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10 Special Ways To Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby

I thought St. Patrick’s Day of all days, when we are surrounded by clovers and rainbows, I’d share with you 10 special ways to celebrate your rainbow baby.  Rainbow babies are those little ones born after a previous loss.  They are a reminder that there is still life, beauty, and hope after a storm.  So, today I will show you several amazing ways to celebrate the little rainbow in your life.

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Rainbow babies are those little ones born after a previous loss.  Here are 10 special ways to celebrate these unique babies and their mamas.

1. Rainbow Baby Themed Shower

You may choose to celebrate your little miracle with a rainbow-themed baby shower.  This idea is super cute and very versatile.  There are about a gazillion rainbow party ideas on Pinterest, so I chose just a few of my favorite decorating ideas, colorful cookies, and a “have faith in your dreams” printable.

Shop lots of rainbow baby shower items here.

Browse nursery printables here.

Order these adorable Rainbow Baby Shower cookies & many other designs at Miss Biscuit.

Rainbow babies are those little ones born after a previous loss.  Here are 10 special ways to celebrate these unique babies and their mamas.
Project Nursery Shop

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2. Rainbow Baby T-shirt For The Miracle Bump

Show off that growing bump with any of these adorable maternity t-shirts.

This “Rainbow Baby On Board” t-shirt available here.

Shop this t-shirt and other designs at this Etsy shop.

{Read Elly’s story of how she coped with life after a miscarriage. Photo Credit.}

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3. Rainbow Baby Nursery

A friend of mine designed a lovely “somewhere over the rainbow” nursery for her rainbow babies…yes, babies!!  She had a triple rainbow!!  Rainbow-themed nurseries are jam-packed with color and fun.  You can choose to go bright and bold with primary colors, or more delicate and pretty with pastels.  Either way, your little rainbow is sure to love it.

This “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” graphic available at this Etsy shop.

Buy this rainbow felt star nursery garland here.

{photo credit}

Buy this colorful bunny mobile at this Etsy shop.

Check out more bright & beautiful nursery themes here.

Check out this Rainbow Baby Shop on Etsy to get similar ultrasound picture frames.

Shop for these organic rainbow sheets at Pottery Barn Kids.

{photo credit}

Rainbow babies are those little ones born after a previous loss.  Here are 10 special ways to celebrate these unique babies and their mamas.

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4. Rainbow Baby Blankets

How about knitting a gorgeous multi-colored blanket for your rainbow baby to enjoy? Or using a rainbow blanket as the background of your monthly growth photos?  You can incorporate rainbows into everything, even your baby’s swaddle blankets….and, it’s oh so cute!

{photo credit}

Buy this rainbow baby personalized swaddle blanket here.

Buy the “I Am Loved” rainbow blanket at Little & Luxe Shop

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5. Rainbow “Going-Home” Outfit

These going-home outfits are some of the cutest I’ve seen, and they celebrate your rainbow baby is the sweetest of ways.

Shop for this onesie and other adorable designs at this Etsy shop.

Buy this onesie here.

Order this colorful outfit at this online boutique.

This onesie available here at Urban Baby Co.


Baby Book

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

6. Rainbow Baby Photo Shoot

Don’t forget about a precious rainbow-themed photo shoot with your newborn.  You will cherish these photos forever.  And, I’m loving how some new parents are using rainbow backgrounds in their maternity photos as well.  They make a powerful statement of hope, don’t you think?

Photo credit along with a beautiful article explaining the meaning behind rainbow babies.

Buy these Rainbow Spectrum Monthly Photo Stickers here.

{photo credit}

Check out Luisa Dunn’s photo montage of rainbow baby photography here.  Breathtaking.

{photo credit GingerSnap Photography}

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7. Rainbow-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement

You may choose to make your big announcement using a rainbow theme.  Often times, parents who have lost a child, still long to honor that life in some way.  I think these breathtaking pregnancy announcements are absolutely breathtaking and definitely social media ready.

Photo Credit & Printable

{photo credit}

This onesie available at this Etsy boutique.

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

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8. Rainbow Pregnancy Inspirational Words

Whether you are still healing from your loss, praying for your rainbow, or already expecting, copy and paste these inspirational quotes and verses to your phone wallpaper, Instagram, Facebook page, wherever they will most encourage you to continue hoping and believing.

{photo credit}

You can purchase this rainbow nursery art here.

You can buy my favorite verse rainbow print at this Etsy Shop.

Rainbow babies are those little ones born after a previous loss.  Here are 10 special ways to celebrate these unique babies and their mamas.
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9. Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Journal

Keep track of your thoughts, worries, fears, accomplishments, hopes, and prayers in this beautiful journal.  Pregnancy after a loss can come with its own challenges.  Take the opportunity to write your thoughts in a safe, beautiful place.

Shop pregnancy journals here.

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10. Cute Toys & Mementos

Keep the rainbow magic going as your little one grows with rainbow toys and special mementos.  He or she will always be your rainbow after the storm, and will forever remind you that God answers prayer.

Shop for natural wooden toys like this rainbow stacker at this Etsy shop.

Buy this rainbow ribbon blanket and toy set here.

Buy this colorful rainbow mobile at this Etsy shop.

Find this rainbow unicorn at this lovely boutique.

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