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The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas

The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas

Are you looking for some of the best ice cream party ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve curated some of the cutest ideas here in this post, and shared some tips and tricks to throwing the perfect birthday party or baby shower. So, if you’re planning an ice cream bash, sit back, relax, and get ready to be wowed!

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The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas

How To Pick A Party Theme

Choosing the perfect theme for your party, whether it be your baby shower or your child’s birthday party can be difficult. An ice cream theme is the perfect idea if you’re hosting an event the summertime. Often times this theme includes a variety of rainbow colors, sprinkles, and confetti. It could easily be turned into a pool party as well and made more masculine with the change of a few colors. There are some important things to consider when planning the perfect party.

Choosing a Color Scheme

The mood board I’ve included below boasts some brighter rainbow colors, but you could easily make this party for masculine by changing up some of the colors or making it more gender neutral by adding primary colors and doing more of a vintage soda shop theme. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hosting an ice cream party.

Choosing a Location

And ice cream party would be the perfect theme for a party at home, at a pool or water park, or even at your local ice cream shop. Below you’ll find games, activities, and crafts to enjoy at your party no matter where you’re hosting it.

Deciding on a Menu

At an ice cream party, I think an ice cream bar is a must! And if it’s a birthday party, be sure to include a cake as well. You’ll find plenty of ideas below. You may even want to include a sweet table with things like cotton candy and cake pops. Keep scrolling for more menu ideas.

Focusing on the Guest List

Another thing to think about when hosting a gathering, is the size of the guest list. This may influence where you’re able to have your party as well as what your budget is to throw your get together. So sit down and make a list of the people you’d like to invite and base your decisions off of that information.

ice cream party mood board

Ice Cream Party Invitations

It is customary to send invitation out about 4 weeks before your party. There are plenty of customizable ideas on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorites…

ice cream birthday party invitations

Setting Up Your Party

When setting up your ice cream party there are a few things to consider including decor, table scapes, and maybe even balloon arches and photo walls. Here’s a little more about these specific areas to focus your decorating energy on.

Ice Cream Party Decor

Etsy is filled with tons of ice cream party decor ideas. I’ve linked up some of my favorite ideas from Etsy and Pinterest in this post all about Ice Cream Birthday Party Decor Ideas. You won’t want to miss that. You can use some of these ideas to decorate these specific areas that I suggest you focus on.

Table Scape #1- Sweets Table

The first area I like to focus on decorating is a sweet table where the birthday cake, other snacks, and maybe even some decorative cookies for guests to snack on at the party or take home as a favor. I’d suggest covering a table, countertop, buffet/console table, etc with a table cloth, and getting platters or cake plates in various sizes and colors and different heights in colors that match your theme to place the different snacks and cake on. You can find these at Home Goods, Target, or even Amazon. You can add a backdrop or balloon arch to bring even more attention and pizzazz to this space.

Table Scape #2- Gifts & Favors Table

Another area to think about is a place for guests to place gifts. You could simply set up a card table, cover it with a table cloth, and add some pictures or photobooks of your child for people to enjoy and even place the favors or treat bags there as well for them to take when they place their gift on the table.

The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas

Table Scape #3- Food & Beverages Tables

Lastly, another place to think about is the food or beverage area. Some cute pictures of your child in frames or a letter board can spruce up your counter top when guests come to grab a slice of pizza or a cup of lemonade. You definitely don’t have to go overboard with decor on the food table, but a little garland or a couple of balloons can make it look extra festive.

The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas

Table Scape #4- Kids Table

If you have the space and budget, you may want to consider setting up a child’s table. This could be a cute place for the littlest guests to eat their treats and maybe even do a quick craft or activity. I love these low picnic tables set on picnic blankets in the backyard. You could invest in a few of these and keep them for future parties. Throw some comfy pillows on the ground for the kids to sit on or lounge on. And decorate their table with balloons, ice cream trucks, party hats, confetti, etc.

Balloon Arches & Mosaics

Another fun idea if you have the space and budget are balloon arches and balloon mosaics. You can find DIY balloon arch kits on Etsy that you can customize with balloons that match your color scheme. You can also find balloon mosaic supplies and plans as well so you can DIY these show stopping pieces that will take your ice cream party over the edge with cuteness!

Ice Cream Cone Balloon Mosaic
The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas

Photo Wall & Ice Cream Props

Setting up a photo wall backdrop and some fun photo props is another fun idea, especially if you love capturing photos at your parties to have those memories for years to come.

ice cream party decor

Ice Cream Party Games & Activities

Are you ready for some super cute ways to keep the little ones occupied and entertained during your ice cream party? It’s always nice to have a couple of activities, games, or crafts for the littlest guests to enjoy. Here’s some cute ideas…

Photo Wall & Props

Ice Cream Bar

Bounce House

Ball Pit

Painting Craft

Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Play Dough

The Best Ice Cream Party Ideas
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Build Your Own Sundae

Pin the Cherry On The Ice Cream Cone

Cotton Candy Machine

For even more ice cream party decor ideas and activities check out this blog post.

ice cream party activities, crafts, and games

Ice Cream Birthday Party Favors

Are you ready for some of the best ice cream party favor ideas? These are so cute and your little guests will definitely love them. Some ideas below are DIY and some can purchased on Etsy. Check out my LTKI page for additional favor links.

ice cream party favors

Ice Cream Party Treats

There are so many cute treat ideas for an ice cream birthday party or baby shower. From confetti dipped Oreos to cotton candy topped ice cream cones, the possibilities are endless. Here’s some ideas I think you’ll love.

Strawberry Milk with Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses

Sprinkle Donuts

Sugar Cookie Puppy Chow

Sprinkle Dipped Oreos

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks

Rice Krispie Treats On A Stick

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Old Fashioned Candy

Ice Cream Party Decorations
ice cream birthday party treats

Ice Cream Birthday Cakes

There’s nothing more stunning than a gorgeous cake on display at a birthday party or baby shower. These birthday cake designs are absolutely gorgeous. To learn more about each one of them check out my post about ice cream birthday cake ideas.

ice cream birthday party cakes

Ice Cream Party Decorative Cookie Ideas

Decorative cookies are another great addition to your treat table or to even give away as favors. They can be customized with your child’s name, party colors, and more! Check this additional blog post all about ice cream party decorative cookie ideas.

ice cream decorative cookies

Ice Cream Party Outfits

And you can’t have a proper party without a fabulous outfit. These ice cream outfits for the party kid and parents are show stoppers! Shop them at the links below and on my LTKI page.

ice cream birthday party outfits

Ice Cream Party Moodboard

If I had to plan an ice cream party today, this is the color scheme and mood board I would use. I would the use of rainbow colors with pops of bright pink and turquoise. I love the idea of a vintage ice cream, sundae bar, photo wall, and bounce house. What color scheme, activities, and favors would you choose? Create your own mood board or use my inspiration down below. I hope you have the best time planning your ice cream social.

ice cream party mood board

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