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50+ Tie Dye Crafts, Activities, & Recipes for Kids

Tie Dye crafts and activities are some of my favorite, especially during the summertime. These ideas bring me right back to the beloved 90’s and wanting to wear all the colors. Which of these crafts, activities, and tie dye recipes will you try today?

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How To Tie-Dye

Tie Dying shirts, pillowcases, sheets, shoes, etc. can be a really fun summertime project. Here are the steps to take to tie dye just about whatever you’d like to a splash of color too. Don’t worry, next I’ll share with you exactly what you’ll need to dye some of our favorite projects, as well as our favorite dye kits. Then, I”ll show you some awesome techniques for simple projects before we dive into other crafts, activities, and even some rainbow recipes!

Step 1: Wash Your Fabric

No matter what you’re planning tie dye, make sure you first wash it. Then, grab your fabric out the washer, and begin the process while the fabric is still damp. (Note: be sure to choose fabric items that are made of 100% fabric like cotton, silk, or rayon. Combination fabrics will not soak in the dye as well.)

Step 2: Fold & Twist

Fold, twist, and bind your fabric accordingly to the design you wish to create.

Step 3: Prep Your Dyes

Once your fabric is tied and secured, it’s time to start prepping and mixing your dyes. Follow the instructions on your chosen dye kit, but stay tuned cause I will share with you our favorite (the BEST) tie dye kits on Amazon!

Step 4: Begin Dying

Following the instructions of your chosen pattern, begin squeezing the dye onto the fabric sections. You may need to rotate or flip your fabric to make sure you get all those hidden nooks and crannies.

Step 5: Cover Your Fabric

Once you’ve applied your dye, put your project still tied inside a ziplock bag to keep it damp. Let it sit for 6-8 hours or longer to allow the colors to really seep into the fabric. The longer your wait, the richer the color and design! Enjoy!

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What Supplies You’ll Need

There are a few supplies you’ll need for tie dying to make things easier and less messy…all good things! Here’s a quick list along with our favorite dye kits that often everything you need to have a great time.

Tie Dye Supplies

  • Gloves
  • Rubber Bands
  • Squeeze Bottles
  • Plastic Bins
  • Ziplock Bags
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Dye Kits (this one has everything you need)
Get this tie dye kit here!

Here are some other tie dye kits that are great for tie dying just about anything and everything & they’re available on Amazon!

Rainbow Dye Kit

XL Block Party Dye Kit

Paradise Punch Dye Kit

Shibori Dye Kit

Luau Dye Kit

Dying Supplies Kit

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20 Tie Dye Techniques

These techniques were created by our favorite Tie Dye Kit company, Tulip. Simply click on the photos below to learn how to create that design using their special kits. You can shop kits on their website or on the links below each picture. Which design will you choose?

Learn how to create this design using this 2-Minute Technique here! Purchase the kit you’ll need here.
Learn how to do this Spiral Technique here & shop this classic tie dye kit here.
This awesome technique starts with a black shirt. Learn how to create this design here.
I love this intricate and sophisticated tie dye design. Learn how to do shibori tie dye here & shop this particular shibori kit here.
Learn how to create a heart here. This technique uses the Luau kit featured above.
Learn how to tie dye with ice using this technique and this epic kaleidoscope dye kit.
Replicate this awesome technique creating rainbow shirts, hoodies, blankets, etc. Learn how to here.
Learn how to create the spider technique here.
This kaleidoscope technique just might be my favorite. Learn how to do it here.
This technique uses strings (hence the name…ha!) instead of rubber bands. Learn how to do it here and buy the tie dye kit used to make this design pictured here.
This may be the easiest technique of them all. No rubber bands or strings, just straight us scrunching! Learn how to do it here.
This technique is simple and totally customizable. Choose the direction of your stripes and how many colors you’d like in this easy tutorial.
This amazing technique uses dye, water, and a paintbrush. Learn how to do it here.
When I think tie dye, this is probably the design I think of…and guess what? It’s the easiest to learn. Click here to find out!
Ok, this technique might be my favorite. Learn how to create bursts of color using this technique here, and make sure you order this ultra bright tie dye kit to replicate the look.
Learn how to create this folding technique here.
Combine tie dye with painting with this awesome watercolor technique! Love it!
Learn how to fold and tie your shirt just right to create the perfect chevron pattern. Click here!
Combine this fun technique, bleach, and these fun neon tie dye colors to create this awesome galaxy design.
Make this firecracker popsicle-inspired tie dye design that’s simply perfect for 4th of July and summertime. Click here to learn how and don’t forget to purchase the psychedelic tie dye kit.
Learn how to dye a star on your shirt here!
Learn how to create this tie dye emoji using this technique and this special tie dye kit.
Who says tie dye fun can’t carry over into fall? Learn how to create this candy corn tie dye by clicking here.

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Crafts & Activities for Kids

Are you looking for even more fun ideas, crafts, and tie dye activities to do with your kids this summer? Then look no further. Here are some of the best crafts and unique ways to enjoy a colorful summery time this year! Enjoy!

Canvas Artwork

This canvas tie dye artwork is pretty enough to hang in the family gallery, don’t you think? It’s super simple to make with colorful tissue paper. These would be so pretty hanging in a playroom or child’s bedroom as well. For a full tutorial, click here.

