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Baby’s First Easter Basket

Here’s my ultimate list of what to put in Baby’s 1st Easter Basket!  Make their first Easter egg-stra special with a beautiful basket filled with special toys, bubbles, spring activities, and more.  But, this post doesn’t have to stop at babies Easter Basket.  Follow this guide to fill your older kiddos baskets too.  The Easter Bunny will become just as popular as Santa!

{This post contains affiliate links to some of my favorite goodies for Easter Baskets!  To learn more about affiliate links, you can read my Disclosure Policy.  Happy Easter!}

Here's my ultimate list of what to put in Baby's 1st Easter Basket! Make their first Easter extra special with a basket filled with toys, bubbles, etc.

We loved putting Easter Baskets together for our nieces and nephews.  They still use their Easter baskets we gave them on their first Easters.  It was a fun tradition for us to find springy items to fill their baskets with, instead of loading them up with candy {don’t worry, they got plenty of that too from grandma and grandpa!}.

Here’s what we loved to put in their first Easter Baskets…

1. Pottery Barn Easter Baskets & Liners

First things first, let’s talk about the basket.  If you purchase a good quality basket, you can reuse it every year making her basket even more memorable and special.  My personal favorites are these baskets from Pottery Barn that you can customize every year with a different liner that can even be personalized with your little one’s name.  Here are some ideas for baby boys and girls…

Gingham Ruffle Liner

Pom Pom Seersucker Liner

Bunny Pom-Pom Liner

White Ombre Pearl Liner

Multi Rainbow Liner

Nantucket Plaid Liner

Tulle Liner {My Favorite}

Lilac Seersucker Butterfly Applique Liner

Tulle Ruffle Liner

Dinosaur Chambray Liner

Airplane Chambray Liner

White Bunny Puffy Basket {also available in pink or brown}

Gingham Bunny Easter Bucket {available in several colors and styles}

Are those baskets super duper cute?  Can you see how with a simple liner, you can spruce up the same Easter Basket year after year to make each Easter unique and special?

Now, let’s begin filling these gorgeous baskets.

2. Baby’s First Bible

This Little Bible is my favorite one to put in baby’s first Easter Basket.  They offer this little Bible for boys and girls, is filled with colorful illustrations, and is easy to read.  They make this little Bible in several versions for Mothers and Daughter/Sons and for Fathers and Daughters/Sons.

3. Hardcover Books

We love to include hardcover books in Easter Baskets also.  Here are a few of my favorites for Easter time.

Pat The Bunny Book

God Bless You And Good Night

I Prayed For You

God Gave Us You

A Little Girl After God’s Own Heart

4. Dolls/Stuffed Animals

It wouldn’t be an Easter Basket without a little lovie in there, right?  Whether it’s a stuffed bunny, a doll, or fluffy duck any baby’s Easter Basket wouldn’t be complete without a soft squishy something to love on.  Here are some options for you….

5. Interactive Toys

Add a little fun and learning to your baby’s Easter basket with an interactive toy.  Once again, here are some favorites toys that would be appropriate at different stages of babyhood.

6. Arts/Crafts

An Easter Basket would be the perfect place to surprise your little one with her first set of crayons or paints.  How about adding some sidewalk chalk for a little outdoor spring fun?  Check out this sidewalk chalk from Pottery Barn Kids that’s even shaped liked eggs!

7. Movie/Educational Video

Place a new movie or educational video in your baby’s Easter basket to save for a movie night in the future.  You may wish to choose one of your favorite illustrated movies that you look forward to sharing with your little one later on, or you may want to include an educational video that he can enjoy now.  Good educational videos could include Baby Einstein videos which mesmerize children of all ages and introduce them to classical music.  You can get the entire collection of Baby Einstein videos here.  

8. Bathing Suits & Sunglasses

Get your little one ready for the pool or the beach with a new bathing suit and sunglasses.  These are the perfect little pieces that fit easily in an Easter Basket, and then your baby will be all ready for summertime water fun.  You can also add beach towels, sandals, sun hats, and sunscreen.

9. Outdoor Fun

Bubbles, Sprinklers, and Inflatable Pools are a fun surprise in an Easter Basket.  Bubbles are always quite popular with the little ones, and a little baby inflatable pool is a must for summer.  These amazing sprinklers below are new this season at Pottery Barn Kids.  I don’t know about you, but I want them all.  And, PBK also has some pretty awesome pools as well that baby can grow into.  {I especially love the Lilly Pulitzer flamingo pool!!}

10. Family Adventure

Lastly, add a fun family adventure in your Easter Baskets like mom & me swim class, a pass to the zoo, or library time with daddy.  This doesn’t have to be expensive, either.  You could sign your baby up for a music class or free reading time at your local library.  Or, you could plan a play date with your besties to the baby gym nearby.  Focus on quality time with your little one, and doing something new. That’s half the fun of being a new parent…watching your baby explore the world around him.

What are your favorite items to put in Easter Baskets?  Oh, don’t forget an age-appropriate treat too!  Enjoy your baby’s first Easter.

Here's my ultimate list of what to put in Baby's 1st Easter Basket! Make their first Easter extra special with a basket filled with toys, bubbles, etc.

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