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A Simple, Calm Morning Routine- You Can Even Do With Your Kids

For years I’ve been searching for ideas for a simple, yet calming morning routine that would set me up for a productive day, and I think I’ve finally nailed it down. I used to hate mornings. After being a nightshift nurse for over 10 years, mornings were somewhat of a mystery to me. For me, it’s still a work in progress, but I decided to still share it with you. After all, in 2020 I’m focusing on progress and not perfection, and I want to celebrate the progress I’ve made toward loving mornings.

If you too are searching for a simple morning routine, then you’ve come to the right place. Once again, not all of these things happen every morning, especially not the mornings I work at the hospital. But, on my days off this is what I aim for. You can take some pieces or add things that fit your life. Make this simple morning routine your own.

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My Simple, Calm Morning Routine For Mom & Kids Of All Ages

*Bonus: I’ve added some tips for incorporating this simple, calm routine into your kids lives as well throughout this post. It’s important to create good habits with our kids, so these tips and tricks will not only help them start their day well, but also make things a bit easier for you.

So, let’s get started!

Set The Right Alarm

First things first, make sure you set the right alarm. Have you ever heard someone else’s phone alarm going off at work, and immediately go into convulsions because it sounds like your morning alarm? Yeah, me too. That is until I switched to a different alarm.

I use my iPhone as my alarm, and set the “bedtime” feature. I choose when I want to go to bed at night and when I want to wake up. My phone then tells me how many hours of sleep that will be, tracks my sleep patterns, and even sends me gentle reminders when it’s time to go to bed. The best part is that the alarm in the morning is gentle and soothing, but still does the trick to get me out of the sack.

*For Kids– Use the Hatch Baby sound system for older kids on the color setting. Tell your little ones that it isn’t time to get out of bed until a certain color changes on their Hatch machine that you can control from an app on your phone. I love this sound machine for so many reasons, and this is definitely one of them. This will help train your kids to wake up at the right time, and stay in bed until it’s time. Mama needs her coffee first, am I right?

Coffee, Before All The Things

Recently I’ve been making my own cold brew coffee at home, and I’ve been sharing how to in my Instagram stories (you can visit Instagram and look for the highlight bubble named “cold brew”). It’s so nice to already have a big ole pitcher of the strong stuff waiting for me in the morning. I pour a nice glass of that while I head into my next step.

*For Kids– serve them up their favorite beverage whether it be milk, juice, water, or even hot chocolate on special mornings in their own special mug/cup to make this morning drink feel a little extra special. My nieces loved to pretend to drink coffee with me when they were little, let your little baristas enjoy a little something special during their morning routine as well. Or, you could even set up their own little coffee bar with toys like this one! How cute is that?

Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!

Shop My Coffee Bar Favorites Including My Favorite At-Home Cold Brew Maker On My Amazon Store

Quiet Time

One thing that really helps me have a calmer morning is quiet time. I like to read a quick devotional in my Jesus Calling book, or journal in one of my favorite Write The Word Journals. It’s nice to keep a prayer list nearby and some affirmations/verses that you can recite to encourage yourself and pump yourself up for the day.

Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!

*For Kids– Get them in the habit of spending time with God each morning with their very own Write the Word Journal For Kids! Now they can memorize scripture and journal what verses mean to them in their very own journal. These are amazing! Your littles will love these.

Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!
Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!
Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!


A couple of years ago I attended a Mindfulness seminar once a week for 8 weeks. All I can say is that it broke down any of my preconceived notions about meditation, and changed my perspective on life. Our minds are a powerful thing. So, in my simple, calming morning routine I wanted to incorporate some yoga (for physical exercise) along with some meditation.

You can spend time meditating and in prayer, or you can simple teach yourself to be still and listen to your breath. These concepts are taught in yoga practice which I why I love it so much. I love the Beachbody programs (not sponsored) that you can stream through your TV. They offer a beginners yoga class that is amazing. But, if you are wanting a complete workout in the morning, along with some meditation, check out Yoga Burn by Zoe. She walks you through some amazing fat-burning yoga routines that are gentle and calm. I simply love her program as well.

