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The Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017

As a Mother-Baby Nurse I get to see all the new baby gear that brand new parents bring to the hospital when they have their babies. It’s excited to see so many new amazing gadgets and what not.  Today I’ll share with you 25 of the newest, most unique must-have baby gadgets all new mommy’s will want.  Are you ready to shop, shop, SHOP!!  Hold of to your credit cards, cause these are some goodies…

{This post contains affiliate links to some of my favorite pieces of baby gear…the best out there!  What this means if you click on one of my links I may make some money on your purchase.  You can read my Disclosure Policy by clicking here!  Enjoy!}

20 Must-Have Gifts for Your Baby Registry in this Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017

Owlet Smart Sock

First, let’s talk about every new parents nightmare.  We see it in the hospital from time to time….it scares us, but we are used to working with babies….however to the brand new mommy and daddy, it frightens them to the core.  What am I talking about?  When a baby chokes and inevitably stops breathing.

It’s correctable, so don’t worry too much.  I talk about this common issue with new baby in this post.  As nurses, we respond quickly by picking the baby and forcefully burping/stimulating the baby to breath.  These “choking” episodes often resolve after 24 hours.  But, new parents are still very nervous.  And, rightfully so!

So, what are parents to do when they bring home their brand new baby with nobody to help them?  Sit up and stare at their baby constantly?

While, you may want to stare at that precious face all day and all night, let’s be serious…that’s not feasible.  You need your rest too.  But, it’s hard to rest peacefully with the looming threat of your baby possibly choking or not breathing while you attempt to rest.

New Mom, New Baby, Baby Gifts, Ultimate List of Baby Gear

That’s why I LOVE the Owlet Smart Sock.  It’s basically a sock with what we hospital staff call a pulse oximeter.  It measure the amount of oxygen in your baby’s blood through the skin of his foot.  We perform this test routinely in the hospital on patients.

If your baby stops breathing, the Owlet sensor with alert you that there has been a drop in oxygen.  There is a monitor that will alarm in your home, but you can also download the Owlet app that will send alerts to your smart phone.

In the Owlet app, you can visualize your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level at all times.  It’s an added peace of mind when you leave your baby home from grandma and grandpa too for the first time, or when you head back to work and want to check in during nap time.

This is certainly not a golden ticket to leave your baby in unsafe sleep conditions.  Continue to lay your baby down on his back, a firm mattress in his own crib, with nothing around him (no blankets, stuffed animals, or bumpers).  The addition of the Owlet Smart Sock is just another piece of this puzzle to reduce your baby’s risk for SIDS, and give you additional peace of mind that your baby is sleeping safely and soundly.

4Moms Self-Installing Car Seat

OK, all you tech-savvy parents-to-be, or those who think installing an infant car seat is a pain in the rear end, prepare to be amazed!  Check out the 4moms Self-Installing Infant Car Seat in action….

This is a pricy piece of baby gear, but some people bite the bullet for the epitome of safety in the car for their newborn.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other options out there for infant car seats that are just as safe, but none that do all the options that the 4moms Self-Installing Infant Car Seat does.

The car seat works with an app downloaded to your phone, that coaches you in the proper installation process for this seat.  Via bluetooth and Wifi, the car seat “does it’s thing” and adjusts itself based on the make and model of your car, constantly monitors the safety of your baby, and even alerts you if you accidentally forget to get your infant out of the car.  {Never can be too safe, I guess!}

4moms Self-Installing Infant Car Seat is one of the coolest pieces of baby gear I’ve ever seen, so it obviously had to included on my Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017!

Baby K’Tan Original Baby Carrier

I am constantly seeing the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier popping up all over Pinterest.  They look so incredibly comfy and cozy for parents and their babies.

The Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is made of washable, durable 100% cotton, and also comes in organic fabric options.  You can carry babies weighing 8-35 pounds in the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, and comes in several colors.


