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50+ Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Ideas

50+ Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

Are you looking for a creative and fun way to make that pregnancy announcement to your husband?  Here are over 50 amazing and memorable ways to share your big news with the daddy-to-be that he’ll cherish forever and never forget.

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50+ Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

50+ Amazing Pregnancy Announcements for Your Husband

Are you scratching your head wondering, “How do I break the pregnancy news to my husband?”  Whether your  positive pregnancy test is a surprise or something you’ve been “working” toward (wink, wink), it’s always fun to share the news with your husband in a special and meaningful way.

How soon should you tell your husband that you’re pregnant?

You may also be wonderful how quickly you should share your news with your significant other.  And while some couples wait a few weeks or even months to share their pregnancy with family, friends, and Facebook, sharing this exciting news with your husband should probably happen much sooner.  I’ve barely been able to keep the secret long enough to plan out a cute announcement like the ones included in this post.  I’m usually bursting at the seems to share the news with my partner in crime.

If you have the patience to wait a few hours or a few days, long enough to plan a creative announcement, then keep scrolling.  I’ve got some really cute ideas for you to share the pregnancy announcement with your husband.

How should I tell my husband I’m pregnant?

It’s completely up to you how you share the big news with your hubby.  Once again if you’re hasty like I am you may not have the patience to wait a bit to plan something cute.  Instead I usually beckon him to bathroom as soon as I see that positive.  Then afterwards, I wish I’d done something a little cuter.  So, if you’re hoping to share the news in a really meaningful, memorable way, keep reading!

husband and daddy rae dunn mug

Pregnancy Announcement To Husband: Seasonal Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

If your big fat positive (AKA positive pregnancy test) happens close to a holiday, consider incorporating your pregnancy announcement into a holiday celebration.  Here’s a few cute ways to share the news with your hubby around the holidays.

1. Surprise Egg

Send him on his own Easter egg hunt to find this epic surprise.  This is such a fun way to “break the news” (see what I did there) in the springtime.

pregnancy announcement egg

2. Christmas Ornament

My hubby and I love to exchange Christmas ornaments every year, and this personalized baby announcement ornament specifically for dad is simply perfect.  What a beautiful way to remember this special time too every year when you decorate your tree.

Christmas ornament pregnancy announcement for dad

3. The Jack ‘O Lantern Announcement

Another fun idea would be to set a fun pumpkin carving date night, and say you’re going to keep your designs a secret.  When your finished with your pumpkin, turn out the lights, light up the pumpkin, and share the news with a special jack ‘o lantern message saying “I’m pregnant” or “you’re gonna be a dad”.

4. Valentines Day Box

This sweet announcement box for dad is a the perfect way to announce that a baby in on the way to your forever valentine.

Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement for husband

Sentimental Pregnancy Announcements for Daddy

These sentimental pregnancy announcements are memorable and filled with custom gifts and surprises for the daddy-to-be.  Many of these ideas are tried and true classic ways of surprising your husband with your. pregnancy.

5. Customized Pocket Knife

This lovely pregnancy announcement will be a keepsake he’ll cherish for years to come.  Personalize this pocket knife with wording such as “husband and the year you were married, daddy and the the year the baby is due”.

6. Matching T-Shirts

Surprise him with a cute matching set to of t-shirts to commemorate being a new mom & dad.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Mama and Dada dinosaur-themed pregnancy t-shirts

7. Greeting Card

A simple greeting card can often say it best, especially when you’re not sure what to say.

Pregnancy Announcement printable card for husband

8. Letterboard Announcement

Of course we can’t forget a classic letterboard announcement that can read “We’re expecting” or “Due in 2/2022”.  Leave a clear message and surprise him with the big news!

9. Surprise Message Coffee Cup

This coffee mug announcement is perfect for the coffee loving new daddy.  When he gets to the bottom a special message is waiting for him.

"We're Pregnant" hidden message mug for pregnancy announcement

10. Color Changing Mug

And even more spectacular is this color changing mug.  Fill it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and wait for his reaction when the mug reveals your pregnancy announcement.

color changing pregnancy announcement mug for husband

11. Special Note from Baby

Another sweet way to announce your pregnancy to your husband is by writing a special note from the baby sharing things like “I can’t wait to meet you, daddy”.  Attach an ultrasound picture or the pregnancy test as well.

12. Surprise Photoshoot

If you’re a memory collector like me, you may want to reach out to a local photographer to take pictures as you make the big reveal.  Then you’ll cherish these sweet photographs forever.

13. Custom Ammo

Have a hubby who loves to hunt?  Let him know he hit the target with a custom Ammo pregnancy announcement from Etsy.

