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Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Travel Theme Nursery Ideas

Do you love to travel and want to create a special space for your baby? Here are the best travel themed nursery ideas curated for you to make it easy to shop and design all by yourself. I’m sharing how you can turn this gender neutral nursery theme into something more masculine or feminine if you’d like too as well.

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Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

How To Create A Travel Themed Nursery

A travel themed nursery is perfect is you want to instill a sense of adventure for your little one right off the bat. I’ve curated some of the prettiest nurseries that you’ll see below with just a few changes to each to make it more masculine or feminine. This would be the perfect theme for a gender neutral nursery too or if you’re having boy/girl twins. Everything coordinates so beautifully together and I can’t wait for you to be inspired. I’d have to say my favorite pieces are the pom pom rug, floral pouf, folded map artwork, and hot air balloon light.

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Travel Themed Nursery For A Baby Boy

For the boy version of this travel themed nursery I changed up a few elements. I added some airplane blueprint artwork as well as wallpaper that would be perfect inside the closet or a tiny nook. I uses metal accents in the little airplane pedal care and chairs at the play table, as well as leather accents in the ottoman and some storage totes.

Both nurseries feature the same light oak furniture from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child line, but for the boy nursery I paired it with this gorgeous striped rug and light gray glider. I love the cute little wagon for storing toys and the tote bags for toys that are covered in matching airplanes.

There is even more artwork down below as well if you’d rather go with a boat theme or hot air balloons, but I particularly loved the combo of the light oak with navy, brown leather, and cream for this moodboard so I included the folded paper airplane artwork to complete the look.

Shop this entire nursery here…

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas For A Baby Girl

With some of the exact same pieces as the nursery pictured above we can make the space feel a little more feminine with a few simple touches. The mauve and cream folded map hot air balloon artwork, the tapered drum of the light fixture with accents of light pink, gold, and mint green this space can take on a whole new vibe.

The pom pom rug, floral felt pouf, and paper mache world map art piece are some of the favorites in the adorable space.

Shop this nursery below…

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Special Touches To Add To Your Travel Themed Nursery

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the special pieces that make this nursery theme so unique and darling. This was certainly one of my absolute favorite nurseries to design.

Nursery Furniture

The Marcelle line of nursery furniture from RHBaby&Child look like they’ve been passed down in the family for generations. These are certainly heirloom quality pieces that you can use for several babies for years to come.

The Modern Track slipcovered glider brings a cozy comfortable space to the nursery that’s casual and fun as well as functional. It comes in a plethora of colors, but I particularly loved this soft wash of gray for this nursery.

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Nursery Rugs

Rugs are a great way to anchor the space, protect your carpet/flooring from baby spills and spit ups, and add a design element that can be just as fun as it is functional. For a more masculine space I love this gray and cream striped rug and for a touch of whimsy I love this pom pom rug for baby’s girl’s space. Both are made with performance fabrics which means they can withstand heavy traffic and spills and are easy to clean.

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Travel Themed Nursery Artwork

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw these art pieces. I literally want them all. They are so unique and absolutely stunning. They are an investment so it may be hard to choose just one or two pieces. But, I had to share all of them because I couldn’t narrow it down either. The craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing.

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Nursery Poufs & Ottomans

Poufs and ottomans offer a soft place to rest for feet during feedings, some extra seating in your nursery space, and a comfortable place for baby to play and pull himself up on while learning to walk. Skip getting the matching ottoman that goes with the glider and opt for one of these gorgeous options.

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Nursery Storage

RHBaby&Child has some of the most unique and beautiful toy storage solutions I’ve ever seen. These in particular fit this nursery theme wonderfully well, but feel free to browse their other offerings. I’m sure there’s something there you’ll love!

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Travel Nursery Toys & Play Spaces

It’s always fun to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to a space, especially in a nursery. The airplane mobile is perfect for this adorable space, and the vintage pedal cars and the perfect little splurge your baby will enjoy as he or she grows. And, don’t forget a cute little play table where you can enjoy tea parties, building blocks, coloring, etc. together.

Travel Themed Nursery Ideas
Travel Themed Nursery Ideas
Travel Themed Nursery Ideas

Travel Themed Nursery Lighting

I love the classic drum lights I spoke of above, but there’s just something incredible about this unique hot air balloon light. It would be the perfect addition for above your glider to add just enough light during those late night feedings.

Travel Nursery Wallpaper

I love adding an accent wall or wallpaper to a nursery space and when I saw this airplane blueprint wallpaper on Etsy I knew it was perfect for this nursery theme. I think this wallpaper would be the perfect touch in a closet for small nook to make that space stand out and bring the whole thing together. It adds just that little extra something special to your space.

I hope you enjoyed these travel themed nursery ideas. Let us know in the comments what your favorite piece was and if you plan to create a travel themed nursery for your little one.

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