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50+ Best Tie Dye Gifts

Tie Dye Gifts

Do you need the perfect tie dye gift for a special occasion? Look no further! In this blog post, we will share the best tie dye gifts for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, a Christmas present, or something else entirely, we have you covered.

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Tie Dye Gifts


Tie Dye Gifts: 50+ Gift Ideas from Etsy

Tie dye gifts are always a good idea. They are unique, fun, and can be personalized to the recipient. If you know tie dyeing, you can even make the gift yourself! Tie dyed clothing is also very popular right now, so your tie dye gift will be on-trend as well as thoughtful.

There are tie dye kits available for purchase that make tie dyeing easy and fun. These would be a great option for a birthday gift or Christmas present. You can also find tie dyed clothing and accessories at many stores, so tie dye gifts are easy to come by.

When choosing a tie dye gift, it is important to consider the recipient’s personality and style. Tie dye can be very subtle or very bold, so choose a design that you think the recipient will love. You can also tie dye a gift to match their favorite colors. Here’s our favorite tie dye gift ideas.

Tie Dye Gifts

Our Favorite Tie Dye Gifts

1. Sweatshirt

A tie dye sweatshirt is always a good gift idea especially if you don’t feel like doing the dying technique yourself.  This one from Etsy comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  

tie dye sweatshirt

2. Tie Dye Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a tie dye gift that will last a while, check out this gorgeous tote bag.  This would make such a fun summer bag especially for traveling. 

tie dye tote bag

3. Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towel

If you’re looking for a personalized gift, check out this amazing tie dye beach towel.  How perfect would this be for a quick day to the beach or the welcome summer vacation.  

tie dye personalized beach towel

4. Colorful Tie Dye Slip On Sneakers

How fun are these tie dye slip on sneakers?  Perfect for summer trips to the beach or boardwalk.  

tie dye slip on sneakers

5. Pastel Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt

Etsy is the perfect place to find unique tie dye shirts.  I love the coloring and design of this tie dye shirt, but there are plenty to choose from.  

girl in tie dye t-shirt

6. Tie Dye Birkenstock Sandals

These sandals would make the perfect gift for a tie dye lover who also loves comfort.  

tie dye birkenstock sandals

7. Tie Dye Insulated Cooler

This tie dye cooler would make the perfect gift for someone who loves spending time at the beach or park or out on the boat.  

tie dye insulated cooler

8. Blue Watercolor Tie Dye Headbands

Shibori tie dye is one of my favorite designs and exactly what makes these tie dye headbands so unique and beautiful.  

tie dye headband

9. Tie Dye Soap

Tie Dye soap?  Yes you read that right.  What a fun gift idea or even party favor at a tie dye birthday party, don’t you think?  

tie dye soap

10. Tie Dye Rainbow Silk Neck Tie

Give a colorful addition to office attire with this tie dye neck tie.  Try saying that ten times fast.  

tie dye silk neck tie

11. DIY Tie Dye Kit

If you’re looking for a DIY tie dye kit, look no further.  This one has everything you need to create your own tie dye creations at home. 

tie dye kit

12. Groovy Tie Dye S’mores Kit

These s’mores kits would also make a fun party favor or treat at a tie dye party this summer! 

tie dye s'mores kit

13. Tie Dye Dress

tie dye dress

14. 20 oz. Tie Dye Tumbler

tie dye tumbler

15. Spiral Handmade Tie Dye Baby Onesie

tie dye baby onesie

16. Tie Dye Stud Earrings

tie dye stud earrings

17. Tie Dye Nike Socks

These tie dye socks are the bombdiggity and would make a great gift. 

tie dye nike socks

18. Rainbow Tie Dye Gift Bag

tie dye rainbow gift bags

19. Personalized Tie Dye Crewneck Tee

tie dye crewneck t-shirt

20. Personalized Tie Dye Water Bottle

personalized rainbow tie dye tumbler

21. Tie Dye Scrunchies

tie dye scrunchies

22. Tie Dye Phone Case

tie dye phone cases
tie dye phone cases

23. Vintage Tie Dye iPad Cover

tie dye iPad cover

24. Spiral Tie Dye Laptop Skin

tie dye laptop skin

25. Tie Dye Apple Watch Band

tie dye apple watch band

26. Teardrop Tie Dye Earrings

tie dye teardrop earrings

27. Pop It Tie Dye Flower Headband

pop it tie dye headband

28. Tie Dye NonSlip Headband

tie dye running headbands

29. Hand Dyed Bedding

tie dye bedding

30. Cotton Tie Dye Baby Swaddle Blanket

tie dye baby swaddle blanket

31. Muslin Rainbow Tie Dyed Swaddle Blanket

tie dye baby blanket

32. Tie Dye Minky Blanket

tie dye minky blanket

33. Shibori Tie Dye Artwork

tie dye artwork
tie dye artwork

34. DIY Turkish Towel Tie Dye Kit

These DIY kits have the best dye to use for tie dying a Turkish towel that could be used at the beach or the pool.  

turkish towel tie dye kit

35. Wall Tapestry Tie Dye Art

Looking for some cute tie dye home decor to spruce up a dorm room or teens hide out?  Here you go!  

tie dye tapestry

36. Tie Dye Dog Collar

tie dye dog collar

37. Chenille “Wifey” Patch Tie Dye Sweatshirt

chenille wifey tie dye sweatshirt

38. Tie Dye Slime

tie dye slime

40. Tye Dye Market Tote

tie dye tote bag

41. Tie Dye Sequin Personalized Pillow

tie dye sequin pillow

42. Tie Dye Reusable Starbucks Cold Cup

tie dye reusable starbucks cold cup

43. Messy Bun Tie Dye Mom Tumber

tie dye messy bun mom tumblers

44. Tie Dye Loungewear

tie dye loungewear

45. Pink Tie Dye Onesies

tie dye baby onesies

46. Tie Dye Resin Letter Keychain

tie dye letter keychains

47. Personalized Tie Dye Notebook

tie dye notebook

48. Custom Tie Dye Wine Tumblers

tie dye personalized wine tumblers

49. Tie Dye Nail Wraps

tie dye nail wraps

50. Tie Dye Play-Doh

tie dye play-doh

These are just a few of our favorite tie dye gift ideas. We hope you found something that you love! Happy shopping!

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