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Life Lately: The Escape Room, Crack Fries, & Michigan’s State Fair

Posted in Life Lately
on September 28, 2017

Our Summer has been filled with many new adventures that I’ll share with you today.  We loved our quadruple date night out with friends at The Escape Room.  Did we make it out alive?  Well, you’re just going to have to continue reading to find out…or check my Instagram account!  Ha!

We also went to the Michigan State Fair this year at its new location in Novi, and tried a couple of new restaurants.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive right in to what our life’s been like lately…

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Life Lately: 4th of July, Cinema In The Street, A Baby Camel, & Nature Walks

Posted in Life Lately
on August 20, 2017

Can you believe how fast the summer is flying by?  I can hardly believe that September is around the corner.  This has been a different summer for us.  Adam’s uncle passed away in June, and it kind of rocked the whole family.  This summer we’ve tried to continue doing activities that we know and love, because we know Uncle Doug would want us too.  Even though most days I’m sure we’d rather just lay around the house and be sad.

Here’s some of our happenings over the last few weeks.  I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as possible too!

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Life Lately: The Color Run Dream Tour, Lunch At Sidetrack, & A Giant Strawberry Shortcake

Posted in Bucket List, Life Lately
on July 4, 2017

My family & I love doing The Color Run every summer.  It’s become one of my favorite yearly traditions, and this years Dream Tour was nothing short of amazing.  The weather was perfect.  The sherbet colors of yellow, purple, blue, and coral pink were new and different.  And, the party at the finish line was extra fun.

The Color Run is the best family 5K in my opinion. Here’s why we love it so much, and why I’m sure you will too!

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The Dog Bowl, Glow Balloons, & Bubble Tea- Our Memorial Day Weekend in Frankenmuth

Posted in Life Lately
on June 29, 2017

I love going to the Dog Bowl and Balloons Over Bavarian Inn every Memorial Day weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Frankenmuth is like Michigan’s own “little bravaria”.  When you drive into town it feels as though you’ve just driven into the German hillside.  There are cheese shops, famous fried chicken, the Bavarian Belle, shops, & lots of fun activities throughout the year.

Memorial Day Weekend up in Frankenmuth is like a big giant kick-off to summer for us, & I’d love to share it with you.

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Ultimate Guide To Summer Fun: 80+ Activities, Crafts, Games, & Treats

Posted in Family Traditions, Pinterest Projects
on June 8, 2017

 Is it just me, or is it hard to believe summer vacation is right around the corner?  Doesn’t it just feel like the year is flying by?  Well, in preparation for summer break, I’ve compiled the Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun for you here today with over 80 activities, games, treats, & crafts to do with your kids this summer.

Who’s ready to dive in? {Pun intended!}

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The Lantern Fest: What To Expect & What To Bring

Posted in Bucket List, Life Lately
on June 7, 2017

My nieces loved watching the Disney movie, Tangled , when they were little, and if I was being completely honest, I loved watching it too!  We’d make cupcakes and decorate pink and purple tiaras with jewels and stickers, & dance around our living room singing all the songs and reciting all the lines.  Our favorite part of the movie was the floating lantern scene, when Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder are in the canoe singing.  I thought that type of scene only existed in the movies, until I saw advertisements for The Lantern Fest on Facebook.

I knew that one day I’d have to go to The Lantern Fest to witness this spectacle in person, and so when I heard The Lantern Fest was coming to Michigan, I jumped at the chance to go.  This past May, just a few weeks ago, we experienced one of the most beautiful and unexpected nights of our lives.

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Summer Reading List: 10 Awesome Books To Read This Summer

Posted in Likes & Links
on May 31, 2017

Summer is quickly approaching, and I’ve got a list of 10 books you just have to read in these coming months.  These books are centered around similar themes about purposeful living, goal setting, and being our best selves.  I hope you find some inspiration in the sun this summer.  Let’s dive in….

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Sunsets, Sailboats, Shakes, & Swings- The End Of Summer

Posted in Life Lately
on October 1, 2016

This summer went by way too fast.  I think I wished summer away since our air conditioner wasn’t working, and in true to me fashion, it ended up being the hottest Michigan summer in history. Sigh.  It’s just the way my life goes. ?

So, instead of bucket listing my way through the summer, I suffered…and sweat…and wished the months away.  Kinda sad.  Therefore, an “air conditioner cause I can’t deal with the heat” savings jar has begun.  So much for “we can survive the summer without air” attitude.  Nope, not happening next summer.  This girl needs it.  That’s all there is to it!


While I darted from one air conditioned business to another (I basically lived at Target & Starbucks all summer…not too shabby ?), life around me went on.  And, before I knew it summer was ending, school was starting, and Halloween costumes and candy started flooding the Target aisles I’d grown to love so much.

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Toasted Coconut S’Mores Dip

Posted in Pinterest Projects
on July 17, 2016

It’s no secret that around our house we love s’mores anytime of year.  And, when my awesome husband (who often does our grocery shopping…amazing, right?) brought home a bag of toasted coconut marshmallows, I thought about this recipe I’d seen on Pinterest for Indoor S’Mores from a fellow blogger Dessert for Two, and knew we had to try it!

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101 Bucket List Activities To Do This Summer

Posted in Bucket List, Family Traditions
on June 30, 2016
Frankenmuth Hot Air Balloons

101 Things To Do This Summer

This is my ultimate Summer Bucket List featuring many places, festivals, & activities in Michigan & Ohio (yes, believe it or not, there are fun things to do in Ohio!).  Do all of these, & you’ll definitely have a summer you’ll never forget!

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