14. Surprise Message

This is another great way to surprise your husband with the baby news.  Print off a pregnancy announcement or use a letterboard and have your husband hold it for a photo or video without looking at it.  When he turns it around to read the message capture his reaction.

15. “Hi Daddy” Onesie Giftbox

These extra special gift boxes can be filled with onesies, pacifier, little toys, and booties that your baby can use later.  Love this sweet pregnancy announcement.

"Hi, Daddy" gift box

16. Guitar Pic

Does your husband love to play the guitar?  Give him this sweet commemorative guitar pic to announce that his newest bandmate is on the way.

guitar pic pregnancy announcement for husband

17. Size of Baby Gift

Another cute idea is to wrap up an object that shows the daddy-to-be how big (or small) your baby is right now. Most pregnancy apps will tell you what size your baby is each week…like a poppyseed or blueberry.

18. Pregnancy Test in Gift Box

A simply perfect idea is to place the positive pregnancy test in a gift box, wrap it in a pretty ribbon, and give it to your husband.  It’s a classic and timeless way to share the news.

keepsake pregnant test box

19. “Big Sister, “Big Brother” Shirt to Announce Pregnancy #2 & Beyond

Do you have an older child that could help you make the announcement?  Get a cute big sister or big brother shirt to wear and see how long it takes your husband to notice.

big sister t-shirt on little girl

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Sports Loving Dad-To-Be

Below you’ll find some super creative ways to announcement your pregnancy to your sports loving husband.  My hubby would be down for any of these?  How about yours?

20. Fishing Buddy

Introduce your husband to his new fishing buddy with this personalized commemorative fishing lure.

fishing lure pregnancy announcement for husband

21. Jersey Onesie

Get baby his/her own tiny jersey to match daddy and wrap it up to give to your hubby.

22. Custom Golf Balls

I love these custom golf balls.  What a perfect way to share the news with your hubby.

golf ball pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy Announcements for the Beer Lover

Does your husband love to brew his own beer, or enjoy a spirited drink every now and again?  Here’s some fun pregnancy announcement ideas for the daddy who loves beer.

23. Dad Beer Stein

How fun is this.  Gift him a dad beer stein that he’ll enjoy forever!

personalized "dad" beer stein

24. Customized Wine Labels

Is he more of a wine drinker.  These custom wine labels make for a super unique pregnancy announcement.

25. Six Pack for Dad

Add these custom beer labels to his favorite six pack for a pregnancy announcement he’ll really enjoy!

new dad customized beer labels

26. Custom Glassware

Does your husband love to outfit his bar with beautiful glassware?  These custom pregnancy announcement glasses will make the perfect addition.

Book-Themed Pregnancy Announcements for Dads

These pregnancy announcement ideas are perfect for book nerds.  Give the dad-to-be a custom book or one he’ll enjoy reading to the baby.  Here a few of my favorite ideas.

27. Custom Dad Book

Surprise your husband with this personalized book recalling your story with a huge surprise ending…”you’re going to be a daddy!”.

yellow pregnancy announcement book for dad

28. “Dada” by Jimmy Fallon

A quick google search can reveal some special and top-rated children’s books that would be a perfect way to announce your pregnancy.  “Dada” a book written by Jimmy Fallon comes. to mind instantly, and this sweet gift will be a treasured story book your baby will enjoy also.

29. Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement

If your hubby is a Harry Potter fan, he’ll really dig this pregnancy announcement.  This Marauder’s Map will be the perfect keepsake gift.

Harry Potter Marauder's Map pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy Announcement for the Foodie Father

They say the way to guy’s heart is through his stomach, and I’d have to say that’s true of new daddies too.  These pregnancy announcement ideas are perfect for the guy that’s a bonefide foodie.

30. Candy Bar Wrappers

Use these custom pregnancy announcement candy wrappers to wrap his favorite candy bars for a sweet surprise.

hello daddy candy wrappers pregnancy announcement

31. Papa Pizza

Contact your local pizza place and ask them to spell “you’re a dad” in pepperoni on your pizza.  Mmmm!

32. Spelled Out In Chocolate

Grab the mixer and bake a cake or cupcakes and decorate them with a sweet pregnancy announcement spelled out in icing.  Or, contact your local bakery for a lovely and sweet way to share the big news.

34. Donut Box Announcement

Grab a dozen of his favorite donuts and write a message on the inside top cover saying something like “I can’t be the only growing a belly”.  So fun!

