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A Cozy Painting Date Night In

Yesterday evening, after a long walk around the zoo and some sweet treats at the Detroit Cookie Company, we settled in for a cozy date night in.  We took an in-home painting class and created a masterpiece together, thanks to our Date Night In box.

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Once again, we had a beautiful box from the Night In Box company waiting for us on our kitchen table.  But, life had gotten messy, days flowed into weeks, and that little box just sat there collecting dust.

For the first time in a long while, we had actually enjoyed some time together walking in one of our favorite places in the world…the zoo.  The place where we shared our first date, and the place where he asked me to be his wife.  We soaked in the glorious fall sunshine (which had deserted us for a time here in Michigan) and relished at the golden leaves falling in the breeze.

He surprised me with a trip to a local cookie company, just because he’s that kind of guy.  The kind of guy that still makes time to surprise me and share amazing things with me.

There are days in any marriage that feels stale and cold.  When it feels like we’re moving in two polar opposite directions. We’ve had plenty of those stretches in our married days.  More and more I’m learning that marriage takes work.  It involves getting out of your comfort zone, sacrificing your wants to support “the team”, and unending dedication to one another every single day. It’s not easy.

But, when we have a day together like we had yesterday, I’m quickly reminded why I love this man.  And that makes these last 9 years worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.  Because in the simple moments we find each other again.  We laugh again. We fall in love again.

I am so thankful for cozy, sweet moments with him and that is why I am in love with Date Night In boxes.  It is a simple date night delivered to our door every month that we enjoy in the comfort of our own home and includes a romantic playlist, a candle, a sweet treat, and activities & games.

After an already delightful day, we sat down to enjoy an in-home date night.  The theme of our Date Night In box this month was “Painted In Love”.  We followed along and enjoyed a painting class right at our kitchen table by

It’s only our second month enjoying Date Night In Boxes, but I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with how the dates are put together.  They’ve thought of everything.  They give you a suggested meal plan, some table talk questions, and other ways to extend your date, like movie suggestions.  I am amazed at what we learn about each other in just a couple of hours spending quality time together.  You’d think after knowing each other for over half of our lives, there’d be nothing left to discover.

For our painting, we chose to do a side-by-side masterpiece of two blackbirds in the sunlight.  We channeled our inner Bob Ross and enjoyed mixing paints and coordinating our piece together.  I could certainly see our personality differences in the way we painted and followed our painting teachers instructions.  I don’t think our painting will ever be hung in a museum, that’s for sure, but it definitely left an impression on our hearts.  We’ll display for a time on our mantle to remind us what beautiful things we can create when we work together.

At the end of our date, we took a color quiz that revealed even more about our thoughts, feelings, and inner workings.  I love how Date Night In boxes help to connect us, and I find that that closeness resonates throughout the weeks to follow.

I can’t wait to get next month’s Fall In Love box.  I know that making the time to have these uninterrupted, quiet, cozy date nights is making a difference in our marriage.  We talk and listen and connect on a different level.  Thank you so much, Night In Boxes.  Why did we wait so long to try this?

If you would like to enjoy date nights at home, check out Date Night In Boxes here.

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