If you are new to meditating, check out the free app “Insight Timer”. It is filled to the brim with various meditations for you to try. I also love Expectful, a mindfulness app for women who are pregnant and beyond, as well as the apps Calm and Breethe. They are all amazing!

*For Kids– Get your kids up and moving in the morning with some amazing yoga adventures with Cosmic Kids! Trust me, y’all are going to love me for this idea! With new yoga adventure videos downloaded every week, your kids will never tire of stretching and deep breathing. Here’s what I’m talking about…

Check Your Planner/To Do List

My planner practically become a part of my right hand (as does my coffee mug) on most days. It’s never farther than a couple feet away. It acts as my brain after all, especially until the caffeine kicks in! Ha! I spend some time every morning going through my plan for the day and the week. Sometimes the night before, I’ll make out my to do list for the next day carrying over tasks I didn’t complete from the day before. Usually I tackle the simplest things first and the longer, more difficult things last.

The Perfect Planners For Busy Moms

Do you have a planner that you use to organize your thoughts? I’m currently using an Erin Condren Life Planner (you can see all of my favorite accessories for my planner here), but have also loved the simplicity of this planner as well. However you plan your day, whether it be on electronically on your phone or on a scratch pad of paper, take some time in the morning to formulate your plan for the day. And, just a side note from somebody who love to make lists and overcommit, don’t give yourself more than 4-5 things to do each day. Don’t run yourself ragged. Leave yourself some margin for fun, for walks, for savoring time with your family. The rest will get done tomorrow.

The Perfect Planner For Busy Kids

*For Kids– Your little ones can also get on the planner bandwagon with these cute planners made just for kids. You can even personalize a cover for them with their favorite drawing or a favorite picture from a family vacation. The possibilities are endless. Get your kids used to having tasks they need to complete each day. These tasks can be simple with household chores like…put all my dirty clothes in the laundry basket (& then make a game out of it) or pick up my toys in the living room. You could also include tasks like “brush my teeth”, “make my bed”, “take a bath”, “go for a walk”, “play and have fun”, and “color a picture for grandma”. Give your kids some purpose and structure to their day with a plan and their own to-do list.

Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!
Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!
Are you looking for a morning routine that is simple, calm and one that you can easily do with your kids?  Then you've come to the right place, friend!

Get Yourself Ready

Now, this is an area where I personally struggle because I feel like if I’m staying home why do I need to get ready. But, let’s be honest, I know I feel more productive and ready to take on the world when at least my teeth are brushed, my hair looks decent, and I’ve changed my underwear. So, if you are just lounging around the house with your kids, customize this step to whatever makes you feel your best, even if it means slipping out of one pair of leggings to another.

A Simple Make Up Routine

If I’m just hanging around the house, I oftentimes won’t put makeup on. I think it’s nice to let my skin breath, ya know? But, I’ve also narrowed down a simple, quick makeup routine that makes me feel put together and fresh. You can read more about what items are in my spring makeup capsule here. Yes, you read that right, a makeup capsule! I’m bound and determined to make that “a thing”. Why do we need 1500 products cluttering up our bathroom countertops and drawers. Find what works best for you, makes you feel your prettiest, and fits within your budget.

A Simple Hair Routine

I’ve fallen in love with a hair tool, it’s true. It’s strange to admit, but I absolutely love it and it keeps my hair looking amazing for days. It’s the Tyme Iron. Adam got me this iron for Valentine’s Day (it was a splurge for such a Hallmark holiday, I realize), and I’ve used it ever since. It took some getting used to, but once I got the hang to it, it was easy peasy. It straightens my ultra curly hair and give me the slightest bend and wave at the ends. It’s just perfect. And, my curls last for days.

I also live on dry shampoo. I don’t wash my hair every day. In fact, sometimes I only wash it once or twice a week. I’m still pinning down my favorite dry shampoo. As soon as I find it, I’ll let your know.

