Polar Express Hot Chocolate

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on December 22, 2016

Whenever I watch Polar Express I think of hot chocolate & my niece, Brianna.  She loved Polar Express so much when she was little that she wanted to watch the movie all year long (which about drove my sister crazy! ?).

One Christmas we took her to Huckelberry Railroad to ride the steam train, and visit Santa.  She was around 4 at the time.  She got her golden ticket, and the conductor stamped it, just like in the movie.  It was magical!

We boarded the train, and the train whistled “Choo Choo”!  We were heading to the “North Pole” to see Santa.  It was so exciting….or so I thought.

Brianna started crying.

Polar Express Hot Chocolate

At first we thought maybe she was scared of the train, or maybe she was nervous to meet old Saint Nick in person.

All of those assumptions were wrong.  She was sad because she was not informed that we were going to the “North Pole” and therefore forgot to pack her list for Santa.  ?

It was precious!

We assured her that we could remember what she wanted, and we would help her tell Santa if she got nervous.  That satisfied her, and we enjoyed the rest of the train ride.


Watching the movie, Polar Express, always reminds me of that day on our “Polar Press” ride, as she called it.  And any day after that for a while if she heard a train whistle, she’d yell “is that Polar Press?!”

Those are the precious Christmas memories that I cherish and love.  So every year, we have to sit down and watch Polar Express.  I, of course, cry all throughout the movie, like a freak.

And, at the end when Josh Groban starts singing…well, just forget about it.  I’m a hot blubbering mess.

So, in honor of our love for Polar Express, and our love for hot chocolate ?, I wanted to make a super special hot cocoa to go along with our movie night.  One of Brianna’s favorite scenes in the movie, was the Hot Chocolate on the train song, “Hot, Hot, Hot!”  I always wondered how they never spilled that hot chocolate.  Aw, animation magic! ?

I wanted to find a recipe to recreate that chocolate goodness that caused them to burst into song and dance.  And, of course, Pinterest did not disappoint offering a variety of Hot Chocolate recipes.

I found one that looked delightful, and we tried it just the other night. My hubby (the hot chocolate officianado ?) said that it was the best hot chocolate he’s ever tasted, hands down!

Polar Express Hot Chocolate

I cant wait to serve this Polar Express Hot Chocolate at Christmas gatherings this year, with a Hot Cocoa Bar of Marshmallows, candy canes, cinnamon sticks, and so on.

It’s so very rich and chocolatey, like dessert in a mug, that one small cup is just the right size.  I particularly like mine covered with a big dollop of homemade whipped cream!!

So, here’s the recipe for Polar Express Hot Chocolate.  I like semi sweet chocolate chips better, but Adam preferred the milk chocolate.  Next time maybe we’ll compromise with both, or maybe add some dark chocolate chips! ?

Also, I used half of the condensed milk that the recipe calls for.  It was just too thick and sweet for my tastebuds when I added the entire can of sweetened condensed milk.

You could easily make this up in a crock pot for enjoying throughout cold winter days.  The options are endless.  Enjoy!

Polar Express Hot Chocolate

6 cups of milk

1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream

1 (14 oz) can of condensed milk

2 cups of chocolate chips

a dash (1 tbsp) of vanilla

Combine all ingredients and simmer for 2 hours until the chocolate chips have melted and all the flavors have come together.

Ladle into mugs, and top however you like!

Polar Express Hot Chocolate

I hope you all enjoy this recipe!  And, Merry Christmas!

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