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Best Experience Gifts for Families

Are you looking for the best experience gift ideas for families?  Well, congratulations, you have landed in the right place.  Below I’ve included several gift ideas for families, as well as perfect experience gift ideas for kids and couples as well.  Enjoy!

the best experience gifts for families

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Ultimate List of the Best Experience Gifts for the Whole Family- inexpensive experience gift ideas,

This epic list of the best experience gifts for families is all you need to give the best Christmas gifts ever this year!  Experience gifts keep the memories and fun flowing long after Christmas Day.  I’ve included a list of experience gifts for kids and couples as well.  

the best experience gifts for families

Experience Gifts for the Whole Family

Below you’ll find some of the best experience gift ideas for families to enjoy together.  These unique family experiences will fill all of you with stories and memories you’ll enjoy for years to come! 

  • Family Vacation– Planning a getaway in the upcoming year?  Turn it into an experience gift by surprising your family with trip related gifts like luggage, clothing, sunglasses, a map, books about your destination, etc.  
  • Tickets to a Game– Does your family have a favorite team?  Celebrate with tickets to a game that you can experience together.  
  • Tickets to a Show– Introduce your family to broadway theater with tickets to a show.  
  • Escape Room Adventure– An escape room would be especially fun for families with older kids.  
  • Zoo Membership– A membership to your local zoo is a great way to support your community and wildlife and give your family countless hours of fun!
  • Museum Membership– Do you have a science or history museum nearby. How about an art museum or even a kids museum?  A membership would make an excellent gift.  
  • Membership to a Waterpark– It’s never too early to start thinking about those warm summer months, right?  
  • Membership to an Amusement Park– Are you a thrill-seeking, rollercoaster loving family?  How about gifting them with a membership to a nearby amusement park?  
  • National Park Pass– Get out and enjoy nature with a family park pass!  
  • Professional Family Photos– Capture your family moments with a professional photo shoot!
  • Horseback Riding– A horseback riding adventure may just be your kids dream!
  • Tickets to a Concert– Love dancing and singing the night away?  Surprise your family with tickets to your favorite band.  
  • Ticket to an Event– Every year I used to gift my niece tickets to Sesame Street Live and Disney On Ice.  We loved experiencing them together.  
  • Mini Getaway– How about planning a mini vacay?  Maybe be a tourist in your own city, or travel to a nearby location, and enjoy staying in a hotel together.  
  • Ski Pass– This would be the perfect gift for families who love the snow!
  • Camping Gear/Trip– Ready to dip your toes in the great outdoors.  How about gifting your family some camping gear and planning an outdoor adventure.  
  • Trip to the Aquarium– A day at the aquarium would also be a much-loved experience gift idea!
  • Adventure Book for Families– Just scratch off a family adventure and get out there and experience life together.  Don’t forget to take a picture or two!
the best experience gifts for families

Experience Gifts for Kids

These experience gift ideas are especially perfect for kids of all ages.  Some of these gifts are things kids can enjoy on their own or may require some help from mom & dad creating some extra special family time.  

  • KiwiCrate Subscription Box– These boxes filled with age-appropriate STEAM inspired crafts and projects is a gift for both kids and parents.  The kids learn new skills and independence, and the parents may just get a few minutes of silence to themselves.  
  • Instrument Lessons– Has your child ever wanted to learn how to play the piano, violin, banjo, etc.?  How about gifting him/her lessons?  
  • Dance Lessons– Have a little ballerina in the making on her hands?  How about giving him/her a session of lessons for Christmas?
  • Swim Lessons– Surprise your little fishies with swimsuits and goggles in their stockings for swim class.  
  • Rock Climbing Class– Maybe think outside the box too.  Gift activities where they’ll learn special skills like rock climbing, karate, or a sport.  
  • Trampoline Park– How about a day at the trampoline park as a family, jumping the day away?
  • Movie Tickets– Tuck a movie theater gift card in their stockings for a fun movie date with mom & dad to a movie of their choosing.  
  • Indoor Skydiving– This would be a great experience gift for older adrenaline seeking kids.  
  • Pottery Painting– Make a family masterpiece or two to cherish forever at a pottery painting class.
  • Little Passports Subscription Box– Help your children learn about the world around them and various cultures with a subscription to Little Passports.  
  • KidArtLit– This amazing subscription combines kids literature with creative art projects you can do together.  Perfect for your little book worm.  
  • American Girl Store– Another amazing experience for your little girl can be found at The American Girl store.  Enjoy lunch with her doll, send her doll to the salon, & so much more!
  • Magazine Subscription– Send your kid some happy, educational mail with a subscription to a children’s magazine like Highlights, Ranger Rick, or ZooBooks.  
  • Membership to Children’s Museum– A place for your little ones to explore and play all day.  Our favorite local museums are the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor or the Michigan Science Center.  
  • Art Supplies Kit– Fill a tub with art supplies that your kids can use to create masterpieces.   
  • Kids Night In Box– Like a special themed date night for you to enjoy with your little ones at home.  Curated with everything you need to make memories together.  
the best experience gifts for families

Experience Gifts for Couples

We can’t forget mom & dad, right?  Here’s some great ideas for experience gifts for couples that will make Christmas and the weeks after extra special. 

  • Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant– When was the last time you got a sitter, did your hair and makeup, and threw on something nice to a “real” date?  
  • Date Night in Box– We love these curated date nights in a box that we can enjoy during a cozy night at home.  It’s the perfect experience gift for couples.  
  • Spa Day with Couples Massage– Who couldn’t use some relaxation, right?  Especially parents.  Plan a date night/day at the spa for some pampering.  
  • Date Activity– How about planning a date activity like a Wine Tasting, Distillery Tour, Ax Throwing, Theater, or Comedy Show?  
  • The Adventure Challenge– This scratch off adventure book for couples makes for some fun and interesting date nights.  They even offer an adventure book for the bedroom…wink wink!
  • Glamping Trip– Ditch the tiny tents and the air mattress, and book a glamping trip for just the two of you.  Enjoy a beautiful night under the stars!
  • Weekend Getaway– When was the last time you had a getaway for just the two of you?  Book it now, and thank me later!  You can even gift an AirBNB card and staulk a destination house for your perfect getaway.  
  • Masterclass– Learn tons of new skills from true masters…everything from cooking to painting to photography! 
  • The Candle Bar– I so wish one of these candle bars was near me.  I’d be booking an experience ASAP!   

Top 10 Experience Gifts for Families 2021

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  • Splash Painting Class at Pinspiration– These new crafting centers are popping up all over the place and offer you the opportunity to make some of the top crafts on Pinterest.  I can’t wait to try the glow-in-the-dark paint splatter class!
  • Barcade– Plan a fun date night or maybe an evening out with friends for an experience gift to your local barcade– a bar that features vintage arcade games.  Let the competition begin!  PacMan anyone?  
  • Candlelight Concerts– These quaint beautiful candlelit concerts and a phenomenon from Europe and made popular in the USA during the pandemic.  
  • Storyworth– Capture you loved ones stories with this amazing gift idea.  Storyworth will send your loved one questions to answer via email about their life experiences.  At the end of the year, they’ll print their stories in a hardbound book to enjoy for generations to come!  
  • Legacy Box– Gift your family the experience of reliving memories from generations past just like Clark Griswold in the attic of their home.  Except with Legacy Box, your old films, photos, CD’s, VHS tapes, etc will be digitized and able to enjoy in the 21st century quickly and easily.  Hands down this is the best gift for families with many memories they’d like to relive and share with younger generations.
  • Getaway House– These adorable tiny cabins in the woods invite you truly escape life and relax.  Lock away your phone and enjoy your getaway.  Locations all over the USA.  
  • Treehouse Adventure– Search for treehouses in your area or surrounding area and book a truly unique outdoor adventure that your family will never forget.  Some treehouses I’ve found even have wood burning hot tubs!  
  • Ropes Tour & Ziplining– Book an adventure in the trees at a TreeRunner Park near you!  This would be the perfect experience gift for tweens or teens.  They even offer tours and ziplining at night.  
  • Dark Sky Park & Family Telescope– Plan a car slumber party or camping trip at a Dark Sky Park near you!  These parks offer extraordinary views of the Milky Way, constellations, and stars galore.  Throw in a telescope the whole family can enjoy to make this experience gift last for years to come!

Why Experience Gifts Make the Best Gifts

There are so many reasons why experience gifts simply make the best gifts.  Here are 3 reasons why experience gifts are a great idea..

1. Memories Last Longer Than Things

You know all those piles of toys that your kid doesn’t even touch? Give an experience gift instead of another toy or item that will break or not even be looked at after a few days.  With experiences the whole family makes memories together, and memories last longer than things. 

2. Less Clutter

Take the opportunity to gift your child an experience rather than adding to their toy collecting that eventually turns into clutter.  Especially if you already know that your child is going to receive a lot of tangible gifts from relatives and friends for their birthday or Christmas.  Give a clutter-free experience gift instead.  

3. Experiences Are Gifts You Can Enjoy Too

Experiences are gifts that increase family bonding and are actually things you can enjoy as well with your child.  They’re a win-win for everyone!  Interested in hearing even more reasons why experience gifts are the best?  Click here for more!

How to Give An Experience as a Gift

Now you may be wondering how to actually gift an experience, especially when that special someone may be expecting something tangible.  Well, here’s a couple ideas…

1. Experiences Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Slip those theater tickets, gift cards, or even a coupon book filled with experiences inside your loved one’s stocking.  You could even create a themed stocking each year based around an experience you plan to enjoy together.  

2. Envelopes of Dates

Place sealed envelopes filled with tickets or experience ideas you plan to enjoy with your children/spouse/family member for them to open each month throughout the year.  It’s truly a gift that keeps giving.  This is a great idea for grandparents too who’d like to squeeze in all that quality time and grandma snuggles.  

Which experience gift was your favorite?  Interested in learning why experience gifts make the best gifts, click here!

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