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What Does The Hospital Provide After Birth

What the Hospital Provides After Birth: A Guide for Mom, Dad, and Baby

After your baby is born, the hospital will supply a number of items to help you get started on your new journey. Here is a guide to what the hospital provides after birth for mom, dad, and baby. These items will help you care for your newborn and get through those first few days post-birth.

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What the Hospital Provides After Birth: A Guide for Mom, Dad, and Baby

What The Hospital Provides After Birth: For Baby

Congratulations! After you’ve welcomed your new bundle of joy into the world, the hospital will do its best to make sure both you and baby are comfortable and taken care of.

Most hospitals will provide you with almost everything you need for your stay, like toiletries and a going home outfit. Check out my hospital bag checklist for everything else you may need.

You’ll also be assigned a postpartum nurse who will help take care of you and baby. They can answer any questions you have, help you with breastfeeding or pumping, and teach you how to bathe and swaddle your newborn.

If breastfeeding isn’t possible or you’re supplementing with formula, the hospital will provide you with what you need. And of course, there are plenty of baby blankets to keep your little one cozy.

So don’t worry, the hospital has got you covered. Here’s a list of what most hospitals typically supply for your baby while you’re at the hospital…


You will likely go through a lot of diapers in those first few hours as baby passes meconium (baby’s first poop), so it’s good to have a stock pile at the hospital. The nurses will assist you with those first few diaper changes until you get the hang of it, and make sure that the diapers fit your baby just right.


Wipes are essential while in the hospital too to help clean up those messy bottoms. The hospital will provide you with a pack of wipes, and restock if you use them all (which you probably will).


The hospital will usually provide a few T-shirts for your baby to wear while in the hospital. We typically provide kimono t-shirts to prevent putting clothing over the baby’s delicate and sore head after birth. Plus, they make it easy to change diapers as well. Also check to see if the t-shirts supplied by the hospital have mittens built into the sleeves to help keep baby warm and from scratching himself with his nails.


The hospital will provide you with a few blankets, and the nurses can demonstrate how to swaddle your baby in blankets so you can practice before going home. We recommend laying baby down to sleep at night in a sleepsack, and many hospitals have gotten away from using blankets and switched to sleepsacks so baby can get used to them right away. So, don’t be surprised if your hospital provides you with a sleepsack as well.


The hospital will have a bassinet for baby to sleep in while you’re in the hospital. Usually the bassinet will have drawers where all the diapers, wipes, and linens are stocked for you, including a couple changes of sheets in case baby dirties the bassinet sheet.

Bath Basin

A bath basin is perfect for giving your baby a sponge bath in the early weeks. The hospital will provide you with a bath basin to take home, and the nurses will demonstrate a baby bath for you as well. Typically they’ll offer the bath basin, soap, and hair comb for you to take home with you.


The hospital typically has baby soap to use for baby’s first bath, but if you’d like to bring your own brand that’s ok too. Just let the nurse know who’s going to give baby his first bath. Also, if you’d prefer for baby not to have a bath while in the hospital let the nurses know. They’ll send you home with some supplies so you can do it yourself once you’re home.

Hospital Bag Checklist pdf

Hair Comb

We usually supply a baby comb for you as well that we use during baby’s first bath to clean the hair. Sometimes the baby needs his hair combed during his first bath based on how much hair he’s born with. The hair comb is a nice little souvenir from your time in the hospital too.

Bulb Syringe

A bulb syringe is the perfect tool for clearing your baby’s nose and throat. The hospital will provide you with a bulb syringe, and demonstrate how to use it should you baby begin to choke during those first few days. You’re welcome to take home the bulb syringe also since they’re a nice item to have on hand in case of an emergency.


A hat is important for keeping your baby’s head warm especially right after birth. The hospital will provide a hat for your baby to wear, and we recommend once baby is able to maintain his temperature without his hat that you take it home for any pets to sniff prior to bringing baby home. It’s also another wonderful keepsake.

Footprint Cards

Footprint cards are a great way to remember your baby’s footprints. The hospital will usually provide a few footprint cards for you to take home. If you have a baby book and would like to have footprints done in your book, ask the nurses for some extra ink pads for home.


If you are not planning to breastfeed, the hospital will provide you with formula so you can feed your baby in the hospital. And, if your baby needs supplementation even though you’re planning to breastfeed, the nurses will be happy to show you the best ways to feed your baby to preserve your breastfeeding progress.


Of course, the hospital will also provide you with nipples for the bottles and help you learn which flow your baby tolerates best so you can supplement and bottle feed at home with success.

