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25 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

25 of the most adorable Halloween costumes for babies including some matching stroller or wagon costumes as well.
This collection of Halloween costumes for babies is downright adorable cause seriously is there anything cuter than chubby little babies dressed up for Halloween?  I don’t think so either.  And, in celebration of the fall season that is right around the corner, I’m going to share with you today several of the cutest, most adorable Halloween costumes for babies you’ve ever seen.

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DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies

Some of these adorable halloween costumes include DIY instructions, including special ways to decorate your stroller or wagon too!  And, for many of these costume ideas, the link is provided for easy purchase if DIY is not your thing.  Get ready for cuteness overload! 

Pineapple Costume

Is this baby pineapple not the cutest thing you ever saw?!  Add some hot pink sunglasses, and your baby will be styling this Halloween!  Check out this DIY No Sew Pineapple Onesie for a quick and easy Halloween costume for babies.  And, if you’re too tired to DIY it up this year (cause you’re a new mommy, duh!) you can buy this cute pineapple costume here.
baby pineapple costume

Cow & Barn DIY Costume

Ok, ok.  I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, those are bottle nipples, and yes that’s a baby cow.  And, yes this costume is udderly awesome!  Pun intended!

You can check out this DIY costume idea here!  Or, you can buy this pre-made cow onesie and attach the “udders” yourself.  And, don’t forget that every cow needs a barn.  Check out this decked out stroller that would be perfect for this cow.

DIY cow baby costume
baby cow and farm costume

Cotton Candy DIY Costume

Oh my goodness gracious!!  Baby cotton candy??!  I could just eat her up, couldn’t you?  What a fun idea!  And, you get the super simple DIY instructions here.
DIY baby cotton candy costume

Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

I love this very popular book by Eric Carle.  In fact, when I was studying Early Childhood Education before going into nursing (yes, I changed my major about a half a million times in college…that’s another story for another day), Eric Carle’s books were my absolute favorite.

So, of course, I had to include A Very Hungry Caterpillar costume in this post which you can buy here.  This would be a perfect idea for a brand new baby.  Too sweet!
baby hungry hungry caterpillar costume

Dippin' Dots Costume

Who would’ve ever thought to create a dippin’ dots costume?  Have you had the pleasure of enjoying these sweet little balls of frozen goodness?  We used to splurge on them every summer at the zoo.  Our nieces and nephew called Dippin’ Dots “astronaut ice cream” because it seemed like it never melted.  Mmmm.

Well, you can create this cute costume with a onesie, baby hat, some colorful pom pom balls, a bucket, and a hot glue gun.  Get the instructions to this super simple, unique costume here.

DIY baby dippin' dots costume

Sushi Costume

I didn’t know sushi could be so cute, did you?  I love this unique idea.  It’s one of my favorite halloweem costumes for babies.  You can buy a similar sushi costume here, or follow these instructions for a DIY costume.
baby sushi costume

Pilot Costume

A friend of mine get really creative every year with her son (and now daughter’s) Halloween costumes.  They not only dress their kids in the cutest costumes ever, but they incorporate their stroller or wagon into the costume as well.  We all know little ones feet get tired during trick ‘r treating, and this idea comes in handy for bigger Halloween festivities like Zoo Boo.
I love this pilot double stroller idea.  You can simply buy this baby aviator costume, and set your husband to work on the stroller accessories.
baby jet pilot costume

Gumball Machine

I have seen this baby gumball machine costume for years circulating on Facebook and Pinterest.  I’ve had it saved to my phone for years.  I simply love it.  It’s definitely one that I’m going to DIY when we have a little one.  All you’ll need is a red long-sleeved onesie, black pants, some felt for the “25 cents”, a cotton beanie, and tons of colorful pom poms for gumballs. I think this would be an easy DIY project, don’t you?

DIY baby gumball machine costume

Little Flamingo Costume

This baby flamingo costume is totes adorbs!  I love the use of the pink boa, and the hot pink sunglasses just add to sass and class.  You can find a similar flamingo costume here, and pair it with these snazzy flamingo sunglasses.  I think this is the perfect costume for trick ‘r treating at the zoo.  Check your local zoo for more information of fun Halloween activities for the family.
baby flamingo costume

Cabbage Patch Doll Costume

This Cabbage Patch doll idea has to be one of my all-time favorites.  It just makes me giggle.  I remember playing with these dolls, and now having to option to dress my baby up as one is like icing on the cake.
You can purchase the hair crochet pattern from Etsy, for only $5!  If you don’t crochet, find a friend who does.  And, then simply iron on a cabbage patch doll logo onto a onesie or shirt. Simple.
My friend dressed her baby girl up like a Cabbage Patch doll last year for Halloween, and she got creative and made a doll box to go over their stroller like this one below.  What a cute idea!
cabbage patch dolls baby costume
baby cabbage patch kid costume

Strawberry Costume

Living in Michigan poses its own challenges every Halloween.  We never know if it’s going to be typical fall weather, or if it’s going to be cold and rainy, or if we’ll have snow on the ground. Yes, you read that right.  I said “snow’!  In fact a couple of years ago when Frozen was all the rage, and little girls everywhere dressed up like Elsa and Ana!  It was actually extra special that in snowed that year on Halloween.  My on niece, I mean “Elsa”, was super excited about it.
Needless to say, it’s so hard to find nice warm costumes that will be appropriate for our unpredictable Michigan weather.  However I’m loving these these super comfy costumes from Carter’s that you can buy here.  They are extra poofy, which I love, and warm.  They sell many different designs, but I thought this little strawberry costume was just darling.  It’s one of the most practical halloween costumes for babies.  
baby watermelon costume

