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5 Reasons Why We Love Our Date Night In Boxes

For the last few months, Adam and I have been enjoying our Date Night In Box subscription.  Setting aside one evening a month to cozy-up in our home together, play games, talk, and relax has been very rewarding and a game-changer for our relationship.

Reasons We Love Date Night in Box

There are several reasons why we love our Date Night In boxes.  First of all, these special date nights are delivered right to our door.  We don’t have to dress up, make reservations, fight traffic, and so on.  We can stay right at home in our living room and make memories together.

Each Date Night In Box is themed and includes unique ideas to make the evening super fun and memorable.  One month we enjoyed a painting class by candlelight in our pajamas at our kitchen table, and the month before that we created our own Scattegories game and played for hours on the floor in our living room.

Every month our box includes Discussion Questions and Recipe Ideas to extend the date night and make it even more special.  I especially love the discussion points that relate to the theme for the month, and even after knowing each other for over half of our lives, we still learn something new.  How is that even possible?

We look forward to opening our box every month and setting aside time for our date.  We go out to eat and to the movies together throughout the month as well.  But, there is something so unique and special about this quiet, purposeful time at home.  Each time we sit down with our Date Night In Box and dive into the activities, I feel like we connect with each other in a new way.

After these special evenings spent together, I feel as though our Date Night continues throughout the following days and weeks.  Our painting from our September box is still displayed proudly above our mantle, and our new wood piece from this month’s box sits proudly on a bookshelf.  I love seeing these little reminders of our date nights sprinkled throughout our home.

“Fall-ing in Love”

This past month’s date night box was called “Fall-ing in Love”.  There’s no denying that we love fall the most out of all the seasons, so we knew we’d really enjoy whatever activities this box included.  We made a candle together that smelled like butterscotch cookies {some of Adam’s favorite}, learned how to play Bunco, and designed a unique piece of art history.

We wrote out our story on the included piece of wood and thought about the pinnacle moments of our relationship that have created the roots of our family.  All the memories and all the feels came flooding back.

We remembered our duet acting days in high school, and how we went from barely tolerating each other in junior high to being inseparable best friends as we drew closer to graduation.  We included that trip to Cedar Point {Ohio’s Roller Coast} where he declared he was “in like” with me, and how on the floor of a hostile in Switzerland we decided to give it a go and begin dating even though we didn’t know what our futures held after high school.

Some of the dates, AKA roots, in our relationship are happy like the day he proposed at the zoo or our wedding day on Mackinac Island.  And, some of the days we included are sad, like we day we lost our first baby.

All of these days, and the many mundane normal ones in between, made us who we are together today.  We loved this activity if you can’t tell.  We stamped our wood slice with our fingertips & a saying that only Adam could come up with on the fly, “Who Wood-ve Thought” because truly our story is remarkable and laced in grace.

If you are looking for a fun way to spice things up in your relationship, or you’re looking for some simple cozy ways to connect over the holidays, look no further than the Date Night In Box.  We absolutel love our subscription and look forward to getting our date nights in the mail.  Click the link below to get started.  Enjoy!

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