Wooden Baby Toys

Wooden toys for youngsters are all the rage, right now.  Isn’t it funny how trends come back around?  Of course, you have to be careful that the baby doesn’t clunk himself in the head with a wooden toy, since they are obviously more sturdy and heavier than plastic toys.  There are some of my favorites….

Wooden Toys Wooden Activity Baby Walker

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker & Frog Pull Toy Bundle

Nursery Spa Towel & Clothing Warmer

With this item we are talking luxury for your little one in all the best ways. The Nursery Spa Towel & Clothing Warmer gently warms your infant clothes and towels for an added special touch.  Cause, I mean, who doesn’t hate slipping into cold pajamas after a nice warm bath?

If you live in a relatively cold state, like…ahem…Michigan, you may find this to a useful tool in your nursery.  The Nursery Spa Towel & Clothing Warmer can help keep you baby extra warm in those cold winter months beyond your warm snuggles and hugs, of course.

4moms Mamaroo Bouncer

We use the 4moms Mamaroo Bouncer in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital for our most fragile and fussy newborns.  This bouncer works wonders.

The 4moms Mamaroo Bouncer mimics the movement of being in mom’s arms. It can also be controlled by a mobile app in your smart phone, to keep your baby nice and comfortable if you cannot get to him right away.  This bouncer also has vibration and multiple sound features, which also come in handy with new babies.

Trust me, you’ll love the 4moms Mamaroo Bouncer  as much as we do in our NICU.

20 Must Have Items for Your Baby Registry...

Milk Snob Covers

I’ve loved Milk Snob Covers for what seems like forever.  They are “the cover that does it all” as they’re website exclaims. Milk Snob Covers can be used to cover your infant car seat, highchairs at restaurants, and shopping cart seats.  They can also be used as a cover for when you’re breastfeeding in public.  They are made of breathable, washable fabric, and come in many different colors and designs.

Imagine my excitement when I saw Milk Snob Covers a couple of weeks ago on Shark Tank!  Wow!  I think we’ll be seeing more of these multi-functional covers in the future.

The “Frida” Collection

There is this product that all the moms rave about it.  When you hear them discussing the use of said product, you may feel like loosing your lunch, but they’re pretty excited about it.

What on God’s green earth am I talking about?  I call it the “Frida Collection”.

The NoseFrida is a game changer for moms when they’re baby’s are sick.  And, I guess when your little one is “under the weather” you’re willing to do just about anything to make them feel better.  And, that’s when the NoseFrida comes in handy since it’s “snot sucker”.  Yep, you read that right.  Ask your mom friends if they’ve ever used it, and I guaranteed they’ll have some bonding story of the day they sucked they’re babies nostrils clean.  (Don’t worry.  It’s not nearly as disgusting as it sounds!)

Well, now the NoseFrida has a “hot” (pun intended and you’ll see why in a second!) younger sister.  The FeverFrida is a fancy bluetooth patch that is applied to your baby’s underarm, and alerts your smart phone whenever your baby’s temperature reaches a preset temperature.  Move over traditional thermometers, the thermonitor is here to save the day.

The FeverFrida communicates to an app downloaded in your phone, and tracks your baby’s temperature every 4 seconds.  The app will alert you if your baby’s temperature is rising, remind you a dose of medication is due, and store all of this medical information for you to later share with your pediatrician if needed.

20 Must-Have Gifts for Your Baby Registry in this Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017

Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddles

I talk a lot about the importance of swaddling a new baby in this post.  And, it’s no secret that my favorite swaddle blankets are the muslin blankets, but these new aden + anais silky soft metallic swaddle blankets are the ultimate in cuteness and comfort.  They come in a beautiful selection of soft pastel colors and designs, and have a stunning fleck of gold metallic throughout.

