the GIANT UniRoyal tire on I-94 (I remember passing this landmark as a kid.  It seemed so enormous as a child!)…

the Henry Ford Museum….

& even a replica of the Great Lakes Crossing mall where our Legoland Discovery Center is located, including the giraffe outside completely made out of Lego’s…

The attention to detail was outstanding.  We spent quite a bit of time in this room ooo-ing and awww-ing over all the scenes and buildings. There were even interactive games at Ford Field and Comerica Park for kids (and adults…ahem) to play with.

One last look at the Mini City at nighttime before we move on with our tour of Legoland Discovery Center


After spending half of our time mesmerized at the Mini City, we moved into the large Discovery Center.  To our right was a Creative Workshop where master builders help older “more advanced Lego fans” construct really cool designs.  The design of the day was a platypus!

There are several building areas throughout the Discovery Center.  There was a place to build a race car and racetrack for testing our speed.  There was a Lego Friends girly place, which is where we spent the majority of our time building.  And, there was also a Duplo Farm area for smaller kiddos to have fun building with larger foam blocks….

Natalie said her favorite time during her special Lego Day was the time we just sat and built Lego’s together.  Goes to show that kids don’t usually need all the pomp and circumstance of exciting themed excursions. I think that’s the point behind the Legoland Discovery Center.  There are plenty of spaces for kids and adults to sit down together and just…build.  And, quite honestly, I don’t remember when I last sat down, stopped what I was doing, and just played with her.

That quiet quality time together is priceless.

Of course, there were also spaces for kids to run off some energy as well, including a play structure and a Ninjago Ninja training laser maze.  If you decide to visit, and you just so happen to need some sustenance amongst all this excitement, there is also a cafe in Legoland! Genius!

We also enjoyed the 4D Theater and the cute shorter Lego Movies. If you’ve never experienced a 4D movie, you’ll be in for a treat! They are really fun!

Before we left to go get some dinner, we rode the last ride.  It was a lot of fun as Nat Nat and I pedaled away as we spun around.  I’m a lover of kiddie rides…they’re about all I can handle these days in the carnival-ish ride department.  No more big rollercoasters for me.  No, thank you!  So, this cute little ride was right up my ally, and she was all smiles.

After such an excited Lego-filled day, we were starving.  We finished our special day together with burger, fries, and milkshakes at Johnny Rockets.  We had such a fun, amazing day!

So, my takeaway and tips for a trip to Legoland’s Discovery Center are…

#1- Visit When You Have Plenty of Time 

The cost of admission can be pretty steep.  We paid $74.74 for 3 of us, including that additional $4 lanyard I mentioned earlier.  With the price of admission, you get 2 rides, several building stations, master building classes with a Lego expert, 4D movie theater, a Mini City, playscapes, and lots of memories!

If you decide to bite the bullet, pay the price, and so on, make sure you are ready to relax and build for a while.  Hey, you get to sit down, and play with your kid…and the best part is… you don’t have to clean up all those Lego’s!!

Well, you know what I mean.  You can’t leave the place trashed.  But, aren’t Lego’s a pain to put away.  After the kids have visited our house, I always find lost Lego’s under the furniture or I end up stepping on one in the dark.  It’s inevitable.

The beauty of the Legoland Discovery Center, is that you have the opportunity to slow down, have some fun with your kids, and not have to worry about the clean up afterwards.

#2- Best Ages Are Probably 4-8ish Years Old

Our Nat Nat was a little too old for the Discovery Center.  She had fun, but I’m pretty sure she was the oldest kid in there.  (Besides us grown up kids, of course!)

I think this experience is best suited for kids a little younger.  It would be the perfect place to take your kiddos on a rainy, cold, or snowy day to let them run off some energy and play.

The rides and play areas are especially cool for younger ones.  It was neat to see some of the younger kids gaze in amazement around this Lego-themed wonderland.

#3- Wash Your Hands!!!

This is coming from a nurse that couldn’t help but think that this place, filled with probably millions of Lego’s, is most likely a cesspool for germs!  Ugh!  I’m a kill-joy, I know.  But, seriously!  Ain’t nobody got time for the flu or gastro.

Bring wipes and hand sanitizer if you want to stay healthy, and wave that germaphobe flag high with healthy pride.

#4- Try Not To Get Overwhelmed

Like I said before, take your time and plan to stay a while.  When we first walked in, we all felt a little overwhelmed.  There were kids everywhere, Lego tripping hazards around every corner, and so many colorful places to explore.  It can be a little overwhelming.

Take is slow.  Spend time in each area.  Take pictures.  And, try not to pull your hair out!

#5- Bring Some $$$…or Prepare to Escape the Discovery Center’s Gift Shop Like A Silent Stealth-Like Ninja

All I heard as we “dream-shopped” in the Lego Store that greeted us as we attempted to leave this Lego mania was, “I want this!”  “Please, mom?!”  “Wahhhhhhh!!!!”  Oh, boy!

The store is beyond amazing!  Heck, I could’ve easily dropped a couple hundred… quickly!  They have everything and anything that you may ever want or think you need Lego-related!  It’ crazy!

But, of course most everything is expensive, so be prepared.  We saw several impressive Lego sets for well over $500!!!  Holy Moly!  #stickershock

My personal opinion is that Legoland Discovery Center is worth a visit.  I think if you follow my tips above you’ll have an amazing day with your little ones that will be super duper memorable and fun.

And, if you’re up for even more adventure, you can purchase a combo ticket, and visit SeaLife Michigan Aquarium as well.  We love the aquarium too!  Watch this family’s special day at Legoland & SeaLife

I hope that you and your family make many memories together during your visit to the Legoland Discovery Center.  Let us know what you liked in the comments below! And, just remember….

Everything Is Awesome!





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  • Reply Marquita

    This looks like so much fun! What a great day! I’ve been dying to take my kids to LegoLand here in So Cal, and I think we’ll make it happen just before summer. I love the idea of creating “theme days”, I may have to steal, that! 🙂

    April 6, 2017 at 11:22 am
    • Reply Stephanie Wilson

      Steal away, Marquita! ? I love themed days. My husband thinks they’re ridiculous, but I think they’re brilliant. ? Have fun at Legoland! ?

      April 6, 2017 at 12:56 pm
  • Reply Roseanne Mazzella

    Thanks for the review think my younger two are way to old for legoland… The price is way to high just to have a look!!! You answered a lot of questions I had about legoland… thanks Stephanie

    April 6, 2017 at 6:53 pm
    • Reply Stephanie Wilson

      Yes, unfortunately I think your younger boys are too old for Legoland. Maybe your future grandDAUGHTERS (wink wink!!) will want to visit! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! 🙂

      April 6, 2017 at 8:10 pm

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