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45+ Push Presents for Dad

Push Presents for Dad

You may be wondering, “Wait, did I read that right?  Push presents for dad?!”.  Yes, you did read it correctly, and yes push presents for dad are a thing now in 2022.  I realize dads don’t technically have to do any pushing, but they are there by our side, rubbing our backs, fetching us late-night KFC, and so on for 9+ months.  So why not surprise him with a special gift?

These push present ideas would make great new daddy gifts, especially when put together in a themed basket just for him.  There’s gift ideas for the athletic daddy, the sentimental guy, and even the coffee lover.  And, I included some investment gifts as well.

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Push Presents for Dad

Push Presents for Dad: The Best Gift Ideas for Him

Are you looking for the perfect push presents for dad?  Below I’ve included many push present ideas for dad from luxury items to inexpensive gifts.  These would make a great memorable gift for any new dad.

1. Engraved Watch

A watch engraved with baby’s birthday or a sweet message is a gift that dad will cherish forever.  This blue slate Shinola watch is a luxury option and made right here in Detroit.

Shinola watch

2. Manly Diaper Bag

Another great push present gift ideas for dads would be a handsome diaper bag.  I love this one that’s made from the finest leather and could be used by dad for years to come, not just to hold baby toys and diapers.

Shinola leather backpack diaper bag

3. Smart Speakers

Deck out the new dads office or man cave with a set of smart speakers so he can enjoy his favorite tunes whenever he wants too.  This would be a truly classy push present for dad.

Smart Speakers from Shinola

4. Matching Daddy & Baby Shirts

Another cute idea would be to get dad and baby some matching tees.  Etsy always has the best options.

matching baby and dad tee

5. Daddy Coffee Mug

Get the new dad a personalized mug.  There are so many options on Etsy, even mugs that you can add baby’s picture too.

husband and daddy rae dunn mug

6. Coffee Subscription

And while we’re on the topic of coffee, if your hubby’s a fan of coffee include a subscription for his favorite beans with his personalized mug.  More than likely he’ll be drinking a lot of coffee over the next few months.

7. Keepsake Frame

Gift the new dad a keepsake picture frame to display pictures of baby on his desk, dresser, in the office, or anywhere.

daddy leather frame

8. Book for Baby

Include a fatherhood related book for baby in your push present for him that he can enjoy reading to the baby.  A top favorite is this book for baby that can be personalized with dad’s name.

personalized daddy children's book

9. Cufflinks

If the new dad loves style and wears a suit regularly, he may really love a nice set of cufflinks as a push present.  Pictured below are cufflinks made with Petosky stones found in the lakes here in Michigan.

Petosky stone cufflinks from Shinola

10. Docking Station

Give dad a place to store all the things with this beautiful docking station that can even be personalized.

wooden docking station for dad

11. Tile for Keys

Who says dads can’t have “baby brain”.  #sleepdeprivation  Give dad a tile for his keys so he never loses them again or can easily find them in the bottom of the diaper bag.

12. Instant Coffee Maker

Get dad the latest greatest coffee machine as a push present that you all can enjoy!  We really love this one.

Nespresso instant coffee maker

13. Newspaper

Get dad a copy the newspaper of the day baby was born to have as a keepsake. Baby may enjoy seeing it when he’s older as well.

14. Bike Wagon for Baby

Does dad like to go for bike rides?  Make it a family affiar, and give him a bike wagon for baby to use when baby’s a little bit older.

15. Kangaroo Shirt

These kangaroo shirts are the coolest thing since sliced bread, and make a perfect gift for a new dad.  He’s able to carry and bond with baby in a a special way with these shirts.

kangaroo shirt for dad and baby

16. Selfie Stick Tripod

Help dad capture all those precious memories with a selfie stick.  This tripod is even bendable and foldable making it even easier to use and place in tricky places.

17. New Dad Survival Kit

This new dad survival kit is simply a no brainer. It’s the perfect push present for a new dad.

new dad survival kit

18. Diaper Changing Tool Belt

Looking for a funny way to celebrate dad? Get him this diaper changing tool belt.  It holds everything necessary for changing those pesky dirty diapers.

daddy diaper changing tool belt

19. Cozy Lounge Clothes

Splurge on some super comfy lounge clothes for dad’s hospital bagTommy John’s lounge wear will make the perfect push present.

20. Outdoor Slippers

And don’t forget some really nice slippers for dad too.  They’d be a great addition to his hospital bag as well.

21. Back Massager

Get dad a neck or back massager to help work out all that new dad tension.  Plus, you can use it too.  It would be a great item to pack in the hospital bag as well since sleeping conditions in the hospital aren’t always the most comfortable.

22. Sound-Blocking Headphones

Give dad the gift of peace and quiet with these Bose noice-canceling headphones.

23. Fatherhood Book

This fatherhood book is a comprehensive guide to fatherhood from birth and beyond and makes a great push present gift.

fatherhood guide book

24. Baby Manual

Another great book idea for new daddies is “The Baby Manual” which answers all those new parents questions about their baby.