Tie Dye Folding Techniques

These folding techniques would be great for dying silks, sheets, or pillowcases. Can you imagine a homemade fort decked out with these colorful masterpieces? Click here for these techniques.

DIY Tie Dye Mason Jars

How about tie dying with paint? These beautiful mason jars can hold all your trinkets, pens & pencils, or even your summer memories. What a fun project! Click here for a full tutorial on how to paint these mason jars.

Rainbow Shoes

I love these rainbow tie dyed shoes, don’t you? I can’t wait to try this tutorial to create this super fun footwear!

DIY T-Shirt Bag

Learn how to turn a t-shirt into a super fun DIY bag with this awesome tutorial. Will you give this craft a try?

Tie Dye Painting with Bubbles

You won’t want to miss this super simple and fun craft… painting with bubbles. Get the full tutorial here.

Personalized Beach Towels

What better way to make a statement (& not lose your towel) at the beach or the pool than with one of the brightly tie dyed beach towels. Learn how to make them here!

Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Craft

Who knew coffee filters will not only help you make the perfect cup o’ Joe, and also be a wonderful medium for colorful crafting with the kids? Learn how to make these dyed coffee filters here.

Water Gun Tie Dye Shirts

Cool off this summer and create really cool tie dyed shirts using water guns! Check out this creative moms awesome idea for this super summery craft activity here.

Crayon Artwork

Pull out those old broken crayons and create this masterpiece. This would be the perfect artwork for a child’s room, classroom, and/or the playroom don’t you think? Learn how to make this crayon artwork here.

DIY Bookmarks

Encourage your little book work to dive into books this summer with this awesome DIY craft. Learn how to create these colorful tie dye bookmarks here.

Butterflies & Fairies

Learn how to create beautiful tie dye butterflies and fairies using sticks and coffee filters from this awesome mommy blogger…click here! These are simply the perfect summer craft.

Recycled Crayons

This craft idea is so super simple and resourceful! Pull out all of those old, broken crayons and melt them down together to create gorgeous crayon combinations that your little artist will love. Learn how to make these tie dye crayons here!

Sharpie Tie Dyed Shirt

Create this gorgeous design using sharpies! How cool is that! Get the full details here!

Tie Dye Tee Pee

Who wouldn’t want to hang out in this super rad, totally groovy tee pee. Learn how to dye a tee pee for your little hippies here! This project is a must! So fun for outdoor sleepovers and punches of color in the playroom.

American Flag Tapestry

How fun is this American flag project for summertime and any patriotic gatherings or cookouts? For a full tutorial and to shop the products you need to create this flag, click here, and enjoy the tutorial video down below.

Dip Dye Pillows

These colorful dip dyed pillows would be great accents for a child’s bed, playhouse, playroom, &/or outdoor furniture during the summertime. Although you could switch up the colors and create seasonal and holiday designs as well. Click here to learn how to make these dip dyed pillows!

Watermelon Dip Dye Tote Bag

I think this dip dyed tote bag is one of my favorite projects…and so functional. Learn how to create this super cute watermelon bag here.

Tie Dye Backpack

Learn how to create this tie dye backpack here. All you’ll need is a white canvas backpack and your favorite dye kit, and you’ll be on your way to being the grooviest kid in school!

Dyed Dog Bed

Create a colorful place for Fido to rest, with this awesome dog bed tutorial. Grab a white canvas bed cover and a dye kit and you’ll be good to go! Your dog will be oh so happy with his new tie dye space.

Dip Dye Tassels

Use these colorful dip dyed tassels to add a pop of color to baskets, purses, bags, gift wrapped, etc. Learn how to make them here!

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Rainbow Recipes To Try

And, I couldn’t do a tie dye round up without including some amazing recipes to devour while your create your masterpiece. I can’t wait to try the rainbow latte.

Rainbow S’mores

S’mores are always a staple at our house in the summertime, and so is tie dye! So, these rainbow s’mores are perfect and fun! Learn how to make them here.

Rainbow Waffles

Enjoy a color-riffic breakfast with these Rainbow Waffles! Get the full recipe here!

Rice Krispie Treat Flowers

Rice Krispie treats are one of my favorite snacks to make, but these tie dye flowers take them to the next level! Get the full recipe by clicking here.

Marbled Oreos

These marbled Oreos are so easy to make and yet such a colorful statement. I bet they taste delicious as well! Can’t wait to make these.

Hypnotic Tie Dye Cake

I think I could watch that colorful pour video down below over and over again. This cake is probably the prettiest cake I’ve seen. Are you bold enough to try making it?

Rainbow Latte

So, apparently there’s a coffee shop in Vegas that sells a tie dye rainbow latte. It’s just been added to my bucket list…no joke! They create these beautiful designs by adding some dye to the milk before pouring over the latte. You can get your own tie dye latte at Sambalatte.

But until you can make the trip to Las Vegas, enjoy these beautiful photos from Instragrammers that have enjoyed with groovy colorful caffeinated creation.

Photo by @themrs.aj
Photo by @breaellis
Photo by @jowyency

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