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Best Pregnancy & Baby Gear Of 2020

Best Pregnancy & Baby Products of 2020

I love sharing the best new pregnancy and baby gear with you all, and this year there is no shortage of amazing new products for parents to enjoy. These items will make life as a new parent more enjoyable, easier, and memorable. Here is my list of the best new products of 2020 for pregnant mamas and babies. Enjoy!

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Best Pregnancy & Baby Products of 2020

Milestone Cards from Blossom & Pear

How cute are these rainbow milestone cards, perfect for a rainbow baby?! I love all the baby stationary from Blossom and Pear including their many different options for milestone cards so you can take the cutest pics every month of your little one. They also have beautiful pregnancy journals and baby books that feature gorgeous script font, gold foil, and various colored linen covers.

blossom and pear pregnancy and baby milestone cards

4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Coming early in 2020 is the brand new 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet that has all the bells and whistles your baby will love to get a good night’s sleep. The bassinet will feature similar movements to their still popular MamaRoo baby bouncer which can help your baby soothe and sleep for longer periods of time.

The 4moms Sleep Bassinet reminds me a lot of the SNOO bassinet that was designed by baby sleep expert, Dr. Harvey Karp. I shared his simple soothing techniques here, and use his methods every single shift at the hospital with the moms and babies. The SNOO bassinet, however, came with a hefty price tag (around $1500!!). The 4moms sleep bassinet will be lower in price making it more affordable for couples expecting little bundles of joy in 2020.

4moms bassinet

Bokee Baby Bottle Accessory

The new Bokee Baby Bottle Accessory makes bottle-making a breeze. Simple place whatever size bottle, cup, sippee, etc into the Bokee and enjoy making your baby’s bottle or child’s beverage easily with one hand. No more spills! It’s simple in design, kind of like a “why didn’t I think of that” baby product. But, there’s beauty in simplicity, and this simple little tool can make those long days of mommy hood that much more bearable.

Bokee Bottle holder

Kidkii Ball Pit

I keep seeing these adorably cute kid-sized ball pits popping up on my social media feeds and knew I had to include them in my Best of Baby Products for 2020. These ball pits would be the perfect 1st birthday present, or an amazing Christmas present. They truly are a toy that grows with your child.

The one pictured above is the velvet flower ball pit from Kidkii, a Danish toy company, and are non-toxic and organic. The Kidkii ball pits can be a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for and they are so, so cute. Similar ball pits are available on Amazon as well, along with packs of multi-colored balls to complete your baby’s new favorite play space.

Kidkii ball pit

Owlet Pregnancy Band

40 weeks sure is a long time to wonder what’s going on inside your belly where baby’s growing, isn’t it? Well, Owlet, a well-respected company that bring peace of mind to parents everywhere with their innovative sock and monitor, will soon release the Owlet band. This band can be worn starting at 24 weeks and record valuable data about your growing baby during the night while you sleep.

The Owlet band records baby’s movements including kicks as well as his/her heart rate giving you and your medical team a window into the womb and the health of your baby. How amazing is that?! Only in 2020, am I right?

Owlet belly band

Ryan & Rose Cutie Pat Pacifiers & Clips- Now Available At Target

Ryan & Rose Cutie Pat Pacifiers and matching Clips have been around for a while now. In fact, several of my mommy friends absolutely love them and include them in baby showers gifts for friends and family because they’re just that good. These pacifiers and clips not only look stylish but they also double as teethers. They come in a variety of colors with matching accessories on the Ryan and Rose website.

But, now Ryan and Rose Cutie Pat Pacifiers and various accessories are available at Target! Hurry! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Target to check out their collection and stock up on the “cuties” (pun intended)!

ryan and rose pacifiers
ryan and rose pacifier

Kyte Baby Sleep Bags

Blankets are a thing of the past when it comes to babies and sleeping. Nowadays, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sleep sacs to keep baby warm and safe during sleep time. I love, love, LOVE these bamboo sleep bags from the Kyte baby company.

They use harvested bamboo, which is a great natural resource, to make their sleep bags and baby clothes. Here, they explain the difference between their sleep bags and the original sleep sacs that are on the market.

Kyte Baby Sleep Bags are available on their website along with lots of adorable, soft, hypoallergenic baby clothes, but you can also find Kyte Baby on Amazon as well.

Sleep safety is a cornerstone of every design decision we make at Kyte BABY. With topics like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and infant suffocation at the top of our mind, we work tirelessly to design new & beautiful products for your baby that keep them safe and secure, especially when sleeping. Look at our Sleep Bags, for instance. The soft, cozy, and comfortable fabric is breathable, and is the safe alternative to crib blankets. Breathability of fabric is key to not overheating. The key difference between a Kyte BABY Sleep Bag and other similar products on the market are is zipper design. The curved zipper is much more comfortable for baby, and is easier to use for the parent. All of this means that you have a product that is remarkably safe for your baby to sleep in, and is also comfortable enough that your baby will actually sleep soundly in it. What purpose is a safe sleeping alternative that’s too uncomfortable for a baby to actually use?

