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Top 20 Blog Posts of 2020

I love taking a look back at what you loved the most over the past year on my blog, and this year there were a few surprises! I am so happy to see that many of my newest blog posts were a big hit! Today I’ve gathered up a quick list of your top 20 of 2020! Did your favorite post make the cut?

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The Best LL&L Blog Posts of 2020

20. Miscarriage: What To Expect

While I’m so grateful that this post was helpful to so many of you, it pains me that so many of you also experienced this loss in 2020. I remember the day I hit “publish” on this blog post. I wasn’t sure if it was too much or how it would be received. But, still to this day, I get emails nearly every week from women around the world that find this post and reach out for personal help. It makes this “blogging gig” all worth it to be able to help other women in that vulnerable raw moment. It’s truly an honor.

19. Newborn Care 101

This popular blog post is filled with everything new parents need to know when they leave the hospital with their brand new baby. It’s one of my favorites too.

18. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Ya’ll loved Halloween Costumes in 2020! This post made it to #18 in my Top 20, and I can see why. These are some of the most adorably cute and unique costume ideas for girls I’ve ever seen. But, don’t forget, I’ve done a round up for boys, and a gender-neutral last minute costumes ideas post as well! Don’t forget to pin these posts for next year!

17. 90+ Indoor Games & Activities For Kids

This blog post came in handy apparently while we were all quarantined at home this year since it’s filled to the brim with indoor activity ideas to tire out your little ones.

16. 8 Unique Ways To Celebrate Baby’s 1st Halloween

All of my “baby’s 1st” posts were quite popular this year. This post about baby’s 1st Halloween came in at #16 in my top 20. You loved all of the ideas so much, it became one of my most shared pins of all time!

15. 20 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Crafts were another hot topic in 2020 since families had so much time on their hands at home. You loved all of these Easter ideas so much, this blog post became one of my most pinned posts of all time!

14. Best Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

So many of you were looking for the perfect gift ideas as well this year. This post was inspired by my baby cousin Stella after her 1st Birthday Bunny Bash which seems like forever ago. You can check out all of my gift guides for kids here in this one convenient place.

13. 50+ Tie Dye Craft Ideas, Activities, & Recipes For Kids

I think in 2020 we were all looking for some fun things to do outside in the sunshine, which is why this collection of tie dye crafts and activities quickly became so popular. Don’t forget to pin this post so you can make new creations with your family every summer.

12. 10 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

My new mommy content is always a hit with my readers, but I was so excited to see that this new post sprung all the way to #12 in my top 20. I’m thrilled that this post has helped so many nursing mamas out there!

11. 27 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

This was probably one of my favorite blog posts to put together for you last year. Who doesn’t love adorable, functional, and practical spaces in the home especially when it comes to baby’s room. The neutral tones and themes make this blog post one of my absolute favorites. I’m glad you agreed as well.

10. 90+ Super Fun Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas & Activities

Once again, outdoor actives were top of everyone’s must-do list last spring and summer. I’m hoping this blog post continues to bring happiness and a smile to your simple summer days for years to come. Check out the pins inside the post and add them to your Pinterest boards for reference. You won’t want to miss these cute ideas and games brought to you by sidewalk chalk.

9. 10 Gorgeous Unicorn Birthday Cakes

This unicorn birthday post has been in your top 10 every year since it’s been written. Glad y’all love parties and unicorns as much as I do.

8. How I Organize & Decorate My Erin Condren Life Planner

This blog post is an OG (AKA Original). I’m not even sure how old it is, but y’all still love it and reference back to it from time to time. You know how much I love my pretty planners, and apparently you love them too! We are BFF’s!

7. 10 Special Ways To Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby

When I see this post near the top of your favorites list, sometimes it makes me sad since I’m reminded that so many of you have struggled with a pregnancy loss. But, on the other hand, it brings me hope and joy to think about you preparing to celebrate and commemorate your rainbow baby and how exciting that is. It makes me feel like part of your celebration and family!

6. 10 Ways To Celebrate Baby’s 1st Christmas

There apparently were a lot of babies celebrating their 1st Christmas in 2020. So exciting! I’m so glad this blog post helped you celebrate your little one.

5. 14 Simply Stunning Unicorn Party Ideas

I never could’ve dreamed that this unicorn party blog post would become so popular. When I initially wrote it following my nieces unicorn-themed birthday party, I knew we were mildly obsessed with unicorns and am thrilled that you were as well.

4. Ultimate Guide To Summer Fun

This Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun is one of my favorite blog posts of all time. It’s not surprising that it’s close to the top of the list. It’s filled with so many amazing ideas for long-lasting memory-making fun all summer long.

3. 20 Ways To Live Hygge This Winter

Typically this winter hygge post is #1, but it has been dethroned from that top ranking this year! I’m shocked. I fell in love with this Danish tradition years ago, and am so glad you’ve come along for this journey and enjoy it as well.

2. Best Pregnancy & Baby Gear of 2020

I think this post shot to #2 thanks to the baby boom that quarantine brought to the end of 2020. Ha! These baby gear posts are some of my favorites to write, and I can’t wait to share my favorite baby products of 2021 with ya’ll! In fact, here’s 40 of my absolute favorite timeless baby products that you’ll love as well!

1. Halloween Costumes for Babies

And, drum roll please, your #1 favorite post of 2020 was this adorable post filled with the cutest baby Halloween costumes this side of the Mississippi. I don’t blame you for loving this one.

Thank you all so much for being here and supporting my blog through 2020 and long before that. I love to see what posts really resonate with you so I can share more of what you love. Have a blog post idea for me? Let me know in the comments below. Did your favorite make the list?

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