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Life Lately: The Catfe & Detroit Cookie Co.

Good Morning, and happy first weekend of March. Can you believe that we are already nearly {fingers-crossed} past wintertime? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited that we’re nearing the end of these blustery cold months. I’m ready to tulips and sunshine and spring showers.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve celebrated my sister’s birthday, my nephew’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day. I’ve started changing my diet to a low-carb, high fat meal plan, and am feeling a lot better than I did at the end of 2018. I love this pork chop recipe and this low-carb chicken parmesan recipe. So, so good!

I’ve spent a bunch of time redoing my website…hopefully you’ve noticed an improvement. I was hoping for a more stream-lines, classic, feminine look and I think we achieved that. I found my new theme on Etsy, and absolutely love it.

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For my sister’s birthday, we visited a Catfe. She was so excited to be immersed in adorable kitties, and I loved it too just needed a few Benadryl to survive. Just kidding.

If you’re in the Detroit-Metro area, check out the Catfe in Ferndale where you can cuddle the cats at this rescue, find out more about adoption, and enjoy a cup of tea or two. It was a cozy little gem that I’m sure we’ll visit again.

We fell in love with the cookies, coffee, and CARBS {as advertised} at the Detroit Cookie Company, another must-see spot in our area. I enjoyed a lovely latte while my sister and little Bri Bri devoured scruptious cookies loaded with chocolate chips. {My favorite cookie at The Detroit Cookie Company prior to my keto diet, was the chocolate raspberry mocha cookie. SOOOOO GOOD!!}

Because we’ve been snowed in this winter quite a bit, we binge-watched a new series on Amazon Prime called “The Man In The High Castle”. This series is set in 1940-1950’s in what would’ve been the USA if we’d won World War II. This series depicts that we lost the war and that half of our country has been taken over by Nazi Germany, and the other half by the Japanese. It is fascinating and quickly addicting. We’d highly recommend it.

I’ve been loving the Nitro Cold Brew coffee at Starbucks lately. My neighbor/friend/fellow nurse co-worker recommended it and it’s quite simply the best. Not every Starbucks has it, so be sure to ask your barista. Thankfully, our local Starbucks has it on tap, and I get it with sugar-free vanilla syrup and extra cream. Mmmm!

We’re dog-sitting this little cutie while her family is on a Disney Cruise. We’re having fun snap-chatting and snuggling on the couch. Check my Inta-Stories for more of our time with Sadie.

We’ve started contemplating and planning where to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this fall, and it sounds like New York City might be on our short list. If you’ve been and having any must-see sights or attractions, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

That’s pretty much all that’s been happening lately around here. Lots of family time, lots of snow, and lots of movie nights….that’s what wintertime is for right?

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