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30+ Virtual Field Trips That Families Can Explore From Home

The world is a big and fascinating place, and now you and your kids can explore it with these virtual field trips you can enjoy from your living room. Visit art museums, national parks, and zoos from your couch! You can also go on space missions, swim with beluga whales, walk the Great Wall of China, and watch the Northern Lights in Norway. These virtual field trips are like a bucket list right in the palm of your hand. Enjoy!

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Take In Some Culture With Your Kids

Gaze at the Collection of Masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art

Peruse The Louvre in Paris

Discover an Elizabethan Tudor Home in Bristol

Field Trips That Take You Back In Time

Get Spooked at The Witch House in Salem, Massachussetts

Go on an Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Go Back in Time to Colonial Williamsburg

Visit the Plymouth Plantation

Walk the Battlefields of Gettysburg

Become a Wildlife Explorer

Visit The National Aquarium

Visit the San Diego Zoo

Explore the Wildlife of Yellowstone National Park

Befriend a Panda at Zoo Atlanta

Swim with Beluga Whales at the Georgia Aquarium

Chill Out with Polar Bears in the Arctic Tundra

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Spend the Night (or Day) At A Museum

Explore the National Museum of Natural History

Visit Online Exhibitions at the Natural History Museum in London

Expeditions Around the World

Take a Trip to the North Pole

Wander Europe, Central America, South America, Africa & Beyond with National Geographic

Tour Buckingham Palace

Discover the Pyramids of Egypt

Explore the Seven New Wonders of the World

Walk the Great Wall of China

Take in The Vatican

Stand in Awe in The Holy Lands

Watch the Sunset Over Manhattan, NYC

Gaze at the Northern Lights in Norway

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Travel To Space And Become An Astronaut

Walk on Mars

Become a Space Explorer

More Fun Field Trip Ideas To Explore Online

Scope Out The White House

Embark on an Agricultural Field Trip

Climb Mt. Everest

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