Sunsets, Sailboats, Shakes, & Swings- The End Of Summer

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on October 1, 2016

This summer went by way too fast.  I think I wished summer away since our air conditioner wasn’t working, and in true to me fashion, it ended up being the hottest Michigan summer in history. Sigh.  It’s just the way my life goes. ?

So, instead of bucket listing my way through the summer, I suffered…and sweat…and wished the months away.  Kinda sad.  Therefore, an “air conditioner cause I can’t deal with the heat” savings jar has begun.  So much for “we can survive the summer without air” attitude.  Nope, not happening next summer.  This girl needs it.  That’s all there is to it!


While I darted from one air conditioned business to another (I basically lived at Target & Starbucks all summer…not too shabby ?), life around me went on.  And, before I knew it summer was ending, school was starting, and Halloween costumes and candy started flooding the Target aisles I’d grown to love so much.

Summer Nature

In an effort to redeem whatever was left of summer, I wanted to spend one last day with our nieces and nephew before they started 6th, 4th, & 3rd grade.

 {Wait, what?! When did that happen??!!  A middle schooler.  Holy Moses!  Just give me a second while I pull myself out of the depths of despair and take a chill pill.  Why does life go by so fast?! Another post for another day, maybe?! ?}

Brianna’s special day before she started 3rd grade went as follows…

Summer Nature

We began at Stoney Creek at the Nature Center. This is where she declared how much she hated nature! “Nature is boring!” Uh Oh!  Excellent. ?

We also discovered that she is deathly afraid of dragonflies and wants nothing to do with watching for animals in the woods.  Oh no…not that girl.  She instead tried to scare them away. ?

She finally began to realize that being outside wasn’t completely awful, when we found a stream with some waterfalls on our short nature walk.  She began panning for gold…in a Michigan stream.  She didn’t find any…bummer.  (Not retiring anytime soon.)  But, she did find seashells which was bizarre but very exciting for her.

Summer Nature

Then, she had a change of heart.  She loved the nature walk.  She loved frolicking in the woods, and searching for rocks and leaves and sticks, all while dodging the bugs that she oh so hates. She is my niece after all! ?


We had to plan our day around scattered rain showers.  We hadn’t had rain all summer…my lawn practically looked like straw and felt like knives.  But, as usual, the day we planned to spend in the great outdoors, “Mother Nature” decided to bless us with rain.

{Yes, I’m obsessed with weather and radars and the like…don’t judge me!!  Watching “The Wizard of Oz” as a kid completely freaked me out! I am glued to the weather app on my phone, from fear of being swept up into a twister and being “Dorothied”.  I hated the munchkins, and the wicked witch, and those creepy flying monkeys! I would not have had such a positive outlook skipping along a yellow brick road to meet an Oz to get back home. I did, however, think Glenda the Good Witch was the bombdiggety though when I was a kid.  I loved her sparkly pink dress. But, I digress. ?}

Red Knapps Dairy Bar

My sister, Bri Bri, & I escaped the rain at Red Knapps Dairy Bar In Downtown Rochester.  We ordered milkshakes, burgers, and onion rings.  Mmmm!  The only redeeming thing about the meal was that Bri Bri ordered a strawberry milkshake…hey, at least she got some chunks of fruit in it!  Winning!

We gobbled up all the yumminess.  It was perfect timing since a certain little someone was getting a bit “hangry”. What can I say? It runs in the family. ?

Red Knapps Dairy Bar

We drove back to Stoney Creek Metropark, so she could play on the giant playground….it was her final request on her special day.

Stoney Creek

My sister and I couldn’t contain ourselves!  Between the beauty of the clouds, and the sun setting, and the lake, and the sailboats, blah blah blah!  We took so many photos, that both of our phones died! Woops!


Brianna met new friends, as she always does, on the playground.  Her screeches and squeals were evidence enough that she had an amazing day.


Summer went way to fast.  (And, as I sit here writing this, in my hoody with a hot mocha and the leaves changing outside, I know that fall will go by just as quickly.  And then we’ll be shoveling ourselves out of a snow covered tundra. ? But, let’s not think about that.)  So, let’s all set a goal to “redeem the time” and cherish every second of every season of life.


Quote of the day from Bri Bri…

“I want to be a YouTuber when I grow up…it’s the only job I ever want!”

This generation of kiddos kills me!  She asked me if I do the coding on the back end of my blog!! What the what??!! I may have to hire this chick!!

Summer Snapchat

{Don’t mind the spare ketchup on her face!}

Happy beginning of 3rd grade, Bri Bri! I hope you reach for the stars and dream big!

{This song reminds me of Bri Bri. Had a good ole cry session to this one!!  Thanks a lot, P!NK ?}

{Photos taken via Snapchat…my new social media obsession!!  Follow me @latteslilacsandlul}


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