Burp Cloths

And, speaking of feedings, the hospital will have plenty of burp cloths for you to use as well, so don’t bother packing your own and then having to wash them when you get home. Baby’s spit up a lot when their brand new and so you’ll likely go through several before you head home.


The hospitals typically also have pacifiers to give you as well, but will warn you that using a pacifier early on before breastfeeding is well established could cause some confusion. But, if you’re bottle feeding or just need one for your sanity, they’re there for you and your baby.

What the Hospital Provides After Birth: A Guide for Mom, Dad, and Baby

What The Hospital Provides After Birth: For Mom

After you’ve delivered your baby, the hospital will provide you with everything you need to recover and begin breastfeeding.

If you had a vaginal delivery, you’ll be given a peri bottle to help with cleansing after urination or a bowel movement.

You’ll also have a lactation consultant available to help you get started breastfeeding and answer any questions you may have.

If you had a C-section, you’ll be given specific instructions for recovery, which may include taking pain medication and avoiding heavy lifting.

You may be able to choose whether to have your baby in your hospital room or in the nursery (if the hospital offers nursery care otherwise baby will stay in your room), and you’ll be given a hospital bed to sleep in.

The hospital will also provide you with all the breastfeeding supplies you need, including breast pads, nipple cream, and a breast pump if necessary. So don’t worry – the hospital has got you covered! Here’s a bit more information about the hospital will provide for mom after delivery…

Peri Bottle

A peri bottle is a great way to clean yourself after using the bathroom, especially if it’s extremely tender down there and you don’t want to wipe. This is an item you may want to pack for home before you leave, or you can check out the peri bottle by FridaBaby that is even more convenient for on-the-go as you heal.

Mesh Panties

Mesh panties are perfect for those first few days post-birth, and so many moms love them. The hospital will provide you with a few pairs of mesh panties, and make sure you take home any extras that may be left in your bathroom before you leave. You may even want to order some pairs for home since you can just toss them out if they get messy.


Pads are essential after birth whether you have baby vaginally or via c-section. You will experience a bit of bleeding that could last for days, so the hospital will provide pads in all shapes and sizes based on you and your body.

Perineal Ice Pack

A cold pack will help soothe any discomfort or swelling in the perineal area (between the vagina and anus), and we recommend using them for at least the first 24 hours after a vaginal birth. You can continue using them after 24 hours for comfort if you like.

Incision Pads

If you had a C-section, the hospital will provide you with a few incision pads that lay right over top of your incision so that the pads and mesh panties don’t irritate the area. The nurses will likely supply you with a few of these before you go home as well to help you keep your incision area as clean as protected as possible.


If you had a C-section, the hospital will provide you with a binder to wear around your abdomen to help support your incision. This is an item that is sized for you, so feel free to take it home with you. Some women like to wear a binder after vaginal delivery as well, just ask your nurse if that’s a good idea for you or not.


This is probably pretty obvious, but of course the hospital will supply you with plenty of hospital gowns. Feel free to pack some comfier clothes though if you’d like especially during those postpartum days.


Tucks are perfect for soothing your perineal area after birth. We’ll show you how to line your peripad with Tucks pads so they help you heal quicker “down there”. The hospital will provide you with some Tucks pads before you go home, but you can always order more on Amazon or get them at your local pharmacy.


Dermaplast is another postpartum must-have the hospital will provide you. It’s a great way to numb your perineum after birth. You just spray it directly on your peri-area and let it work it’s magic. You’ll be able to take your can of Dermaplast home with you, and if you run out or need more you can order it from Amazon or get it at your local pharmacy.

Pain Medication

The hospital will provide you with pain medication to help with the discomfort after birth. We usually administer Tylenol and Motrin and sometimes medication that’s a bit stronger depending on your birth and pain. Your doctor will write prescriptions for pain medications as well before you leave the hospital so you stay comfortable at home as well.


Lanolin is necessary for those early days of breastfeeding. Your nurse or lactation consultant will bring you some and you can take your tube of lanolin home with you as well.

Breast Pads

Breast pads may be something you need if your milk comes in really quickly, and the hospital will provide you with some so you stay nice and dry.

Breast Shells

We recommend placing breast shells inside your nursing bra especially during those early days of breastfeeding to help your nipples get some air and heal. They keep you nipples from getting irritated by the inside of your bra and allows the lanolin or whatever nipple cream you choose to use really absorb and work to heal cracked and bleeding nipples.

Breast Shield

If you have flat nipples, your nurse or lactation consultant may fit you with breast shields to assist baby in latching on. This is done on an individual basis based on what your specific needs are and your anatomy. If they’re not needed, we don’t recommend using them as that close contact with baby and stimulation directly on your nipples is necessary for establishing a good milk supply.