Chipotle Burrito Costume

This Chipotle inspired burrito costume just cracks me up!  I could probably eat Mexican food every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy, however I don’t think I love it that much to dress my baby up like a burrito for Halloween.  With that being said though, this halloween costume for babies is sweeping the Pinterest nation.  I see it everywhere.
So, if this is your thing, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to DIY with some colorful felt for the lettuce and tomatoes, and a tortilla beige colored swaddle.  Throw some foil on the end, and you’ve got your baby burrito.  But, if you’re not feeling so crafty, you can purchase this burrito swaddle on Etsy!  You’re welcome, burrito aficionado’s.
baby chipotle burrito costume

UP! Baby Walker Costume

Oh, man.  The movie UP! just about killed me.  I was in a ball of tears in the movie theater, because of the infertility and miscarriage at the beginning.  Disney, you slay me and my emotions.  So, on that note, check out this adorable costume.  Perfect for the little mister who is on the go and learning to walk.  I think it’s too cute for words.
baby UP costume

Grandma/Grandpa Costume

This “old lady” costume is one of the top halloween costumes for babies and literally has me in stitches!  How stinking cute is this?  I think grandma’s and grandpa’s everywhere would love this!
DIY old lady baby costume

Nemo Costume

I think this Finding Nemo costume and wagon aquarium costume is so unique and simply perfect.  Who doesn’t love Nemo?  And, what little cutie wouldn’t love to trick ‘r treat in style in their own gorgeous aquarium?  I love this idea!  You can find that adorable Nemo costume by clicking here.
baby Nemo costume

Lumberjack Costume

Well, I am sucker for bearded dudes and buffalo check.  All my friends know it.  It just a fact.  And, the thought of dressing up a little baby in a faux beard and handing him a plastic ax….well, there just seems to be something completely perfect about it.  Don’t you think?  This little lumberjack costume couldn’t be any cuter, right?
baby lumberjack costume

Skunk Costume

How about dressing your “little stinker” up as an adorable skunk?  You can find this little skunk costume here.
baby skunk costume

Dinosaur Costume

This idea is my husband’s favorite. Bet your bottom dollar if we end up having a little boy, he will definitely be a dinosaur on one if not many of his Halloween’s.  And, I’m sure I’ll be sporting khaki shorts like this mom at some point too!
You can find this baby dinosaur costume at Pottery Barn Kids, or or buy this triceratops costume on Amazon.  And, I love the idea below!  Decorating the wagon to look like a Jurassic Park enclosure = genius!  #parentinggoals
baby dinosaur costume
Jurassic Park family costume

Scuba Diver Costume

For those Pacifier-loving babies, this scuba diver costume idea would be perfect.  What a cool idea!
baby scuba diver costume

Frappuccino Costume

And, now we’ve reached my favorite!  Big surprise, I know!  I just have to have a baby girl and dress her like a frappuccino. It’s just got to happen.  :-). You can purchase this super cute frappuccino costume for your future coffee lover here.  And, you can purchase your very own coveted Starbucks Barista Green Apron.
baby Starbucks latte costume

Rainbow Costume

This is another halloween costume idea I absolutely love, especially for rainbow babies and their momma’s!  This sweet rainbow costume can be purchased at Pottery Barn Kids.
And, I love how the mom pictured below got in on this action by wearing colorful rainbows and a raincoat, and decorating her umbrella to look like a cloud complete with dangling rain drops.  Definitely a must do for any girl mom!
mother and daughter rainbow costume

Parrot Costume

Pottery Barn Kids offers several amazing costumes like this parrot.  If you are looking for any halloween costumes for babies that are specifically unique and well made for your baby’s 1st Halloween, definitely take a gander inside your local Pottery Barn Kids!  Be prepared to unpack your bags and wanna live there, though.  
baby bird costume

Crayon Costume

How about making your baby a crayon for Halloween?  I like this idea.  And, wouldn’t it be cute if mom or dad decorated a baby carrier to look like a crayon box?  Oh, boy!  The creative wheels are turning!
DIY baby crayon costume

Cupcake Costume

This baby cupcake idea is super cute, too!  For more details, click here!
mom and baby cupcake and baker costume

Rocket Ship Costume

I think this baby rocket ship is another really unique idea, and who knew that Party City sells super cute baby buntings for Halloween?  Click here to purchase!
baby rocket ship costume

Cookie & Milk Costume

And, last but certainly not least, who doesn’t love a little milk and cookies?  This Mommy & Me costume is super cute!  You can buy a cookie costume here.
mom and baby cookies and milk costume
Well, there you have it.  25 of the cutest, most adorable 1st Halloween costumes ideas for babies that I’m sure you and your family will love!  Check out my Ultimate Guide to Halloween filled with tons more family fun and traditions, even more costume ideas for baby, and special ways to celebrate baby’s 1st Halloween.  I know you’ll love it.  


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