A Simple Capsule Wardrobe

One way I’m working to help myself feel more stylish and get ready quicker in the morning, is by creating a Capsule Wardrobe. You can read through how to create your own capsule wardrobe over on Erin’s Blog…I LOVE her! Dialing down your closet to only those items that make you feel beautiful and comfortable are what its all about. You can checkout my dream Winter Capsule Wardrobe here.

You can also download the app, Cladwell, which is like having a personal stylist at your fingertips. Once you’ve narrowed down your capsule items, download these items (or similar ones) in your Chadwell app (don’t worry they walk you through the process). Then, every day the app will recommend a few outfit options to you based on the weather in your area.

On the app you can also follow your friends closets, shop for gaps in your capsule, and make the most of the items you already have! They even have a free ebook you can download on how to build your own capsule, as well as a full video library about capsule wardrobing and style. It’s really ingenious if you ask me. Why didn’t I think of this?

Kids Capsule Wardrobe

You can do a similar capsule wardrobe for your kids as well which will make getting ready in the morning that much easier. Every Sunday night, place their outfits for the week on top of their dresser with everything they’ll need to get ready…bows, socks, shoes, undies, etc. This way you can take inventory of where they’re lacking in their wardrobe, and get them ready quickly in the mornings.

Also note, I personally think it’s important to get kids ready for the day even if you are staying at home. Still do the normal daily grooming like brushing their teeth and combing their hair. Maybe have a PJ day here and there, but also teach them how to get ready in the morning so that those mornings when you need to get out of the house it’s not an even bigger chore.

Make Your Bed

There is something so nice about a freshly make bed, isn’t there? It almost wraps up the last night’s sleep in a pretty bow, and prepares your bedroom for relaxation again when the sun goes down (or even earlier if you’re a napper like I am). Get in the habit of making your bed every morning. It only takes a few minutes, and makes a world of difference for my mindset and I’m sure it will yours too.

*For Kids– Teaching kids how to make their bed can be such a chore, but once again it creates a cleaner atmosphere for them to play, nap, and lounge in. If you are looking for simpler bedding that they can make themselves, check out Beddy’s bedding. It’s an all-in-one system that simply zips closed. They’re the perfect bedding solution for bunk beds too!

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Eating breakfast is one of those things that we often skip in the morning, isn’t it? That’s exactly what I’ve done as I’m sitting here typing this. But, breakfast is a vital part of the day, so start your day off right with a healthy meal and big glass of water.

*For Kids– depending on how your family operates, you could choose to sit down and enjoy breakfast with your kids, or let them eat while you make the beds, unload the dishwasher, and throw in a load of laundry. Then they’re fed and ready to get dressed and you’ve already done those morning chores that make a world of difference in the simplicity and organization of your home.

Load The Dishwasher

I hate loading and unloading the dishwasher. There. I said it. Now it’s out there in the universe for all to read. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful that I have a dishwasher, cause I also loathe hand washing dishes as well. But, still, I hate this task. The sooner it can get done for me the better. If you have a cure for this “anti-dishwasher disease”, please send it my way.

In the mornings, take the time to unload the dishwasher from the night before, and then when dishes are dirtied throughout the day you’ll have a clean place to put them so that they don’t pile up in the sink. Then, every night, run that sucker and voila…clean dishes without the hassle…sort of.

*For Kids– Begin teaching your kids at an early age to place their dishes in the sink. Stick to only one glass per family member everyday so you hopefully won’t lose track of that loose sippy filled with milk that we inevitably find weeks later under a couch cushion when it begins to smell like a small animal has died in our home. You get the picture.

Throw In A Load Of Laundry

One of the best books I’ve ever read was “A Simplified Life” by Emily Ley (you can find it here in my Amazon storefront). She talks a lot about simple ways to make your home function better, and one of the things she stresses is doing one load of laundry a day. And, not just throwing it in the washing machine, hoping you remember it a few hours later before the musty smells sets in, and then letting it live in the dryer for a month. She means folding it and actually putting it away! Gasp! How does she live like that?! I’m jealous!

