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Easter Basket Ideas for Little Boys

Easter baskets are so fun to put together, and I’ve found some of the cutest ideas and inspiration for how to fill your little boy’s basket for the ultimate surprise Easter Sunday. I’m sharing my simple formula to help you fill his Easter basket with goodies to play with, create with, and also with things he’ll need in the upcoming spring and summer season. Plus, I’ve included tons of photos to inspire you to think outside the box when creating his Easter basket this year, and perhaps not even use a basket at all…you’ll see what I mean.

I can’t wait to hear all about how you fill your little boy’s Easter Basket this year. Please share your ideas with all of us below this post in the comments. Now, let’s get creative!

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How To Choose The Perfect Easter Basket For Your Little One

Personally, I love Pottery Barn Kids Easter baskets best because they will last for years to come and can be personalized and decorated differently year to year. I like the tradition of using the same basket year after year, but giving it an “upgrade” with a new liner, name tag, or filler from time to time.

Or, you could opt to use rain boots, an umbrella, or a beach pail for the basket instead to create a new and fun design. One year my mom did this for my niece and filled her little beach pal with sunglasses, swimming suits, and a beach ball. It was such a fun idea. Below, I’m sharing some little boy Easter basket ideas from Pinterest that I know you’ll love. So, keep scrolling. You won’t want to miss them.

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Use This Simple Formula For Filling Your Little Boy’s Easter Basket with Goodies

We used this simple formula listed below to fill Easter Baskets for the littles in our life. It makes finding fillers easier and simpler, and guarantees that your little boy with get a few surprises that he’ll absolutely love! Plus, use this time to purchase items that you know he’ll enjoy in the season to come. Here’s my simple Easter Basket formula…

Something to Cuddle With

No Easter basket is complete without something fluffy and cuddly to love on, right? This could be a bunny, a ducky, a lamb, or whatever you can find that you know your little boy with absolutely love. I know your house probably gets overrun with a million stuffed animals, but an Easter basket is the perfect time to add a couple more to his collection that are meaningful and can be keepsakes.

I personally love the handmade dolls by Cuddle & Kind. Plus, for every stuffed doll that is purchased, they donate 10 meals to hungry kids all around the world. So, it’s a win win.

Something To Read

Traditionally, we include a little Bible or devotional book for our littles, but you could include sweet little story books that have anything to do with springtime.

Something He Needs

Next, you’ll want to add something that he needs to his basket. Usually this includes new sunglasses, a bathing suit, and perhaps even some sunscreen. We usually go with whatever he’ll need in the season to come, especially since they grow out of things, like clothes, so quickly.

Something To Create With

We always include a create gift, or two, or three. Like a new box of crayons, sidewalk chalk, a coloring book, etc. Often times these are the first items they grab from their basket. They love getting creative, especially if we sit down and do the craft/activity with them.

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Something To Play With

Put a couple of items in his basket that he can play with as well. This could be a puzzle, game, sticker book, etc. Try to find smaller items, if appropriate that will fit in his basket, or you could opt for larger items like I’ll talk about later.

Something To Enjoy Outside

Don’t forget to include something that he can enjoy playing with outside, like a beach ball, bubbles, or a sprinkler. Some of these items overlap a bit, so if you’ve already include sidewalk chalk, for instance, that could cover this category also.

Something To Wear

In nearly every Easter basket we’ve ever made, we always include a new outfit, some sandals/shoes for summer, and sometimes even rain boots/rain coats. You could include his Easter outfit in this category if you’d like, or perhaps a special something for him to wear after church that’s more cozy and comfortable. Or, you could use this opportunity to buy something cute for him to wear in the coming months. It’s up to you.

I often use the clothing items in the base of the basket so that all the trinkets and other fun things have a soft layer to set on. I use this instead of tons of grass, since it makes a huge mess.

Something To Fill His Tummy

And, I guess it wouldn’t be an Easter basket without adding some sweet little treats to fill his tummy with happiness, right? You could fill Easter eggs with some of his favorite snacks (like goldfish crackers, fruit snacks) or with some little candies of your choice.

We always like to include a chocolate bunny, cause it’s tradition. We save the Easter egg treats for the hunt we do during our Easter traditions. You decide what you’d like your traditions to be.

Something Big (if budget allows)

If your budget allows, you may want to surprise him with a new bike, trampoline, sand/water table, sand box, etc. to enjoy during the warmer months as well. We love adding these larger item ideas, but they are certainly optional.

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Some Easter Basket Inspiration from Pinterest

Now let’s move onto some Easter Basket inspiration from Pinterest. Here are some amazing baskets that I love, with links included to help you recreate them for your little boy. I hope these get your creative juices flowing! Enjoy!

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