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A Simple, Romantic Summer Bucket List For Couples

Every summer, we sit down and make out a list of the things we’d love to do and see and eat during the summer months. This bucket list eventually turns into lovely date nights and memories. Here is a simple, romantic summer bucket list for couples that can easily transition into family life as well. Enjoy!

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Drive-In Movie

This summer was my first time ever visiting a Drive-In Movie. I went with my sister and little niece, Bri Bri, to see a double showing of Toy Story 4 and Aladdin. It was awesome! I can’t wait to take Adam back for a romantic night under the stars. Check your local area for drive-in theaters. Who knew these even still existed?

Farmer’s Market

I think a trip to the Farmer’s Market is a must in the summertime, don’t you? I love buying fresh produce and products from vendors and enjoyed some yummy food and beautiful crafts. Where’s your favorite Farmer’s Market?

Nature Park

Every Sunday night for the past several years, it’s been our tradition to make our way up to our favorite park for a walk in their Nature Center and Trails. We look for turtles and toads in the pond and walk along the trail next to the babbling brook that eventually ends in a small waterfall. Going for walks has been one of the best ways to spend our Sunday nights. We are able to reflect on the past week and plan for the week ahead. I come home clear headed and ready to start our Monday adventures.


An Aquarium is a great way to spend time together when the weather is stormy or just too hot to handle being outdoors. Since we usually don’t have kids in tow, we try to visit aquariums during afternoon nap times so they aren’t quite as crowded. Our favorite aquariums nearby are SeaLife Michigan and the Belle Isle Aquarium.

Walk Around The City

Downtown Detroit has so many amazing things to see in the summertime including the Beach at Campus Martius and the Detroit Riverwalk. With so many new shops and eateries, a walk around downtown is sure to be fun date night.

Baseball Game

Is there anything more summery than an evening baseball game? We love going to Tigers games as least once a summer. We’re running out of time, though. Best get to planning that date today!

Late-Nights at the Zoo

We also love it when our local zoo stays open past the animals bedtime for concerts and late-night visits. We usually go every Wednesday night in the summer. We cool off in the penguin habitat and take the train when our feet get tired. Typically the evening ends with ice cream or late-night appetizers at Applebees where they have Trivia competitions. #we’reold

Try New Recipes

We tend to eat out in the summertime, which isn’t the healthiest option (or smartest economical decision) on the planet. So, this summer, we made it a goal to try some new recipes. I struggle with summer cooking. I’m a big ole pot of chili, pan of brownies, and pot roast in the dutch oven kinda gal. But, in the summertime, I crave lighter meals which you’d think would be easier to make, except I don’t have a whole arsenal of those kinds of recipes in the back pocket.

That’s why I can’t wait to give Home Chef a try. I can go online pick out 2-3 meals every week that come prepped and ready to cook, and even better…the recipes are seasonal and fresh. Not only is it cost-effective and super simple (can we say fewer dishes to wash…yay!!), but it also helps me create yummy recipes that I never would’ve thought of. You can check out Home Chef here!

Go To The Lake

It wouldn’t be summertime in Michigan without a trip or two to a lake and, boy, do we have plenty of them. There’s just something so summery about being near the water.

Dark Sky Park

What could be more romantical (yes, spell check, that’s a word) than star gazing. Check your local area for a certified Dark Sky Park. We have a couple in Northern Michigan that we can’t wait to check out.

Visit Somewhere New

It’s always exciting to visit someplace new, whether it’s a new restaurant or location, pick somewhere close to home to explore together this summer.

Amusement Park

We’re fortunate that we live near the largest amusement park in the United States, America’s Roller Coast, Cedar Point. In the opposite direction, on the western shores of Lake Michigan, is Michigan’s Adventure. Even though our bodies don’t “do well” on rides anymore (if you know what I mean #hello30s), we still love the fun atmosphere of the amusement park. After all, Cedar Point (or, technically a BP gas station right outside the park where our car broke down back in 2001) is where Adam first told me he loved me. So, it has a special place in our hearts.

Date Night In Box

It’s been extremely rainy and stormy this July in the Mitten State, which is simply the perfect time to enjoy our Date Night In subscription. Every month, we are sent a perfectly curated date night with different themes, activities, games, a playlist, and tons of recipes. We absolutely love our Date boxes & highly recommend them. They are perfect for those stormy nights when we still want to do something special together, besides binging on Netflix.

Read about our favorite Date Night In Box (so far) here!

Food Truck Rally

A food truck rally is high on our summer bucket list this year. We are bonafide foodies, and LOVE food trucks. We’ll try anything and everything. Are there certain festivals or summer foods you enjoy?


One thing we’ve never tried is glamping. I’ve always dreamt of “real” camping, but I don’t know if I have it in me. But, this new form of glamorous camping might be right up my ally. Have you tried it?

Eats Lots of BBQ

I don’t know what it is about summertime, but we love to feast on BBQ. We’ve probably tried every BBQ joint in southeastern Michigan, and have several favorites. So, BBQ dinner dates are high on our list in the summer.

Complete a 5K Together

And, to work off all that BBQ and food truck fare, we always do a 5K as a family in the summertime. We love The Color Run. It’s a perfect family-friendly fitness-novice 5K that is super fun. You can read my tips for completing The Color Run here.

What activities are on your Summer Bucket List? Do you create one as a family and as a couple? We love having all these options for fun summer date nights, don’ you? What would you add? We’d love to keep improving our list, so send your favorite summer date ideas our way!

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