20 Must Have Items for Your Baby Registry....

20 Must Have Items You Need On Your Baby Registry....

These gorgeous blankets are made out of bamboo and muslin, and come pre-washed.  They work as swaddle blankets, but I’ve heard many mommies say these become their child’s favorite blank because they are so soft and snuggly.  Prepare to drool…

4moms Origami Stroller

This next item that’s on my Ultimate List of Baby Gear for 2017, I’ve had my eyes on for a couple of years.  If you can’t tell already, I’m a HUGE fan of 4moms products, and this stroller is beyond believable.

I remember years ago trudging around the zoo with my nieces and nephews in their large clunky strollers.  Their strollers were hard to steer, were heavy to push, and required a PhD to operate.  I always feared whether or not I’d be able to figure out how to collapse the stroller to place it back in the trunk of the car.  And, I’m pretty sure one time it went back in the car still open because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing.

Now, I know strollers have come a long way in the last 8 or so years….sniff sniff!!  But, the 4moms Origami Stroller takes the cake.  It’s more like a space ship than a stroller….

The 4moms Origami Stroller unfolds itself with the push of a button. It has headlights and path lights, you know, just in case you happen to be out for a stroll at midnight.  It also charges your phone while you walk…life changer!!!

It has many different color insert options, and plenty of storage space.  The 4moms Origami Stroller even has an LCD screen on the handlebars that tells you the temperature outside that day, has a speedometer, and so much more!  I think this stroller has a brain!  It’s the coolest gadget ever!!


Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

When it comes to diaper bags it doesn’t get much better than Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags.  They are spacious, stylish, and come with a matching wipe container and changing pad.  They come in a beautiful array of colors, and can be carried as a bag or as a backpack.  One of these Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags will definitely be on my baby registry…


Jonathan Adler Deluxe Rock ‘N Play

Many of the parents I take care of in the hospital claim that the Rock ‘n Play  is a lifesaver when they take their new babies.  The Rock ‘n Play keeps new babies, especially snug as a bug, and has special features that include a smart phone app that allows the parents to operate the vibration and sounds from across the room.

I have to say though, that the Jonathan Adler Deluxe Rock ‘n Play is the most beautiful of them all, and looks like a sophisticated piece of furniture. This Rock ‘n Play would look beautiful in any home, especially with a cute snuggly bundle of joy sleeping peacefully in it.

Cloud B Bunny

I love the adorable Cloud B Bunny.  They come in various colors from grey to tan, and play soothing sounds to calm your baby.  I talk about the importance of “white noise” to calm a fussy baby in this post.  White noise has been proven to calm even the fussiest of babies by activating their “calming reflex” by recreating a womb-like atmosphere.

The Cloud B Bunny can even be attached to your baby’s crib to promote a safe sleeping environment while still offering the calming effects of the sounds.  Then, it’s a soft cuddly toy that your baby will cherish as he/she grown up.


The Baby Shusher

Speaking of soothing sounds, and the “calming reflex”, I want to share with you this nifty gadget for on the go soothing that my friend introduced me to.  Her little Ruby loves it!

The Baby Shusher plays a “shushing” sound continuously so you don’t have to, in order to calm your fussing baby.  My friend and new mom, attaches her Baby Shusher right to her infant’s car seat.  Her little Ruby loves it and responds to it.  It is the perfect miracle product for babies, and yet so small and simple.  Why didn’t I think of that?

To read more about the calming reflex, Happiest Baby on the Block techniques, and the power of the “shush”…check out this post “How to Calm Your Fussy Baby in 5 Simple Steps”. 

Freshly Picked Moccasins

A friend of mine fell in love with baby moccasins, and I swear I think she own every pair known to man for her cutey patootie.  I got on the moccasin train recently when I saw these Freshly Picked Moccasins.  The looks super comfy for a little ones precious toes, and come in an array of gorgeous colors.  My favorite being rose gold, of course.

New Mom, New Baby, Baby Gifts, Ultimate List of Baby Gear

4moms Infant Tub & Bath Spout Cover

Ok, let’s talk bath time now for a few minutes.  Bath time can be such an enjoyable time for new parents to bond with their babies, and helps establish a routine prior to bedtime that can help your baby sleep longer and more comfortably throughout the night.  

