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32 Unique Gender Neutral Baby Name Ideas

I love unique baby names, especially ones that can be used for either gender. That way you can still give your little one a meaningful name even if you decide not to find out the gender until delivery day. Here are several unique unisex baby names that I know you’ll love. Which name will you choose for your next baby?

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Unisex Baby Names with Christian Meanings

I don’t know about you, but I get all sorts of excited when I find a unique baby name that also has a Biblical meaning behind it. How sweet it is to name your precious little baby with a name that honors and glorifies God. Here are some of my favorite unisex baby names with Christian meanings.


Sure, if you look up the name Easton it translates to “East Town”, But in the Biblical sense the East is where the sun rises, a sign of a new day, and more importantly a symbol of sunlight which represents God’s light and glory.


This name originates from the Hebrew name Elijah and means “Jehovah is God”.


The welsh meaning of the name Evan is “God has been gracious” or “God has shown favor”.


Jordan originated as a name given to those who were to believed to have been baptized in holy water because Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River!


Meaning “He who is like God”. What we all pray for our child to be, isn’t it?


Another one that is not biblical and not technically have a Christian meaning, but can be looked at with a spiritual light. This name means “the king’s child” which is the epitome of Christianity.


Although this name is not necessarily biblical, it can have a meaning related to your faith. The English meaning is “wise” and the Latin meaning is “prophet” or “man of profound wisdom”. This seriously makes me love this strong name. How about you?


Shiloh is a biblical place in Genesis 49:10 meaning “peace”. This name is also used as another name for the Messiah. I absolutely love this!

Unisex Names with a Strong Meaning

I love a good strong name for a boy or a girl. It seems like when you give a child a good strong name, the meaning follows them don’t ya think? It’s a very important task…picking a name. Here are some of my favorite unisex names with strong meanings.


This adorable name means “brave” or “powerful”. This is so important for male and female, isn’t it?


The Welsh meaning of the name Hayden is “fire”. Yes! We all need a little spark in our lives.


Meaning “fair hero”. Noble, right? I love it!


This name can mean “noble” or “from the fighting man’s house”. This child, whether boy or girl, will be a firecracker for sure.


Meaning “famous ruler”.


Sloane is a Celtic name meaning “warrior”.


All of the meanings for Teddy are great for boys or girls. Name your baby Teddy and give them a name that means “prosperous protector”, “rich”, “happy”, or “protection”. YES!

Baby Names Inspired By Nature

Do you have any idea how many names we use today that are inspired by nature? Tons!! I absolutely love baby names inspired by animals or some kind of nature. I feel like these names speak to the soul.


Meaning “Young wolf”.


Hare’s meadow


Meaning a” Little Hollow”


Meaning “keeper of the forest”, this name belongs to a nature-lover.


Rowen is an ash tree with white flowers and red berries.

Names with Awesome Meanings

Simple, yet profound, these names have meanings you can be proud of. Here’s some wonderful baby names with awesome meanings that you’ll love.


Meaning “magic dignity”, this name has a meaning that can  be really appreciated.


The first part of this name means “elf” and the second part of this name’s meaning is “ruler” or “power”. This might be a fun name to give a baby born around Christmastime, don’t ya think?


This name has two very different meanings. On two ends of the spectrum, Blake can mean “dark” or “light”. How crazy is that?! I guess this just means this child will be a mystery.


Meaning “Spirited”. Aren’t they all? Kids always have the most beautiful spirit. I love that this name has such a simple but meaningful definition.


This name will blow your mind. If there ever was a unisex name, it’s this one. This name has two meanings. The first meaning is literally “man” and the second meaning is “tiny and feminine”. Whaaaaat? Freaking perfect either way.


I love this name for a boy or a girl. It means “sunshine”, “happy”, or “cheerful temperament”. Who wouldn’t want their child to have this fate? Right?


The meaning of this poetic name is actually “beautiful”, “attractive”, or “perfect”.

Other Unisex Baby Names For Your Child

Not all names have elaborate, noteworthy meanings. But you know what? That doesn’t make them any less amazing for your child. If you’re looking for a unisex baby name, these are some more great options that would be perfect for a boy or a girl!


Meaning foreign / a traveler from a foreign land.


Meaning a “long narrow town”.


Alright, this name simply means “rower” or “oarsman”. But it’s the cutest nonetheless!


Meaning “wood cutter” which is perfect cause I picture a little Sawyer dressed in plaid cutting down trees.


Which means “first explorer”. How perfect for a kiddo who’s on the go.

See?! Unisex Baby Names can not only be super cute but also hold a powerful meaning. Now don’t forget to pick up your letter board or other personalized baby name items to announce your unique baby’s name when he or she arrives. What name made it on your baby name list? Or did you find your baby’s perfect name here today? Share with me in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear what you’re naming your little one.

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