Kyte baby sleep bag

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

Baby Brezza has helped parents for years create the best bottles for their babies simply and quickly. Now, they’re new Formula Pro Advanced comes with additional features, like warming your baby’s bottle to the perfect temperature, and adjusts to fit any bottle type. It’s like the Keurig of the bottle world, and worth every penny of the investment. Shop the Baby Brezza &/or add it to you registry here.

Liip Baby Monitor

The Liip Baby Monitor is a new product coming-out of Europe that measures your baby’s blood oxygenation, pulse, and distal body temperature sending these vital signs to your smartphone while they sleep. It differs from the Owlet Sock by fitting more like a bracelet around your baby’s ankle and expands to grow with your child up to age 6.

The temperature measurement is also new and different from the Owlet Sock, and can be extremely helpful for parents with a sick baby, since seizures can occur in children when their fever reaches 104 degrees. The Liip Baby Monitor offers peace of mind to new parents of growing children, and will hopefully be available in the U.S. in 2020.

Liip baby monitor
Liip baby monitor

Bugaboo Ant Compact Stroller

The Bugaboo Ant boasts as being “the greatest travel stroller” for babies on the go. It is Bugaboo’s most light-weight stroller and collapses down to a compact size that can be taken as a carry-on on most airlines. It’s an amazing stroller for families that plan to travel which is why it was an easy choice for my Best Baby Products of 2020.

Great things really do come in small packages. Meet the Bugaboo Ant—the lightest, most compact travel stroller yet. Going on a big family adventure, or staying closer to home? The Bugaboo Ant is full of smart features that will make traveling with children easier and more enjoyable, wherever you go. The Bugaboo Ant is suitable from birth and comes with integrated attachment points for the comfort wheeled board.

Bugaboo Ant Compact Stroller

FridaBaby the FlakeFixer

Anytime FridaBaby releases a new product, we take notice. Everything in their collection of baby care items is a must-have for new parents. The new FlakeFixer is a 3-step system for eliminating the cradle cap from your sweet baby’s head painlessly and easily. Click here to purchase and to see other FridaBaby products.

FridaBaby FlakeFixer

Britax One4Life Car Seat

When you have a baby it can feel like you need to buy 1500 and one car seats, boosters, etc for your growing child. Britax has made life super easy by creating the One4Life Car Seat that grows with your child from infant through 10 years old. And, with Britax’s outstanding safety record, you’ll know your baby, toddler, and big kid will be super safe for years to come. Shop Britax’s One4Life Car Seat here.

Britax One4Life Car Seat

Mockingbird Stroller

The new Mockingbird stroller and accessories gives parents everything you get from a high-end much more expensive stroller, with extra special little touches that make strolling with baby even more enjoyable. I love the color choices, touches of leather, and even the watercolor black polka dots on the hood. But, don’t take my word for it, listen to this gushing mom who shares my affection for baby gear,

I am a baby gear person. Love researching everything to the fullest. So when I was looking for a stroller, I looked to the obvious places first...but Mockingbird kept popping up. After watching countless reviews and reading everything about it, I purchased. Really, with no risk because of the most amazing try it out and see if you like it return policy ever. But I will not be returning this majestic piece of parental mastery. Not only is the push a dream, the seat is super cush and comfy for my son. The storage space is huge below, and I felt super posh pushing this lovely pram around. Thoughtful touches like the zippered footrest and vent in the hood, are just additional bits of icing on this amazing deal of a stroller. Thank you Mockingbird. I’ll just wait for you to make a travel version now...but for now, you’ve got one happy family over here!

mockingbird stroller

Oxo Tot Splash & Store Bathtub

Baby bathtubs can be quite cumbersome, and most parents have a hard time finding a place to store it when not in use. Well, not anymore, cause Oxo Tot has created this foldable bathtub that grows with your baby, and can easily hang in your shower to dry. Shop the Oxo Tot Splash & Store Bathtub here!

Oxo Tot bathtub

Soft, Non-Toxic Foam Playmats For Baby

How cute is this non-toxic soft play mat for baby? I love anything that everything that is safe for our family and for our environment, and so appreciate these healthy and stylish options for our home and play spaces. Which design would you choose? Shop non-toxic play mats here!

nontoxic play mat for baby

Ollie Ella Changing Basket

Changing Baskets are a new stylish way to dress up a baby’s changing table in his/her nursery. I love the designs by Ollie Ella and the gorgeous organic cotton changing basket inserts to place inside. Bonus…they’re washable!

Ollie Ella Changing Basket

Coral UV Sanitizer & Dryer- For Toys, Bottles, iPhones, & More!

Last, but certainly not least, I had to include the Coral UV Sanitizer and Dryer in my ultimate list of new baby products for 2020. Sanitize baby’s bottles, toys, pacifiers, alongside controllers and iPhones. I think this nifty little device needs to be homes everywhere, don’t you? Shop the Coral UV Sanitizer here!

UV sanitizer for toys

There ya have it.  The best new baby gear of 2020.  Which product is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.  

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