I’d like to share with you my favorite infant bath tub and spout cover that will come in handy as your kiddies get older.  And, once again this is a product from 4moms!  Shocker!!

The 4moms Infant Tub with Spout Cover are 2 remarkable items that every new parent will want, therefore they had to both be included in my list of ultimate baby gear for 2017.  Let’s see them in action…


And, here’s a quick video on how this mom sets up her baby’s bath time using the 4moms Infant Tub…

I love her idea of a bath kit that has everything handy right by the bathtub. That way you’re never “tempted” to leave your baby unattended while in the bathtub, which obviously is a huge no-no.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro {AKA the “Keurig for Baby Formula”} 

When I first saw this product, I thought it was genius.  A sort of Keurig-like machine for baby formula?  Once again, I wondered “why didn’t I think of that?”!

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro perfectly measures out your baby’s formula, and then mixes the distilled water at the perfect warm temperature to create the bottle of your babies dreams.  And, let be honest, this is a dream come true for parents too when baby wakes at 2 a.m. ready for a feed.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro, takes the guesswork out of formula feeding and makes feeding times even faster and more enjoyable.  I think it is definitely worth the investment for supplementing and/or formula feeding moms.

{To read more about feeding your baby from this very honest Mother Baby Nurses’ perspective, click here!}

Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor

Last, but certainly not least, I’d love to share with you the Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor  , that allows you to bond with your baby before you ever hold him in your arms.  The Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor gives you a sneak peek into your baby’s activity inside your belly by listening to his heartbeat and hiccups and you enjoy the movement of baby as well. And, it also can play lullabies through your belly for baby to hear that can even be personalized with your baby’s name.

I’ve seen firsthand at the hospital, how baby’s respond to sound in a positive way.  One family I took care of played a relaxing lullaby station for their baby throughout the day.  They then played that same music in their hospital room, and it was amazing to see how the baby responded to that familiar calming sound by quickly relaxing.  And, it created a special bonding moment for those parent too.

The Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor also has the ability to record your baby’s heartbeat so you can share it with your friends and family, and keep that unforgettable sound for you to enjoy for all time.  The Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor would be the perfect gift for a newly expecting mom, or a baby shower gift.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of some the most amazing, useful, and life-changing products for new moms and dads.  Please feel free to share this Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017 with your new mommy friends.  And, I can’t wait to share more helpful information in the New Mommy Series.  Leave a comment below if you are a new mom and/or expecting a bundle of joy soon. Let me know what questions you have, or what pieces of baby gear excite you the most.  I’d love to hear from you.

 Have a wonderful day!  Until next time….

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20 Must-Have Gifts for Your Baby Registry in this Ultimate List of Baby Gear 2017



    • Baby gear has come a long way, right? Thanks for taking the time to read, Harmony!

    • I love those bags too! But, I think I mostly just like the name Petunia Pickle Bottom! 🙂

  • So I’m out of my baby phase – my littlest of 4 will be 3 in August. But these products are amazing and they look great too! when your house is totally overwhelmed with things for baby it’s nice to have some attractive and space saving pieces. That 4mom Bouncer looks incredible as well as the CloudB rocker. So many great items to choose from! I can’t get over how the look and technology of these baby items has changed since my kids were just babes.

    • The technology is crazy, isn’t it? And, I agree with you, the house can easily get cluttered with all the baby items. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

    • So glad to hear you love your Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. That will definitely be added to my Baby Registry! They’re so cute! 🙂

  • I have a niece whose baby will be 1 yr old 7-7. I would like a list if these items for me, my niece & her mother. Is this possible? My oldest is 51 & boy have things changed. My email address:

    • That’s a great idea, Marilyn. Maybe I will work on a Printable for new mommies and daddies and families of my favorite baby items. I will try to send you a list of these items as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by!


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