35. Pr-Eggo Waffles

Surprise the daddy-to-be in bed with some delectable Eggo Waffles, and using fruit spell out “we’re pr-eggo” on the plate.  That’ll surely get him up and out of bed quickly.

36. DIY Bottom of the Bowl Challenge

If you have a local pottery painting place near your home, go pick out a bowl…it could be for his cereal in the morning or a bigger one you both use for popcorn on movie night…decorate it and paint it including a message at the bottom that says “we’re having a baby” and wait for him to discover the surprise at the bottom of the bowl.

Pregnancy Announcements Specifically for Star Wars Fans

I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to share these cute pregnancy announcement ideas for Star Wars fans.  They’re out of this world cute and fun.

37. Star Wars Matching T-Shirts

Surprise the dad-to-be with these adorable Star Wars matching t-shirts for mom and dad.

star wars pregnancy t-shirts for mom and dad

38. The Mandalorian Greeting Card

This pregnancy announcement card literally made me LOL.  Such a cute and simple way to share the news with your Star Wars fan.  I mean who doesn’t love baby Yoda, right?

The Mandalorian pregnancy announcement card

39. “Father” Morse Code Bracelet

And, this “father” morse code bracelet is a thoughtful way to share the news.  Maybe include a card that says “{your husband’s name}, you are the father” (said in my deepest Darth Vader voice, of course).

"father" morse code bracelet

Funny Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy to the Daddy-To-Be

These unique and fun ways to make that epic pregnancy announcement to your husband are simply the best and guaranteed to make him chuckle.

40. Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt

Send him on a scavenger hunt around your home where at the end the best treasure ever is waiting for him…your positive pregnancy test!

41. Lotto Tickets

Does he like to buy scratch off lotto tickets in hopes of winning the big bucks?  Then, he’ll love these pregnancy announcement lottery tickets.  So unique, fun, and memorable!

42. Dog Announcement

Get your fur-baby involved in your big announcement.  These “baby security” dog bandanas are the cutest way to share the big news.

dog bandana pregnancy announcement

43. Funny Card

There are so many funny printable pregnancy announcement cards on Etsy that you can print off right at home. This is one of my favorites.

Maury Pregnancy announcement greeting card

44. Dad Jokes Gift

Have a comedian on your hands?  Or a guy that loves to tell the jokes and make everyone laugh?  Induct him into the dad jokes hall-of-fame with some sweet dad joke gifts like this t-shirt and book giftset.

dad jokes pregnancy announcement gift box
dad jokes gray t-shirt

45. Diaper Changing Toolbelt

Start his diaper changing practice early with this hilarious diaper changing toolbelt that can easily store of the diaper changing necessities. This would make for the cutest pregnancy announcement, don’t ya think.

daddy diaper changing tool belt

46. Game Night Announcement

Do you both enjoy a competitive game night once in a while.  Make the big announcement during game night.  The perfect games for pregnancy announcements are Scrabble, Charades, and Wits and Wagers.  Basically any game where you can either spell out or act out the big news!

47. Baby Food TikTok Challenge

Want to create a viral moment.  Tell your husband that there’s this new TikTok Challenge where he’s blindfolded and has to guess the baby food flavor.  Have him test a couple and then take the blindfold off and surprise him with your positive test.  Seriously, let’s make this a thing!

48. Scratch Off Surprise

These scratch off surprises are sooo fun.  They even have ones for belated birthday gifts which be cute to give your husband around his birthday.

scratch off surprise pregnancy announcement for husband

49. Gamer Announcement

Got a gamer for a husband.  Me too.  Surprise him with these cute pregnancy announcement tees.

mommy and daddy gamer t-shirts

50. Best Swimmer Award

I mean, need I say more?  This pregnancy announcement will definitely get a few laughs.

"best swimmer award" pregnancy announcment

51. Fortune Cookie

Order in Chinese and swap your fortune cookies for these special pregnancy announcement cookies.  Talk about a memorable moment!

fortune cookie pregnancy announcement

52. Funny Mom Tee

I love the simple idea of wearing a pregnancy tee and seeing how long it takes your hubster to notice.  How long would it take your husband to read your shirt?

ice ice baby pregnancy t-shirt

53. “I Tested Positive, But Not For Covid”

And, last, surprise him with this coveted positive versus the positive nobody wants with this awesome sign.  Perfect for a 2022 pregnancy announcement.

I hope you found more a creative pregnancy announcement idea that is perfect pregnancy reveal or sweet keepsake for your husband.  This post is filled to the brim with fun ideas to tell your husband you’re pregnant, and you may have found more than one favorite idea.  Just remember, no matter how you share the big news, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.  Congratulations and good luck!  

50+ Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

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