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30 Easy Amazing Slime Recipes For Kids

Slime is all the rage these days…or so my 10-year-old niece tells me.  She loves making easy, DIY slime and several of these recipes are on our to-do list this summer.  Below you’ll find 30 of the easiest, most amazing, unique slime recipes for kids thanks to lots of creative bloggers.  You’ll find ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions to make your slime project as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Not into making slime but want in on all the fun?  No worries, I’ve linked some awesome shops where you can purchase boutique slime that’s fit for kids of any age!

Let’s get started!

{This post contains affiliate links to some amazing slime-making ingredients.  To find out more about affiliate links, click here!}

How To Make Your Own Slime

Most slime recipes call for glue and contact solution as the base.  Then they may add other items like coloring, glitter, beads, etc.  Make sure you follow the recipes below exactly to have the best outcome.  I’ve linked below some of the most popular and most recommended items you’ll need to make slime.

What Ingredients Do You Need

Basic Ingredients:

Elmer’s glitter glue

contact lens solution

* Baking Soda

Additional Goodies:


food coloring

How To Store Your Slime For Hours Of Fun

Your slime will last for a week, sometimes longer, if stored properly.  Store slime in a cool, dry place and put it in a plastic bag or mason jar.  This way youre kids will enjoy of hours of fun.

Slime Safety & Precautions

Here are some safety and precautions to consider before making slime.

* Adults should handle any chemicals and products.

* Adults should make the slime with the help of their children.

* Always read and follow the labels of products used. If contact lens solution is accidentally ingested, seek medical attention immediately.

* These projects are not suitable for children under 4.

* Slime should not be placed in the mouth unless otherwise specified. Always wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

30 Easy, Amazing, & Unique Slime Recipes

1. Floam Crunchy Slime

This super unique crunchy slime recipe only requires 4 ingredients to make including these awesome foam beads.

2. Unicorn Slime

Once again, this basic slime recipe only uses 4 ingredients including tons and tons of glitter to make the most amazing unicorn slime this side of the Mississppi!

3. Glitter Slime

My niece loves anything and everything that is sparkly and slimy.  That’s why this basic, no-mess, 3 ingredient glitter slime is the perfect recipe for her to make!  All ingredients used are already linked about in the basic ingredients list!  It couldn’t be easier!

4. Fluffy Slime

Fluffy slime is a blast to make and play with.  It’s one of Brianna’s favorites.  This fluffy slime requires a few extra ingredients like food coloring and shaving cream.  You also use Elmer’s White Glue instead of glitter glue.  See the video below for more instructions from the fabulous blogger over at The Best Ideas For Kids!

5. Galaxy Slime

Your kids will be over the moon with this awesome slime recipe!

6. Edible Pudding Slime

This 3-ingredient slime smells yummy and is edible!

7. Butter Slime

This butter slime recipe uses modeling clay, baby oil, and baby lotion to make a super soft, less sticky slime that kids love!

8. Soda Pop Slime

This super fun recipe is also “taste-proof” as it contains soda pop mixes and Metamucil of all things. Check out this super easy slime recipe!

9. Starburst Slime

For more edible slime recipes, Karyn is your girl.  This Starburst slime is colorful, fun, and edible & kids love it!  She also has an edible slime ebook available if you’re looking for more tasty slime recipes.

10. Mermaid Slime

This mermaid slime uses chunky glitter to create this beautiful slime that mermaid fans will love!

11. Heat Sensitive Slime

This color-changing slime recipe by a former engineer turned mommy-blogger uses Thermochromic Powder  to create heat sensitive slime!  She talk you through how to choose your color palette for your slime also!  How awesome is that!

12. Cotton Candy Slime

This cotton candy slime recipe uses Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil to make the yummiest smelling slime ever!!  You have to smell it to believe it!

13. Ocean Slime

Ocean slime combines several blue and green glitter slime recipes to make the most beautiful slime.  Add little sea creatures, fish, and/or seashells for an amazing sensory experience.

14. Beauty & the Beast Slime

Any other Belle & Beast fans out there?!  I loved this movie when I was little {& still today} so this glittery yellow slime is a must for us this summer!  This recipe uses ultra fine yellow glitter, yellow food coloring, and rose beads to make slime fit for any little princess or prince.

15. Superhero Glitter Slime

This super pink, super purple, super glittery, super hero slime is perfect for a super hero birthday party!  There are even super hero slime printables!  Wowza!

16. Rose Gold Glitter Slime

Ya’ll know how much I love rose gold anything!  So, I had to include a couple of rose gold slime recipes too!  This shimmery shiny rose gold slime recipe is my favorite!

17. Gummy Bear Slime

This edible gummy bear slime recipe uses gummy bears {of course}, icing sugar, cornstarch, and coconut oil to make this candy slime your kiddos will love playing with.

18. Salsa Slime

This glittery slime recipe calls for cut up pieces of red and green craft foam to mimic tomatoes and jalapenos.  Make this a complete sensory experience by combining it with a storybook like, Dragons Love Tacos.  How cute is that?

19. Magnetic Slime

Make slime magnetic by adding magnetic powder.  How cool is this recipe?

20. Metallic Slime

You can make any basic slime recipe metallic my adding metallic paint.  Here’s a gold metallic slime…

21. Poop Emoji Slime

I bring you yet another edible slime…if you aren’t grossed out.  This poop emoji slime calls for ingredients such as chocolate pudding cake mix and jumbo candy eyes to make some of the most fun slime ever!

22. Rainbow Slime

23. Nebula Slime

24. Glowing Rainbow Slime

Glow in The Dark Paint makes this slime recipe super unique and fun!

25. Candy Slime

This slime recipe is inspired by Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph!  It combines candy beads and styrofoam beads for slime to make a sweet slime your kids will go bonkers for!

26. Crayon Slime

This crayon slime is one of my favorites.  Use chips and pieces of broken crayons along with alphabet beads to create this full sensory & learning play experience.

27. Rose Gold Slime

I told you how much I love rose gold anything earlier, right?  So here’s a metallic rose gold slime recipe that uses Mica Powder  to achieve it’s luster.  How pretty is this slime?

28. Jurassic World Fossil Slime

Any dinosaur fans out there?  Your little Jurassic World lover will absotluly love this fossil slime.  The recipe calls for tangerine oil and plastic insects and dinosaurs.  Have fun with this one!

29. Fairy Dust Slime

Chunky irridescent glitter makes this fairy dust slime oh so pretty & therefore one of my favorites!

30. Birthday Sprinkle Edible Slime

This edible slime looks scrumptions and so fun to make!  Add as many rainbow sprinkles as you like!

Where to Buy Slime

Not into making your own slime?  Check out various Etsy shops for slime or check out Slime New York an online slime boutique where they sell specialty slime for kids of any ages.  I have some of these on my wishlist…

Tiffany’s Butter

Unicorn Cloud

Wrapped In Gold

Sweet Dreams

Which slime recipe are you going to try?  Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with us?  Leave us your ideas and comments below! See you next time!

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