My Weekly Home Cleaning Routine

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on July 15, 2016

Welcome to my first blog post about cleaning & organizing around the home.  I’m a Martha Stewart wannabe and passionate about green organic cleaning. So join me today as I walk you through my weekly cleaning routine. Aren’t you just so super duper excited?


This year I made it a goal to get my house… and therefore my life… in order. As I’m Bucket-Listing My Way To Mommyhood, one of the items on my Pre-Baby Bucket List was to get into a regular cleaning routine, organize our house, & switch to using organic natural cleaners.

  I began following FlyLady online & have adopted some of her Healthy Habits and Cleaning Routines including the “Weekly Home Blessing”.  Today I’ll share with you My Weekly Home Cleaning Routine (AKA Weekly Home Blessing to FlyLady’s followers).

When people hear “Weekly Home Blessing” they think I’m sprinkling holy water all over the place and praying over the rooms or something.  Nope. Wrong. Although sometimes my house looks like it could use some Divine help! Amen, brother Ben! (Another Stephanie-ism!)

A “Weekly Home Blessing” is a somewhat quick, overall cleaning of your entire home that will hopefully leave it…and you..feeling fresh, organized, & uncluttered.  Nothing fancy dancy or over the top. Just enough to leave your home rejuvenated.

Weekly Home Cleaning Routine

 FlyLady divides the home into zones.  Each week of the month is a different zone…such as the kitchen…the living room…the bedrooms…the bathrooms…etc.  Every Sunday, she posts missions to complete in the designated zone for that week.  Missions are usually 15 minute tasks to complete that generally focus on decluttering and organizing.  At the beginning of the week, I sit down with my Erin Condren Life Planner, and write out all of my FlyLady missions for the week. It’s kinda like a cleaning game… I look forward to seeing what my missions are for the week ahead & planning for them. I certainly do appreciate anything that makes cleaning more enjoyable…and FlyLady makes it fun! Amen to that!


If you are really good about following FlyLady’s morning and evening routines; complete your missions for the week; and adopt her Healthy Habits (all things I’ll cover in future blog posts..cause I love her stuff so much!!)…then your Weekly Home Blessing shouldn’t take long at all.

So without further adieu…here’s how I complete my Weekly Home Blessing!  I just know you’re sitting on the edge of your seat excited for this one.  Now, now!  Cleaning isn’t always fun, but it can be satisfying.

