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How To Choose The Right Erin Condren Planner For You

Just a few years ago I broke down and bought my very first Erin Condren Life Planner.  I instantly fell in love with my new-found organization and all the pretty stickers, markers, and accessories.  Since then, my planning has changed just like life and my “planner-preferences” have evolved.

My eclectic buddy, Erin, out in Austin, Texas, just released her new planners for 2019 and I’d love to walk you through them.  The planners for this upcoming year have amazing new features, gorgeous interchangeable covers, and plenty of options for customization.  Let me show you each planner choice so you can choose which one is best for you. Then, I’ll explain how I use my planners {yes, that’s supposed to be plural} and introduce you to some of my new favorite accessories.

{This post contains affiliate links to my favorite Erin Condren products.  If you choose to purchase through my links I will make a small profit at no additional cost to you.  To read more about affiliate links, click here. Happy shopping!}

$10 off Coupon

To receive your $10 off coupon, click on my referral link and create a profile BEFORE you begin shopping.  After you place your first order, you will receive a couple of emails from Erin.  Typically she sends a welcome email with another coupon code for you to use, and then in a separate email, you’ll receive your $10 off coupon code.  You will also be entered into her rewards program as well so you can earn even more mullah!  Enjoy!

Academic Planners

The academic planners are new this year & the perfect first Erin Condren planner for the youngest planner addicts.  This planner kinda makes me wanna go back to school & be 14 years old again. Okay, maybe not! But, seriously, I would’ve lost my mind over the academic planner when I was in school.  It’s the perfect little planner to help any student keep their assignments and class schedule organized.  Take a peek inside…

The academic planner is the perfect organizer for any student. They can design their own cover & pick a coil color {my favorite is rose gold} just like the life planners and deluxe monthly planners. I see all “A”s in the future, don’t you?

Erin is also offering some awesome styling for the academic planners, like these accessory packs for junior high and high school students that come with stickers, patches, pens, and more!

School Planner Pack

Junior High Planner Pack

High School & College Planner Pack

Deluxe Monthly Planner

The Deluxe Monthly Planners are the perfect choice for someone who needs a simpler, smaller planner that offers space for monthly planning, note-taking, and places to jot down monthly goals and projects.  This planner offers a couple of pages after each monthly spread for list-taking and goal making.

This planner is also customizable with interchangeable covers and coil colors.  And, Erin listened and added tabs to this smaller planner!  Hallelujah!

It comes in 2 different sizes and color choices- colorful & neutral.  This is the planner I use for my business/blog planning.  I map out blog posts using the sticky notes, track projects & to-do lists, and use the note pages in the back to brainstorm.  Now you can even add additional note pages in the back of your planner, which I highly recommend doing.

Life Planner

Erin Condren Life Planners are the largest and most popular planners she makes because they not only offer a monthly spread but also weekly spreads with space to plan for each day of the week.  The Life Planner is what I’ve used for my everyday planning for the last several years, and I absolutely loved it.


Traditional life planners are coiled in a variety of colors and finishes…my favorite is, of course, rose gold.  They are available in a colorful or neutral color palette and come with a storage pocket in the back as well as additional stickers.

You can either choose a horizontal, vertical, or hourly spread for your weekly sheets.  Before deciding, think about what you will need in a planner.  If you have timed appointments, classes, and such, then the hourly option might work really well for you.  The vertical version includes three boxes that some use for morning, afternoon, and evening.  I used the vertical version for a couple of years but wanted something a bit simpler this past year so I chose the horizontal pages.  Here’s a closer look at the options…





Life Planners are now also available in hardbound covers.  They are made with my absolute favorite design, the painted petals, and rose gold glossy page binding.  The hardbound life planners are completely customizable and available in 2 different sizes.  You can start planning whenever you get this planner, and add stickers to create your own monthly spreads.

I’m thinking of ordering the smaller version to use as a meal and fitness planner. I love how versatile these planners are.  They can be used for budgeting, losing weight, and even as baby journals.  I’ve seen some mommies who jot down a few favorite memories of each day in a life planner, add photo stickers of their growing baby, and customize a pretty cover to keep forever.

Favorite Accessories

Here are some of my favorite tried and true accessories as well as some new ones I can’t wait to try.

Custom Photo Stickers

Now you can customize stickers using your own photos!  How cool is that?  I like to use my life planner as a scrapbook of sorts as well as my everyday planning.  I tuck invitations and cards inside my planner and love looking back through them year after year. Now I can’t wait to customize my monthly spreads with sticker memories as well.

Sticker Sheets

I’m a sucker for stickers and I love Erin’s sticker sheets something fierce.  How cute are these new designs?

Stylish Storage Box

I bought a storage box last year in the painted petals design to hold all of my loose sticker sheets and other smaller accessories.  I love it!

Sticky Notes

Erin’s sticky notes are probably my most used accessory.  The collection of sticky notes clicks right onto your planner coil so you always have them with you.  I jot down quick notes or appointments or blog post ideas and then can move them around if plans change.  They add a fun pop of color and style to my otherwise monotonous to do’s.

Sticker Book

I wait with bated breath every year to see Erin’s new sticker book, and this one doesn’t disappoint.  You really can’t go wrong with any of her sticker books.  They are all beautiful.  They come with quote stickers in various metallic finishes and matching colors. Every year, closer to January, she releases a collection of stickers for each month of the year.  I can’t wait to see the 2019 monthly stickers!

Washi Tape

I’ve officially become a washi tape fan.  I love that Erin’s washi tape coordinates with her designs and color schemes.  I can’t be without washi tape, plain and simple.

Dual-Tip Marker

These markers are my favorites.  I reach for them all the time!  They don’t bleed through the pages and have a finer end and a more blunt end.  I want them in every color.


Dashboards are another fun accessory that snap right onto the coil inside the planner and give you some extra space to make lists and bookmark your page.  This is the new dashboard for 2019.  I love the additional organization it has, including the habit tracker.

Petite Planners

Erin now sells petite planners as well.  These are so cute!  I have several of them.  She has a budget planner, a pregnancy journal, a gratitude journal, meal planner, and this travel journal.  These also come with coordinating stickers.  You have to check them out!

Planner Folios

And, last but certainly not least, I am loving these new planner folios for 2019.  This is a safe place to store your planner and it also has pockets and pouches for your pens, stickers, petite planners, and other accessories.  You can keep all your lovely Erin Condren planning treasures in one beautiful place.

Which planner do you think is right for you?  If you have any questions about how to order, how to set up your planner, or anything else planner-related, please don’t hesitate to ask! Happy Planning!

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  • Hello there, I am going into 8th grade and want an Erin Condren planner. I love the idea of the academic planner ( and live the middle school bundle) but I only have 40$. I am also considering the life planner (vertical) but using the 10$ off link. Which planner is right for me?


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