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Erin Condren 2020-2021 Planners & Accessories

Just this past week we got a sneak peak at the new 2021 planner collection from Erin Condren and it did not disappoint. Today I’m going to show you what’s new (& there’s a lot), what I “plan” to put in my cart, and what accessories I’m absolutely loving in her new collection.

Are you new to Erin Condren? No worries. I’ve got a whole host of blog posts to help you set up and organize your planner, and how to pick the perfect planner for you. I also have a $10 off coupon code when you sign up with a new account at Click here to get your $10 off coupon. Let’s get to planning…

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Erin Condren Customizable Planners for 2020-2021

One of the biggest changes for the 2021 planners is that there are now two designs to choose from…layers and flower power. Below I’ll show you pictures of the inside of these planners and the difference between colorful layers, neutral layers, and flower power so you can make the best choice for you.

Coiled LifePlanner

As always, the coiled LifePlanner is totally customizable. You can choose between silver, black, gold, and rose gold coil, and decide if you want the colorful version or the neutral version. And, this year for the first time ever you can decide if you want a layers design or a flower power instead. These different versions change your vellum paper as well as the designs on the monthly pages.

Colorful & Neutral Layers LifePlanner

Here’s an example of the new colorful layers planner cover. I’m in love with it.

Notice that the colorful layers version includes colorful tabs and beautiful swirly layers of colors that match each moth’s designated color scheme.

Below you’ll see the difference in the neutral layers LifePlanner. The tabs are gray and the layers design is more muted with grays, blues, and blush colors. I think this color scheme is gorgeous with the rose gold coil, don’t you?

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Flower Power Coiled LifePlanner

The Flower Power LifePlanner is a bit different. This is the flowery patterned cover, but remember the covers are interchangeable. They snap off the coil and can be replaced with any number of Erin’s cover options. I’ll share a few of my new favorite below, but first take a peak at how the inside pages differ from the layered versions. Instead of swirly colorful or neutral colors, this planner has a floral design along the top.

Inside The LifePlanners

No matter which design you choose, colorful or neutral, layers or flowers, coiled, binder, or otherwise, every Erin Condren LifePlanner includes these pages. In fact, there are different options for your weekly pages as well that you can choose based on how you need to plan. I’ll show you in a few seconds, but first let’s take a peak at the first few pages…

In the beginning of the LifePlanner, you’ll find a two-page calendar spread shown above in the Flower Power pattern. Behind those calendar pages, you’ll find these “goal pages”. Actually, you can use them for whatever you want…goals, bucket lists, favorite memories from each month, etc.

Next you’ll find a lined note page and the monthly tabbed page which always features beautiful colors and designs based on your choice of layers vs. flower power as well as an inspirational quote. Then you’ll find these newly designed monthly planner pages. This year Erin’s removed the labels on the boxes so you can use these spaces however you choose. I’ve used them to list my monthly, weekly, and daily goals from my PowerSheets Goal Planner.

Your next decision will be whether you want to choose the vertical, horizontal, or hourly planning pages. So many choices, but I promise it’s worth it.

Vertical LifePlanner

Here is the Vertical LifePlanner. Some planners use each square as morning, afternoon, and evening. Other’s break them down like pictured into smaller categorized to do lists. This was the first version I purchased, and have since used them all. I don’t really have a favorite, to be honest. I find it fun to mix things up a bit.

Horizontal LifePlanner

Next you’ll see the Horizontal LifePlanner. I have used this version the most and really like it. I might switch back to this version in 2021, or begin using the Daily Duo (I’ll show you that one later).

Hourly LifePlanner

And last by not least, is the Hourly version of the LifePlanner, which is the kind I’m currently using. For the 2021, Erin removed the half hour marks to give us more room in each hour square. And, I love the streamlined look at the top of the pages as well.

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LifePlanner Binder

The LifePlanner Binder was new in 2020 and is an amazing planning tool. You can choose between colorful or neutral layers or a pretty linen cover. Then, you’ll need to purchase the planner pages to complete your LifePlanner. I really like this option.