Breast Pump Supplies

When you go on your hospital tour, ask the staff if the hospital has breast pumps to use after delivery. Pumping after delivery or postpartum may not be necessary for every mom, but it’s nice to know if the hospital has the supplies for you to use. If they do have pumps, they’ll supply you with a kit to help you get started and show you how to use it. The lactation consultant will be able to fit you with a proper flange as well. It may be best to bring your own breast pump that you’ll be using at home as well, if you’d like the lactation consultant to demonstrate how to use it.

newborn baby in bassinet in hospital

What The Hospital Provides After Birth: For Dad

Dads, don’t feel left out after your partner gives birth. The hospital staff has you covered, too. Here’s what you can expect:


The hospital will provide both of you with snacks after delivery and may even have a public pantry where dad can go get snacks from a vending machine or fill your water bottles. The snack options will most likely be very limited, which is why I recommend packing your own snacks.


Coffee is always brewing on a labor and delivery or postpartum unit at the hospital. Feel free to help yourself if there’s coffee in the pantry or ask your nurse and nursing assistant for a refill whenever you need that pick me up.

Place to Sleep

The hospital will likely have a place in the patient room for dad or the support person to sleep. It might not be the most comfortable place, but when your exhausted new parents it doesn’t seem to really matter.


The hospital will provide plenty of blankets and sheets for both mom and dad, but feel free to bring your own if that more comfortable for you.


The hospital will not provide dad with a pillow as well, but you can always pack your own as well. Don’t forget to check out my complete list of what to pack in dad’s hospital bag.

Hospital Bag Checklist pdf

What Supplies Can I Take Home With Me?

The hospital will provide you with a number of supplies to take home with you, including pads, mesh panties, pain medication and more. Basically anything that was packaged and then opened for you, you can take home like your breast pump kit, pads, diapers, wipes, etc.

The things that we ask that you don’t take with you are linens like the blankets, baby clothes, burp clothes, etc because those are laundered and reused. If you have questions on what you can take or not take, just ask your nurse. They’ll be happy to assist you and make sure you take everything home that you’ll need.

More FAQ’s About Your Hospital Stay After Giving Birth

Q: Does the hospital give you a peri bottle?

The hospital will provide you with a peri bottle and definitely pack it in your bag to take home with home on discharge day.

Q: How long do you stay in the hospital after giving birth c-section?

The length of your hospital stay will depend on your individual situation. Typically for c-section mamas you stay in the hospital at least 48 hours and up to 72 hours.

Q: How long to do you stay after birth?

You will typically stay in the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours for a vaginal delivery and a minimum of 48 hours for a c-section. Of course, length of stay depends on your delivery and if you’re having any postpartum complications that can extend that length of time.

Q: What is in the free baby bag at the hospital?

Some hospitals have a special free gift for their new parents. We used to give out diaper bags filled with goodies, but these days the gifts have changed quite a bit. Ask the staff at the hospital where you plan to deliver during your tour if there is a special gift they give to new parents.

Q: Do hospitals provide formula for newborns?

The hospital will provide you with formula for your newborn. You should also plan on buying formula for home after you leave the hospital even if you intend to strictly breastfeed. Sometimes health complications arise where supplementation is needed for yours or baby’s health.

Q: How long in hospital after birth during Covid-19 Pandemic?

The length of your hospital stay doesn’t change due to the covid-19 pandemic. It’s still a minimum stay of 24 hours for vaginal deliveries and 48 hours for c-sections, however hospitals are doing their best to expedite your discharge to get you home with your baby safe and sound.

Q: How long does it take to recover from childbirth?

It typically takes six to eight weeks to recover from childbirth. However, the length of time may vary depending on your individual situation.

Things to do in the hospital after having a baby

Sometimes after baby is born, it’s normal for new parents to wonder “now what?” The hospital will provide you with a list of things to do in the hospital after having a baby. However, here are a few suggestions…

  • Spend time bonding with your baby
  • Practice latching baby and breastfeeding holds
  • Play around with the breast pump and get more comfortable with it
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Change your baby’s diapers
  • Practice swaddling your baby
  • Take the best shower of your life
  • Fill out the birth certificate
  • Learn as much as you can…pick the nurses brains
  • Visit with excited friends and family
  • Take lots of picture and videos of those precious first few moments
  • Relax and recover from childbirth
  • Get as much sleep as possible

Well, there you have it, what the hospital provides after birth for mom, dad, and baby. Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below and congrats on your new baby!

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