The Simple Guide To Living Hygge eBook

Posted on January 10, 2018

The Simple Guide To Living Hygge

Learn how to embrace simplicity, create a cozy home, and enjoy meaningful family traditions.  Explore what makes this Danish tradition unique, special, and life-changing.  Start living a purpose-filled life today. 

The Simple Guide To Living Hygge

"Would you love to be able to enjoy an organized, life-giving home?  Would you appreciate quiet time doing some of your favorite activities without the guilt?  Would you love to be able to enjoy meaningful family time with your husband and kids without the distraction of the dishes piling up, the laundry that needs to be done, or any of the other millions of things that pop into your head during these precious moments?  

Well, it’s possible, sweet friend.  Go ahead and take the leap of faith with me, and begin living a hyggelig, purpose-filled, joyful life today!"  

In "The Simple Guide To Living Hygge" we explore the cozy concepts of a Danish tradition called 'Hygge' & why this simple way of living makes The Danes the happiest people in the world. 

What Hygge Fans Are Saying About This Simple Guide ...

”It was a lovely book to read and really helped me see new ways to bring hygge into my daily life.” ~Barbara Mudge

"Wow!  All I can say is this book is amazing!!  You should be so proud." ~Monica Salter

"Congratulations on your lovely little book.  It's beautifully formatted, and has so many good ideas." ~Cathy Joyce

"This book is a realistic guide on how to incorporate simple, yet memorable traditions into your home.  This book makes you feel cozy and inspired all in one." ~Monique Miller

"The Simple Guide To Living Hygge" brought cozy perspective on how to enjoy life and bring happiness into your home. I love Stephanie's sincere hope and prayer for her readers to embrace life by purposely creating a loving and cozy environment in their home.  Her ideas and creative mindset are contagious, encouraging you in every season of life.  From holidays, to cooking, to baking and organizing, she touches on each subject perfectly allowing the reader to feel inspired and motived to create a memorable, cozy, place for themselves and for their family and friends.  This book reminds you to enjoy the moments that will make a lifetime of memories." ~Monique Miller  

Free Bonuses

20+ Comfort Food Recipes

You'll love this bonus mini ebook filled with comfort food recipes.

Relaxing Hygge-Inspired Spotify Playlist


You'll love this relaxing playlist that will set the cozy atmosphere wherever you are. 

Printable Workbook


Use this Printable Workbook to doodle and take notes as you work your way through the book.  It includes checklists and other hyggelig ideas you'll love. 


'Hygge' is a Danish word for Coziness.

There are several ways that the Danes celebrate a hyggelig, simple life.  They enjoy lots of coffee and chocolate, burn the most candles in the world, love cozy pillows and blankets by the fireplace, listening to relaxing music, snuggling up on the couch with a good book, and hosting get-togethers with friends.  Can you guess which one of these activities is the most 'hyggelig' according to a Danish poll? {Source: "The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking}

Sweets & Cake
Board Games
Hot Drinks {Coffee!!!}
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What You'll Learn In This Simple Guide to Living Hygge

Hygge 101

Learn everything you need to know about this Danish tradition. 

Making Time For Yourself

Learn how to build moments of relaxation into your busy life. 

Simplified Daily Routines

Discover how to create purposeful daily routines & conquer your to-do list!

Hygge-ing With Kids

Create family memories and cozy traditions with your little ones with these practical ideas.

Cozy & Comfortable Style

Find your signature style & create a cozy, comfy capsule wardrobe you'll love to wear. 

Simple, Cozy Home Decor

Discover the 12 Essential Elements to a Hygge-inspired cozy space. 

Comfort Food

Enjoy several of our family favorite recipes that are sure to please the entire family. 

Meaningful Family Traditions

Learn several new, fun, and exciting ways to celebrate everyday life with your family. 

Cozy Holidays

Make every holiday memorable and special with these unique ideas and projects. 

Memorable Birthdays & Celebrations

Sew beautiful memories and celebrations into your family tapestry with these special ideas. 


Cherishing Memories & Keepsakes

Fill your home with memories and keepsakes with these easy-to-follow projects. 

Hygge All Year Long

We'll create seasonal bucket lists together so you can make cozy, life-long memories all year long. 

simple guide to living hygge

Which Season Is The Most Hyggelig?







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The Simple Guide To Living Hygge eBook

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