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Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

25+ Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to announce your pregnancy, look no further! These funny pregnancy announcements will have everyone laughing. From Etsy to Pinterest to Instagram, there are tons of great ideas out there. We’ve gathered some of our favorites for you here. So whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, we’ve got you covered. Congratulations on your new arrival!

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25+ Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas from Pinterest

These creative pregnancy announcement ideas can be found on Pinterest. In fact, I have an entire board filled with even more funny announcement ideas if you’re interested. Pinterest is always my #1 place to go for inspiration, so I gathered a few of my favorite ideas here for you to enjoy!

Failed Protection Announcement

This funny baby announcement is the perfect way to share your big news, especially if it’s unexpected. If you were using protection and still ended up preggo, consider this hilarious pregnancy announcement.

IUD failed pregnancy announcement

Movie Poster Announcement

These movie posters ideas are some of the funniest pregnancy announcement ideas I’ve ever seen. You can even search for movie post pregnancy announcement on Etsy to buy a fill-in-the-blank template to recreate this announcement. So creative and fun!

movie post pregnancy announcement

Quarantine Baby

Quarantine announcements are all the rage in 2020 and beyond. If you conceived your baby during the pandemic, this is the funniest way to share the big news with friends and family.

quarantine baby announcement

Best Buddy Coming

If you’re looking for a cute and silly way to announce your pregnancy, why not get your older child/children involved. What better way to announce that their only child status is coming to an end? I love this Toy Story themed announcement, don’t you?

Toy Story pregnancy announcement

Chick Fil A Announcement

Where are my Chick Fil A lovers at? Do you have a special pregnancy cravings? Feature it in this cute pregnancy announcement idea.

chick fil a pregnancy announcement

Are You My Mother?

This idea is a great option is your looking for a simple pregnancy announcement. And, who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Enjoy reading the book to your baby later on.

Are You My Mother book announcement

Target Pregnancy Announcement

This pregnancy reveal is a fun way to share the news with family and friends, and just may be my favorite in this whole collection. So fun and sure to make your family and friends smile.

funny Target pregnancy announcement

The Game Plan Announcement

This game plan themed pregnancy announcement is a super cute way to announce your new baby.

game plan pregnancy announcement

Funny Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Have any pets and want to get them involved in the pregnancy announcement? I love this adorable idea.

funny dog pregnancy announcement

Silly Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

What a fun way to celebrate a new baby sibling. Whether it’s your second or third baby or beyond, get those older kiddos involved. This one is simply beyond cute, don’t you think?

silly sibling pregnancy announcement

Funny Pregnancy Announcements On Instagram

It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are. Instagram is always filled with amazing pregnancy announcement ideas, so I stole a few of my favorites down below! Enjoy!

Ice, Ice Baby

What a fun and easy way to announce your pleasant surprise!

ice ice baby pregnancy announcement

Our Greatest Adventure

I love this couples adorable photo shoot with their pets and all things baby in their pregnancy announcement that’s sure to make people laugh. Such a great idea!

our greatest adventure pregnancy announcement

Mommy Shark

This pregnancy announcement is beyond fun. And, if you know you know. Mommy shark is coming in hot with over the top pregnancy announcement.

mama shark pregnancy announcement

SHHHH! Don’t Tell The Dog Announcement

Ha! I love this idea! What an adorable way of getting your pets involved in your big news!

don't tell the pets pregnancy announcement

Tie Breaker Announcement

This is the perfect opportunity to get older siblings involved in sharing the big news! And, the best part is you’ll have a photo and a moment to cherish forever.

tie breaker pregnancy announcement

World’s Best Boss

If your little one is up for participating, this would be a perfect way to tell the world that there’s a bun in the oven. If you get corporate approval first, that is.

world's cutest boss pregnancy announcement


If you are officially outnumbered, then this pregnancy announcement idea is perfect for you!

outnumbered pregnancy announcement

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas from Etsy

Lastly, if you’re looking for a simple way to share your baby news, you have to check out Etsy. It’s filled to the brim with creative ideas that are easy to edit and share on social media and with family and friends! Here are a few of the unique ideas I found…

Marvel Comic Book

Wouldn’t this comic book be a super fun way to break the news to older brother and older sister? So cute!

comic book pregnancy announcement

Watermelon Seeds Announcement

Looking for the perfect summer pregnancy announcement? Why not share this watermelon seed flatlay. You can customize with your ultrasound picture and due date. Etsy also has a plethora of watermelon seed t-shirts to announce your baby news as well.

don't eat the seeds pregnancy announcement

Pangry” T-Shirt

And, speaking of pregnancy t-shirts, I thought this one was downright hysterical. But, Etsy has a million to choose from that would make a super fun and easy way to announce your pregnancy and show off that baby bump!

pangry t-shirt

It Was All Fun & Games Announcement

If you are big on board games like we are, this just may be the cutest pregnancy announcement for you! Totally customizable once again, and the perfect way to share your news on Facebook and Instagram.

board game pregnancy announcement

The Newspaper Announcement

I’ve never seen a pregnancy announcement like this before, have you? It’s downright adorable and memorable. You can edit the paper to say whatever you’d like too to share your breaking news!

newspaper pregnancy announcement

Funny Gamer Pregnancy Announcement

What a great way to share that a new “player” will be joining your family and that indeed daddy doesn’t play video all the time.

video gamer pregnancy announcement

World’s Cutest Alarm Clock

This announcement is so true and sure to get a chuckle out of your friends and family.

cutest alarm clock pregnancy announcement

Oops! We Did It Again!

This just may be the cutest and most unique way to announce your final pregnancy.

pregnancy announcement flatlay

Friends Pregnancy Announcement

Are you a fan of the TV show Friends? Then this pregnancy announcement is for you! How amazing is this?

Friends-themed pregnancy announcement

I hope you found a funny pregnancy announcement here that you love. I have even more creative ways to share your news as well, particularly to your husband and to the grandparents if you’re looking for even more unique ideas! Have fun and congrats!

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