Here we go…

  1. First and foremost…I get myself an Iced Cappuccino from Tim Hortons.  It is my go to cleaning drink.  And I don’t mess with tradition.  I put on some good music, sip on my iced Capp, put my hair up in a messy bun, & get started!
  2. I start my Weekly Home Blessing by taking the linens off the bed, and washing them.  I like to use lavender scented detergents and fabric softeners exclusively on our bed linen.  I love the relaxing scent of lavender.  Don’t you?  One of these days I’ll attempt to make my own fabric softener sheets with essential oils.  I just haven’t gotten that fancy yet.Lavender Linen Mist
    Check out this Lavender Linen Mist…I may have to make some of this in the near future.
  3. Next I head into the kitchen…the hub of the home.  I begin with decluttering the counter tops & table of all the mail, newspapers, & other junk that accumulates there.
  4. I continue in the kitchen by tackling the dishes, by emptying the dishwasher and reloading if necessary…all with the goal of clearing out the kitchen sink.  “Shining the Sink” is one of FlyLady’s habits she encourages you to do every night…which, honestly, I stink at.  I can’t stand doing dishes.  It’s a Bummer.  See why I needed a good plan to get my behind in gear?  I’ll keep working on that.  imageIn fact there is a new nightly sink scrub I want to try from Clean Mama that I found on Pinterest.  I’ll do that soon too & tell you all about it. Visit her amazing blog to stock up on lots of ideas for an “organically clean home”.
  5. Anyways, I digress…I clean the sink, wipe down the countertops & table, & wipe off my glass cooktop.image  I love this new method of cleaning my glass cooktop that I found on Pinterest.  Sprinkle the cooktop with baking soda, then soak dishrags in hot soapy water.  Lay the wet hot soapy dishrags down on the cooktop covering the baking soda sprinkled surface.  Leave that concoction on the cooktop for 30 minutes or so…then remove the rags.  Wipe and rinse the cooktop with clean towels, & spray with vinegar to make it shine.  This method removes a lot of burnt on nastiness!!  And doesn’t fill my kitchen with a chemical smell like most cooktop cleaners.  Thank you, Pinterest!!
  6. Once the kitchen is looking fresh and less cluttered, I move on to dusting.  I use Swiffer dusters or micro fiber cloths for dusting my entire house.  I find both methods really capture the dust and don’t spread it into the air…which I need since I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to dust! Sniffle sniffle! For more info on caring for micro fiber cloths stop by Mel’s blog.image
  7. As I move from room to room dusting, I take a few minutes to pick up the clutter that gathers…like random pairs of socks, grocery adds, wrappers, cups, etc.  Hey, we’ve gotta live in our house too.  It’s never going to be spotless.  So there’s usually items that are not in the correct place throughout the house.  It’s frustrating…I’ve tried to fight it….but I’ve lost and given up.  I’ve chalked it up to life…and living with a man!  Remember to focus most of your time and energy in your zone for the week.  If your bedroom has piles of clothes waiting to be put away (don’t act like you have no idea what I’m talking about), wait until your in that zone for the week and focus on those clothes.  I could literally go into every room in my house and find hours of work…leave it…keep moving…and focus on your zone!  Don’t overdo it!image
  8. After I’ve finished dusting, I retreat into the bathrooms…yay!  I wipe down the countertops and sinks, the toilet, the mirrors, and the glass shower doors.  I use vinegar in a spray bottle to clean the glass everywhere in my house!  I love vinegar…it cleans glass so well!  Spray it on the glass mirrors or doors and wipe with a microfiber cloth.  The smell can get pretty strong and remind you of dying Easter eggs…but it’s natural!!  How perfect is that!  Pinterest has probably a million different ways to spruce up vinegar for cleaning.  I’ve tried citrus vinegar, and it smells amazing!  Check out this recipe!  To finish up in the bathrooms, I scrub the toilet bowls and sweep the floors in prep for a quick mopping. image
  9. Once the bathrooms are looking spic and span, I begin vacuuming.  Wait!  Back up!  I forgot to tell you about my other new cleaning discovery…this carpet deodorizer! image I fill a mason jar with baking soda and Thieves essential oil and mix to combine. You can use any essential oil you want, I just love the smell of Thieves.  Sprinkle the “magic carpet dust” all over your carpets…the baking soda will help neutralize odors in your carpet & the Thieves will kill any germs.  Let it sit for several minutes…go sip on your Iced Capp, move your linens from the washer to the dryer, get jiggly  to your favorite tune…and then start vacuuming.  (Is “jiggly” a word?  I don’t know either but it sounds fun!). I start in my kitchen and move through my carpeted areas making sure to suck up all that baking soda….with the vacuum. The Thieves scent will fill the air, making your home smell even more fresh.  And, bonus…my carpets feel super soft after using the Carpet Deodorizer! Love!  Added Bonus: if you need a step by step “How To Clean Your Dyson” demo, check out this pinimage
  10. A quick mopping completes the floors.  I either use my Swiffer Wetjet…or if I’m in a super granola-crunchy-no-chemicals-for-me type mood…I’ll pull out my Shark Steam Mop and add essential oil (Thieves or Purification are my faves) to the water in my steam mop making that hot steam even more disinfectant! I hate doing the floors…with a passion!  But, man, do I love the way my house looks and smells once they’re done!  Hallelujah!  This IS a blessing.
  11. Now, I move on to my final touches…I polish the stainless steel appliances (trying some new Pinterest recipes for this…stay tuned); add new dish towels; restock toilet paper & paper towel where needed; refill soap dispensers at each sink; spray the living room furniture & drapes with Thieves spray (killin’ those germs!); and then light a candle (loving this Limoncello candle right now), plop down on the couch, peruse a Pottery Barn magazine, and enjoy my clean house!
  12. Later on when I take my shower, I tackle the inside of the tub and shower with a squeegee dispenser thing you’d probably use to wash your dishes.  I fill it with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 dish soap and wipe down the shower tile, glass doors, tubs, and so on.  The mixture cuts through soap scum, and leaves the glass sparkling.  I leave the squeegee in the shower for easy cleaning every time we get in!  After my shower, I spray Method Daily Shower Spray to prevent mold and mildew!  Love Methods products too!image

Once it’s all said and done…my house feels fresh and clean.  The whole process usually takes around 2 hours.  Not bad, right?  Hope this post is helpful to you.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions! Have you “blessed” your house yet this week?!

Happy cleaning!

Here’s a few more links to some DIY Cleaners from Pinterst.  I need to give these a try…

DIY Dryer Sheets 


Lavender & Lemon Bathroom Spray


*Someecards are not my own.  Photos are shared from their website.

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