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9 Adorable Fall Baby Photos You Can Take Yourself At Home

Looking for some adorable baby photos you can take of your little one this fall by yourself at home? I’ve gathered 9 of the cutest memorable ideas that will help commemorate your baby’s first autumn. And, they’re simple and easy to replicate which is a must for new parents, right? Which photo will you try this fall? I’d have a hard time choosing…

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Fall Baby Photos- 9 Ideas You’ll Love

Can’t get out to a photographer this year or don’t want to spend the money for a photography session. Well no fear, my friend. Here are 9 of the cutest poses and ways to celebrate fall with your baby and take the perfect picture to commemorate the moment. And, if you’re nervous about taking your own photos using your smartphone or need a few pointers, don’t worry I have some simple photography tips for you too! You can take adorable pictures of your own baby, trust me.

I can’t wait to see what pictures you take. Share below in the comments which poses you tried and loved!

Baby In A Bucket of Apples

This idea is so simple and cute. Simply place your baby in a bucket (or even prettier…a milk bath) filled with apples. To top it all off, dress him/her in a cute fall outfit and maybe an crocheted apple hat like this one. Too cute!

Candy Corn Cuteness

Who said candy corn couldn’t be cute? I also love this idea of laying or posing your baby on a sea of candy corn or a sprinkling depending on how you’re feeling that day. Now this post might be a little trickier to do yourself at home. Newborn photographers use photoshop to edit a photo like this, but I couldn’t resist sharing this cuteness and this candy corn hat. But, needless to say, candy corn can be cool and make the perfect backdrop or accent for an adorable fall photo.

Baby In A Pumpkin

I love this idea so much, don’t you? Cute and clean out a pumpkin creating a big hole around the top and two smaller to fit your baby’s legs. This is such a classic shot these days. Your baby simply has to have his/her picture taken this way, even if it is a little messy.

Balancing In A Pumpkin Patch

Don’t have a gorgeous pumpkin patch in your backyard? Don’t worry. Grab a pumpkin next time you’re out and photograph your baby’s reaction to the pumpkin. One of the funnest things about being a new parent is watching the wonder in their eyes as they discover something new. These photos will be fun to look back on and compare their size to the pumpkin as well. Who could ever believe they were once smaller or just a bit bigger than a pumpkin? It’s crazy how fast they grow.

Gobble Till You Wobble Photos

How cute is this little turkey? Who says you can only dress your baby up for Halloween? Check out this turkey outfit that will be the perfect addition to Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving photos.

Funny Thanksgiving Letterboard Photos

Letterboards make the cutest photo accessory don’t they? I love this creative Thanksgiving saying, as well as “I brought the rolls”. Ha ha!

Fall Flatlay Baby Photos

Another great photo idea for anytime of year but especially in the fall, is to crate a flat lay scene to place baby on. Then take the photo from above your baby, maybe while standing on a chair to get all of the scene in the photo. Then when the people see the picture it actually looks like your baby is swinging like in the photo below, when actually they’re just laying down. So fun!

Baby Chef Photoshoot

This is another photo idea similar to the one above only chef-themed. This makes a cute photos for baby’s 1st Thanksgiving also, don’t you think?

Baby “Bum-kin” Photo

And, we can’t forget the baby bum-kin photo that you’ll adore but your grown up kiddo will most likely hate. This idea is just too cute to not share. Love it.

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