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on January 22, 2017

Hi!  Welcome back to Lattes, Lilacs, & Lullabies.  Can you believe that we are already halfway through January?!  Where is the time going?  I slowed down a bit on the writing side of the blog after the countless posts over Christmas time. ? But, I’m back today to share with you some of my favorite Likes & Links this winter.  All of these items are locked and loaded in their online carts for future purchasing, if I don’t already have them. ?

Heres a few of the goodies on my wishlist this winter…

12 Things on my Winter Wishlist...

As I was meandering around Target the other day, a bright fuschia pink hardcover book caught my eye on the shelf.  There was beautiful gold script, that looked vaguely familiar.  Immediately I put 2 & 2 together, and realized it was Emily Ley’s new book, Grace Not Perfection.

"Grace Not Perfection" book by Emily Ley

I’ve loved gaulking at her beautiful and colorful life on Instagram for a couple years now.  I share a fondness for bright colors and gold pineapples, and she has the warmest, most sincere smile.  I think we’d probably be besties in “real” life.

Emily Ley's new book

Emily Ley Quote

I glanced through her book, which was gorgeous, of course, and filled to the brim with lots of inspiration for “embracing simplicity, & celebrating joy“.  Her famous quote, which is still one of my favorites, is…

“I will hold myself to a standard of Grace not Perfection.”

 Her online store is a stationary addicts sanctuary.  She has a simplified planner, home binder, recipe book, and baby books….all of which I want and need.


She also sells accessories that I literally can’t live without.  Her design & style is reminiscent of Lilly Pulitzer with the bright colors and patterns. Her stationery and accessories just make me happy.  Here’s some of my favorite things from her stationary shop…

Recipe Book

Emily LeyEmily LeyEmily LeyEmily LeyGrace Not Perfection Emily Ley

Another item I fell in love with at Target, are the Ello Fruit Diffuser Glass Water Bottles.  Those mini recipe videos that circulate on Facebook, always get me…especially the fruit infused water videos.  I always think, “I should try that.  They look so refreshing, plus fill your water with vitamins and minerals.”

Well, now I have no excuse.  I’ve found the perfect bottle for making my own fruit infused water.  Here’s to a new healthier new year! Cheers!

Perfect glass bottle for fruit diffused water...

This new year I’m trying to focus on being more organized and healthier.  I want to focus on pampering myself, and taking the time I need to relax and build better habits.

So, when I saw that Beachbody was offering a 3 Week Yoga Retreat online, I about flipped.  When I looked into streaming the online program, I discovered that Beachbody is offering a free trial to their library of online workout videos that you can stream into your own home.  I mean, Holy Chaturanga!

A free 3 Week Yoga Retreat sounds pretty amazing to me.  I fell in love with yoga last year, but am not confident in my abilities yet to go downward dogging myself in front of a class.  So getting to learn at home, sounds right up my ally.

{Check out these beautiful yoga mats like mine here, here, & here}

Yoga mats from Target...

And, if you’re a reality tv junkie like myself, you’ll notice that the very first instructor in the series of classes, is Vytas from Survivor.  Yes, that’s his name…Vytas…it’s not a typo. ?

Bath Melts and Bubble Bars from LUSH have also been at the top of my list.  You’ve heard me talk a lot about their Bath Bombs…which will knock your socks off! ?

{This unicorn bubble bar is on my Valentine’s Day wishlist for sure…}

LUSH's unicorn Bubble bag is like a dream...

But, did you know they also sell bubble bars that will turn your bath into the bubble bath of your dreams. As well as, bath melts that will fill your bath water with essential oils and cocoa butter to soothe your skin?!  I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than slipping into a hot bath on a cold winters evening.  Can you?! Here’s an article discussing the benefits of bathing, and a quick video explaining LUSH’s bath melts…

A few friends of mine have recently introduced me to The Color Method. It is a unique way of reading the Bible, that incorporates the use of colorful markers to highlight different words on the pages.  And, since my prayer life has been seriously lacking recently, I thought this would be a fun and special way to discover more in my quiet time. I’ll do a more lengthy review for you here on the blog, once I learn more about The Color Method.  To read the story behind the method click here.

