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12 Amazing Family Halloween Traditions

Halloween this year looks much different than in years past, which makes it the perfect time to create new family traditions. Today I’ve collected some fun new Halloween traditions for your family to enjoy, that promote safety and social distance of course. Which of these new traditions will your family love?

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Family Halloween Traditions 2020

Halloween Traditions: 2020 Edition

While I’ve purposely chosen ideas that would be perfect for a socially distanced Halloween, I truly believe these Halloween traditions will quickly become of some of your family’s favorites. And, I’m sure you’ll continue these traditions for years to come. Which one will you try this year?

“You’ve Been Boo’d” Neighbor Gift

I love this traditions so much, and full disclosure it’s not very new. But, if you’ve never “boo’d” your neighbors this just might be the perfect year to start this trend in your neighborhood or amongst your mommy friends. Gather a bucket or a basket and fill it with Halloween treats. Then, print off any of these printables available on Etsy (I like this one, this one, and this one) to include to explain the rules.

Family Halloween Traditions 2020

Once you or your neighbors have been boo’d, display the “we’ve been boo’d” sign near your front door so another neighbor can enjoy a bucket of treats because the idea is that once someone has been boo’d that they keep the Halloween fun going by boo’ing someone else. How fun is that?

Family Halloween Traditions 2020
Source Etsy

You can even improvise and do an “adult version” leaving your neighbors favorite pumpkin beer, hard cider, or the makings of their favorite Halloween cocktail on the porch and leave one of these signs! So fun!

Zoo Boo

Are you looking for a safer trick ‘r treating option this year? Check your local zoo for events. Our local zoo hosts a Halloween event every year and this year they’re offering limited tickets to allow for even more space. Zoo Boo is perhaps a better option this year to get your family outside to enjoy some festive fun amongst the penguins, tigers, and bears.

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin decorating or carving is a family tradition of ours. The activity has evolved over the years as our nieces and nephews have gotten older. When they were little, we enjoyed painting our pumpkins or even decorating them with stickers. Now, they enjoy scooping out the pumpkin guts and carving their own designs. If you’re reluctant to start this tradition or not sure where to start, I have a bunch of pumpkin decorating ideas for you. Click here for some no-carve pumpkin ideas.

Family Halloween Traditions 2020

Halloween Advent Countdown Ideas

How fun does a countdown to Halloween sound? Make this year extra fun with celebrating something special everyday leading up to Halloween. Use many or all of the ideas in this post or in my Ultimate Family Guide to Halloween for ideas!

Create A Candy Scavenger Hunt

Host a candy scavenger hunt with your kids. Simply download and print these prompts (so you don’t have to come up with them), hide the candy, and let your kids go nuts. This would be a great alternative to trick ‘r treating this year also.

Bake Some Halloween Sweets

Halloween treats and sweets don’t always have to be candy. I have a collection of amazing Halloween-themed desserts that your family will love. Click here to pick a fun dessert to make with your family this Halloween and make baking special treats a new family tradition.

Family Halloween Traditions 2020

Go Big With Decorations

This just might be the year to go really big with Halloween decorations, cause…why not? I never thought I’d be a lawn inflatables, spooky lighting, and fog machine kinda gal but I think they’re so fun and festive, especially for little trick ‘r treaters. If it’s in your budget this year, invest in some fun decorations for your family to enjoy this this year. Then in years to come when the streets are flooded with kids on Halloween night again, they’ll be able to enjoy them as well.

Dress Up For A Halloween Movie Night

Build a pillow fort, grab some blankets, and pop some popcorn. Come together for a fun Halloween movie marathon (you can even splurge on cozy matching pajamas) to make this season extra special. And, if you’re looking for some great spooky popcorn recipes, click here.

Family Halloween Traditions 2020

Think Outside The Candy Bowl

If you do decide to pass out candy this Halloween, consider thinking outside the candy bowl. Perhaps make up tiny treat bags for kids to pick up versus reaching inside a bowl. You could have these fun treat bags hanging from string lights or clothes lines made to look like spider webs to be extra fun. And, don’t forget, to check out the Teal Pumpkin Project so that all kids, even those with food allergies, can participate in trick ‘r treating too. For a whole host of non-candy ideas, click here.

Family Halloween Traditions 2020

Make Dinner An Unforgettable Experience

I think this year for Halloween, we’ll enjoy a big pot of chili with cornbread and maybe some mummy hot dogs. I’d also like to have a crock pot full of pumpkin spice latte to keep us well caffeinated and toasty warm during all the festivities. If you are looking for some amazing fall recipes to make Halloween dinner extra cheerful and super yummy, click here.

Curl Up For Some Ghose Stories

Once again, curl up together in a pillow fort on the floor with flashlights, or gather around the fireplace for a spooky story time. Don’t feel like narrating the story? Tune in to a spooky podcast appropriate for all ages, like Story Pirates, Unspookable, or The Creeping Hour.

Go For A Halloween Decorations Drive

Hop in the car in your jimmies with some hot cider or hot chocolate and go on a Halloween decorations drive much like you’d do at Christmastime. Pick a neighborhood you know will be all decked out, turn up the spooky tunes, and enjoy this new tradition! I’m sure this will quickly become your family’s newest favorite tradition.

Halloween may look differently this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and memorable. Which of these new halloween traditions will your family enjoy this year?

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