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Life Lately: The Color Run Dream Tour, Lunch At Sidetrack, & A Giant Strawberry Shortcake

My family & I love doing The Color Run every summer.  It’s become one of my favorite yearly traditions, and this years Dream Tour was nothing short of amazing.  The weather was perfect.  The sherbet colors of yellow, purple, blue, and coral pink were new and different.  And, the party at the finish line was extra fun.

The Color Run is the best family 5K in my opinion. Here’s why we love it so much, and why I’m sure you will too!

One thing that was different this year than years past, was that we got to color in our bibs.  I thought this was a really fun activity.  The night before The Color Run, my sister, niece, and I usually do a brightly colored rainbow manicure, prepare our tattoos and tutus for the morning, & this year we got to be a little more creative.

The bib also had a place for us to write down our dreams for 2017.  It’s no secret what my dreams are…have a baby, see Ireland, & be creative.  I loved this new feature of our packet this year.

We took our traditional pre-color photos at the starting line, and I had to get a close up of the beautiful gold foil tattoos that The Color Run offered this year.  I absolutely loved the mint tutu with the t-shirt this year, also.  The t-shirt, bib, HAPPY tattoo, and more goodies were included with the price of admission.  The tutu and extra gold foil bling that Brianna wore, however, is an extra cost but oh so fun and necessary.

We were ready to start the race.  It was a bright, sunshiny morning and just the right temperature.

The wonderful thing about The Color Run is that it is for all athletic levels.  Whether you need to run, walk, wheel, skip, hop, or dance across the finish line it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that you have a good time and finish strong.

A 5K is 3 miles long, and very doable for all fitness levels.  If you’ve never participated in a 5K, check out the App Store because there are plenty of Couch to 5K apps that will get you ready.

The fun part of The Color Run is that with every kilometer there is a color station.  As you walk or run through, volunteers spray you with colorful powder.  We like to spend time at each of the color stations.  We take pictures, make sure we get lots of color, and really enjoy ourselves.  We aren’t in a big hurry to finish.  We look forward to this all year.

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By the time we reach the finish line, we are covered in color, have met new friends along the way, and made lots of new fun memories.

This bride was trashing the dress at The Color Run this year which was super cool.  And, we also met a groups of nursing students who were trashing their white clinical scrubs.  Now, that was something that I totally understood!

The pink color station is one of our favorites.  My niece, Bri Bri, has been doing The Color Run with us since she was 5.  This is her 4th Color Run, and she still has just as much fun as the first time.  She couldn’t wait until we got our gold unicorn medals at the finish line this year.  She said, “Aunt Nie Nie, how did they get all that gold to make all of these medals?”  So stinking cute!

Had to take a yellow station selfie with my sister.  This is our 6th Color Run together.  So, when I say we are Color Run die hards, I’m not kidding.

When we reached the finish line we got our unicorn medals, an extra color packet for the big color throws by the stage, and got a sudsy foam bath in the final station…which Brianna loved!

The Finish Line Party was extra special this year.  The colors reminded me of tropical sherbet ice cream, and looked especially vibrant against the deep blue sky. We enjoyed Snow Cones and took lots of pictures.

This year we had kind of a black cloud hanging over us.  Just days before The Color Run, my husband’s uncle (who was more like his dad) passed away suddenly.  We had spent the days before The Color Run planning his funeral.  I wasn’t sure if I should still do the run, but I can’t even begin to tell you how healing it was to my soul and spirit.  Being outside and being able to focus on something else was such a gift, and I knew Uncle Doug would’ve wanted me to go.

Brianna also had just attended the funeral of a little girl in her class at school that had also died of cancer.  Our hearts were heavy, but as we commemorated on this wall, we walked for them.  It was so special of The Color Run to have this memory and dream wall this year.

Every year we finish our Color Run day with lunch at Sidetrack restaurant in downtown Ypsilanti.  Sidetrack is gracious enough to allow us color runners, covered in glitter, color, foam, and what not into their restaurant.  And, the best thing is….they have wonderful food!

This year at Sidetrack we ordered their Giant Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.  It was so large and in charge that I think 7 or 8 people could’ve feasted on it comfortably.  We stuffed our faces, though, and made a pretty good dent in it.  It was the perfect sweet ending to one of our most favorite days of summer.

What are some of your favorite summer traditions?  It’s not too late to add The Color Run to your Summer Bucket List.  Click this link to find The Color Run in a city near you.  Also, check out my Color Run Tips & Tricks and our adventure doing the Glow-In-The-Dark Color Run Night!  Here’s more about the Dream Tour 2017…

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