Baby Manual book

25. Dad Joke Book

You could also get him a dad joke book especially if he loves to make people laugh.  It would make a cute thoughtful push present.

Dad Jokes book

26. Keepsake Toys

Give dad a keepsake toy that he can enjoy with the baby.  For instance, if dad loves to golf get him some tiny golf clubs for baby.  Or if dad loved playing with dinosaurs when he was little, gift him some high quality dinosaurs the baby will enjoy as well.  The nostalgia is the perfect gift.

27. Letters to my Baby Journal

If dad enjoys writing, get him this journal where he can write letters to the baby.  What a sweet keepsake for him to share with the baby when he/she is older.

letters to my son journal

28. New Camera

Gift dad a push present of a new camera so he can capture every sweet little moment with baby.  This camera is a great compact DSLR that’s great for beginner and experienced photographers.

Canon Rebel Camera

29. Man Crates

Man Crates is one of my favorite brands for men’s gifts.  And, one of their newest crates is a New Dad Survival Crate complete with beef jerkey, military grade gum, a baby manual, new dad shoulder pack, & more!  This crate would make the perfect push present for da. .

Man Crates new dad survival crate

30. Butcher Box Subscription

Is dad a meat lover who maybe likes to grill?  Get him a push present that will benefit the whole family with a Butcher Box subscription filled with organic, hormone-free, ethically sources meat.

31. “Hi Daddy” Onesie

Surprise the new dad with a precious “daddy” onesie for baby to wear.  This push present would make for some cute newborn photos with dad too.

hi daddy onesie

32. Cinemood for Movies on the Go

As we all know, parents often get very little sleep with a newborn.  So gift the new dad this tiny cinemood projector that allows him to project favorite TV shows and movies anywhere and everywhere.  This would make a fun addition to the hospital bag so that you can enjoy some movie nights during those late night feedings.

cinemood projector

33. Brumate

Brumate products would make for another perfect push present for dad.  These koozies, hopsilators, and insulated mugs keeps beverages hot or cold for hours making it the perfect dad gift.

34. Luggage

Does the new daddy have old broken down luggage, or any at all.  This may just be the perfect time to invest in some great luggage for dad to signify your greatest adventure yet.

35. Leather Wallet

Another practical and thoughtful gift for dad would be a nice leather wallet.  I love the slim design and easy card accessibility of Andar leather wallets.  They will hold all of dad’s necessities and make it easier to get to what he needs too especially when his hands are full.

36. Dopp Bag

A leather embossed Dopp Bag would make a great addition to his push present.  Its the perfect place for him to store his toiletries while traveling and especially while at the hospital.

leather embossed dopp bag for dad

37. Pregnancy Photos of You

To commemorate this special time in your lives, surprise dad with an album of beautiful photos of you.  You could even have boudoir photos taken that are for his eyes only.  Wink wink.

38. Mobile Gaming Console

Does he enjoy playing video games to unwind after the end of a long day?  Check out this mobile gaming console that fits around iPhones or Androids and allows him to play games while snuggling your little one.  Hey, anything to help keep him awake, right?

mobile gaming console

39. Oh Sh*t Kit

Prep dad’s car with one of these emergency blow out diaper changing kits complete with changing pads and medical gloves.  Practical and hysterical.

oh shit diaper changing kit

40. Matching Baseball Caps

These matching baseball caps for dad and baby are the cutest push present ever, don’t you think?

dad and baby matching baseball hats

41. Daddy & Baby Adventure Scrapbook

This daddy and baby adventure scrapbook is such a sweet and thoughtful gift idea for new dads, especially those adventure seekers who can’t wait to explore with their littlest addition.

adventure scrapbook for dad and child

42. New Daddy Milestone Cards

Full of dadvice and lots of new dad tips, this new daddy milestone cards gift is absolutely perfect for a new daddy.

new dad milestone cards

43. A Toast to Baby’s Firsts

These beer bottle labels make for a super cute push present idea.  Adhere to dad’s favorite beverage of choice to enjoy throughout the next few weeks of baby’s firsts.

baby's first beer bottle labels for dads

44. New Parents Decision Flip Coin

Looking for a cute, funny gift idea for dad.  This new parents decision flip coin will result in several 3 a.m chuckles when bickering over who needs to change baby’s diaper or fetch the bottle.

new parents decision flip coin

45. Personalized Photo Keyring

Lastly, any new dad would love this personalized leather photo keyring to store favorite photos of the family to share with friends and coworkers.  It’s sleek and handsome and comes in a beautiful wooden keepsake box.

leather embossed picture keychain
embossed leather photo keychain

Push Presents for Dad

I hope you enjoyed this epic list of push presents for dad and that you found the perfect gift for your guy.  Congratulations on your new baby.

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Push Presents for Dad

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