So, I kind of feel like I’m preaching to the choir here since my laundry room currently has a mountain of clothes piles everywhere, but do a load a day so the stress goes away! Get in the habit of actually putting your clothes away as well, which might be easier if you follow my capsule wardrobe recommendations above! Good luck, friends! We’re in this journey together!

*For Kids– Train them at an early age to put their dirty clothes in their own little clothes hamper inside their rooms. That way when you go to do your daily laundry, you can find what’s dirty and not have to search their rooms for their clothes. Plus their future spouses will thank you that you taught them how to put their clothes in a hamper as well! Mother-in-Law points heading your way!

*Laundry Tips From Emily– Emily suggest throwing everything in the same wash, and using these Shout Color Catching sheets. She washes everything on cold on the quickest cycle, except for towels, so that the colors don’t bleed, the clothes don’t shrink, and laundry doesn’t take all day. And since you might be doing a lot more laundry, check out Grove Collaborative’s reusable laundry detergent and softener balls to natural scent and soften your clothing.

Above All Else…Don’t Get Distracted By Your Phone

The biggest piece of advice I can give you when you’re trying to set up a simple, calmer morning routine is to not get distracted by your phone. Don’t even go near it, except to turn off your alarm and check to make sure there are no may-day texts or phone calls. Don’t open Facebook or Instagram. Turn off your notifications. Don’t let your phone suck away at your precious morning hours. Set yourself up for success and your most productive day yet.

Bonus Items For Your Morning Routine:

Here are few more things you may want to add to your morning routine list. Once again, this routine is highly customizable. You choose what’s most important to you in the mornings. These are some things that just might make your day a little bit easier as well.

Check Emails

If you have an online business like I do, once your morning routine is off to a good start, check your emails. I know this step is important to online entrepreneurs, but can also be a time-sucker. So, be cautious and stay on task. Don’t wander off to the Loft sale or start reading every other blogger’s newsletter. You can always do that later, once your work is done and your to do list is tackled.

Prep Dinner

For a super duper productive day, prep dinner as much as you can ahead of time. We like simple meals that we can throw together seamlessly and are ready quickly. We also love this amazing home delivery meal service. They deliver gourmet meals all prepped and ready to go to your doorstep, taking the guess work our to meal prepping and planning. Give Home Chef a try and get $80 off your first four boxes.

Swish ‘N Swipe the Bathrooms

Our bathroom can get pretty groovy in just a matter of a couple of days, so one habit I’m hoping to establish this year is a daily swish ‘n swipe of the bathrooms. This practice is recommended by FlyLady by house cleaning guru…you can read about my Weekly Home Cleaning Routine inspire by FlyLady here.

I keep these toilet brushes by every toilet for a quick clean, as well as some surface wipes to clean up any messes on the seats or in the sink. Also, try using this shower spray to keep your shower smelling nice and fresh, and keep a dishwashing squeegee in your shower filled with 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 dish soap for quick scrubbing during or after your shower. This will keep your shower looking sparkly.

You will love having a clean bathroom especially when surprise guests stop by. Trust me, the week you let this task slip is for sure when out of town family will show up or friends from church, and your toilets will look like a science experiment. Don’t let that happen in your home. Just saying from experience.

Light a Candle & Pour Your 2nd Cup…Enjoy Your Simple Morning Routine!

Lastly, after my morning routine is complete, I like to open the blinds/drapes, light a candle (shop my favorite candles here), start my playlist (start my monthly Spotify Playlist here), and pour my 2nd cup of cold brew. Then I feel ready to start my day, whether that be sitting down to color with the kiddos, or sit down at my desk and write to you. A simple, calm morning routine makes all the difference in my attitude and outlook for the day ahead.

I hope you find this morning routine helpful. What things will you add or take away? Let me know in the comments below.

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