Daily Duo LifePlanner

And, brand new for 2021, are the Daily Duo LifePlanners. These 2 planners are split into 6 months each because instead of the horizontal, vertical, or hourly version of planning pages, you get the daily pages pictured below. I really like this design. It reminds me a lot of the Simplified Planner, another favorite of mine. The planner has to be split in two so you don’t break your back carrying it. I might give this option a try since this is currently how I plan in my PetitePlanner folio system (which I also love).

Erin Condren Life Planner Bundles in Layers or Flower Power

If you are new to Erin Condren and want to try out a LifePlanner and accessories, but are not sure where to start, check out these bundles. These include everything you need to get started.

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New Erin Condren Planner Accessories for 2020-2021

Interchangeable Covers

The interchangeable covers are one of my favorite things about Erin Condren planners. She releases new covers every month, so it keeps planning throughout the year fun and fresh. Here are some of my new favorites that I can’t wait to get…

Sticker Books

Erin Condren has some of the prettiest stickers known to man, and it would be ridiculous for me not to include these gorgeous stickers books in this round up of must-have for 2021. This year she’s offering a colorful layers option and a flower power one. Even though I LOVE my Erin Condren Sticker Subscription, these sticker books are always one of my favorite accessories to grab each year.

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Interchangeable Pen Kit

This interchangeable pen kit is so stinking cool! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Customize your planner pen with various colors, tips, and highlighters all included in this rainbow set.

Designer Pens

Wouldn’t these designer pens look fabulous on your desk or purse. They also make great gifts for your planner buddies.

Washi Tape Duo

It’s no secret that I love washi tape, and Erin Condren’s tape is the best. I love to have things slightly matchy matchy, if you know what I mean. So when she releases washi tape that matches the new design, I go bonkers. I can’t wait to get my hands on this washi tape. I use it everywhere.

Snap-In Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are my jam! These sticky note dashboards have to be one of my favorite accessories to carry around in my planner. They add a lovely design element to my planner pages as well as functionality. In fact, I use them to often plan out my blog posts and place the post ideas on days when I plan for that blog post to go live. You can literally use them for anything. These will definitely be in my cart.

Colorful Layers Compliment Cards

Ah, yes, the infamous compliment cards. This accessory has been around since the beginning on Erin Condren, but they’re often forgotten about. If you order a LifePlanner you will get a few complimentary with your purchase, but they’re always nice to have around to attach to a gift, add to a card, or just hand out to friends and family when they need a little pick me up. They are colorful and inspirational on one side, and like a blank mini postcard on the back to you can write a message if you’d like to.

Erin Condren Face Masks

Who wants a face mask to match they’re planner…this girl (pointing at myself). Who would’ve ever thought that this would be a most-wanted accessory for 2020 and 2021. It’s kinda sad, but at the same time genius. I’ll definitely be throwing a few of these bad boys in my cart once they restock! They’ve been so popular!

Mid Century Circles Umbrella

Once upon a time, you could only purchase this umbrella in Erin Condren storefronts if you weren’t lucky enough to snatch the seasonal surprise box last spring that it was in. My sister got one and I absolutely love it. Now, they’re available on Erin’s website for purchase! This is the perfect accessory for rainy spring days!

Erin Condren PopSockets

And another fun collaboration for this year is Erin Condren with PopSockets. All I can say is I want them all.

So, what will I be getting on launch day? Well, I hope to get every accessory I mentioned above along with anything else that’s colorfully layered. I also think I’m going to try the Daily Duo with rose gold coil, especially after watching this planning session with Saray. If you’d like to see these new planners in action, watch her YouTube video and stick around until the end to see how she puts together a page in the New Daily Duo. I love it!

What will you be adding to your cart for the upcoming year? Are you an academic planner (July- June) or a yearly (January- December)? Let me know in the comments. And, if you are new to the EC family, enjoy this $10 off coupon!

$10 off Coupon for New EC Customers! Enjoy!

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