The Color Method...a new colorful and impactful way to study your Bible.

In this new year, I’ll be embarking into my fertility journey once again, after a long hiatus.  I’m seeing a naturopathic doctor, and formulating a new plan to hopefully get me to my end goal…to be a healthy mommy with a healthy baby.  I’ll be sharing more of my journey with you throughout the next few months.

I stumbled across This Etsy Shop one day, out of sheer boredom, and absolutely fell in love with this Hope Necklace.

Hope necklace for infertility...

The necklace includes a charm with “Hope” inscribed on it, a pearl, and a tiny scroll to write down your wish.  I thought it was the perfect piece of jewelry for someone who is starting a new journey, and needs a renewed sense of hope this year.

12 Things on my Winter Wishlist...

Ever since I chopped off my hair to donate to Wigs 4 Kids, I’ve had to learn how to completely restyle my shorter “do”.  I’ve become best friends with my curling wand, and I’ve had a lot of friends asking how I use it.  Friends have expressed frustration, as I did when I first started learning.  I had my doubts once I saw the Michael Jackson- like glove in the box, and I thought there was no way I was ever going to figure it out.

Luckily, Kate from The Smalls Things Blog…one of the very first bloggers I ever started following…has YouTube tutorials and lots of tips and tricks to help us Style our hair.  Here’s the beautiful rose gold and white curling wand she uses in her tutorial…I likey!! ?

Rose gold curling wand with tutorial...

Here’s her YouTube video tutorial that helped me figure out how to style my hair with a curling wand…

For Christmas, I got the Ninja Coffee Bar System with Glass Carafe.  I packed up my Keurig and all my little k-cups, and instantly become a barista in my home.  I love frothing my own milk, and making cappuccinos and lattes whenever I have a hankering for a cup ‘o joe…which is often! ?

I’m planning to do my own review of the Ninja on the blog soon, once I become a little more acquainted with it.  But, for now I can definitely say, that the coffee tastes amazing and I’m loving the Ninja so far!

Don’t worry, Starbucks isn’t going out of business just cause I got a new coffee maker. ? In fact, I’m loving the Cascara Latte these days. Have you tried it yet?  It’s delicious.  It’s not too heavy or sweet…it’s just right.  What is it, you may be wondering?!  Here’s their description of it…

Inside each coffee cherry are the seeds we’ve all come to know as coffee beans. Cascara is the dried fruit of the cherry itself. It lends delicious, subtle notes of dark brown sugar and luscious maple.

It’s the perfect latte for a cold winter day.  And, at only 190 calories for a grande with nonfat milk or coconut milk, it won’t destroy your new healthy living resolutions. ?

Cascara Latte from Starbucks

My sister was my secret Santa this year, and she gave me a new Essie Polish that I love!  It’s called Merino Cool, and it’s the perfect purplish-gray color.  Just right for winter time.

Essie Merino Cool is the perfect winter neutral polish...

{Photo courtesy of Live Love Polish}

Last, but not least, I’ve fallen in love with these Sorel Boots.  I tried them on at REI just yesterday, and they’ve been added to my wishlist. They are super comfortable, waterproof, and warm…all necessities here in The Mitten during winter time.

{However, it’s an unnatural 50 degrees in Michigan right now, so these boots seem like winter over-kill, but I don’t care.  I want them so much.  They make me want to frolic in the snow.  Maybe I can coax my mister to give them to me for a certain love holiday coming up soon. ?}

These Sorel Boots are the perfect winter time boot...

I hope you found something here today to inspire you.  What’s on your Winter Wishlist this year?!

12 Things on my Winter Wishlist...

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