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The Best Push Presents for Mom

The Best Push Presents for Mom: Gift Ideas That She’ll Love

When a woman becomes a mother, she deserves something special to commemorate the occasion. A push present is a gift given to her by her partner or spouse in recognition of the incredible accomplishment of giving birth. If you’re looking for the best push presents for mom, look no further! In this blog post, I will share some great gift ideas that any new mom would love to receive.

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The Best Push Presents for Mom: Gift Ideas That She’ll Love

What Is A Push Present?

A push present is a gift given to mark the occasion of childbirth. It is often given by a spouse or partner, but can also be given by other members of the family, such as parents or in-laws. The term “push” refers to pushing during labor and delivery.

A common misconception is that the gift must be presented at the time of delivery, but this is not the case. The gift can be given any time after the baby is born.

It is also a common misconception that push presents are only given for first babies. In reality, women may receive more than one push present at the time of childbirth if they have multiple children.

The Best Push Presents for Mom: Gift Ideas That She’ll Love

Best Push Present Ideas for New Moms- 2022

A push present doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. In fact, many of the best gifts for new moms are practical items that she will use every day. If you’re stumped on what to get the new mom in your life, here are some ideas that won’t break the bank.

Spa Gift Card

A spa gift card will allow her to relax and renew after a difficult labor experience or C-section recovery period. Consider adding an extra touch by including a thoughtful note about how proud you are of her and how much she deserves some time away from the baby.

House Cleaning

After a new baby comes home, most mothers are too tired to consider cleaning their house again! Hiring someone to come clean for them is one of the best gifts they can get after delivery – it will help keep mom sane while giving her more time with her baby. You can find qualified house cleaners on

Subscription to Home Chef

This is perfect for the busy mom who doesn’t have much time to cook! These services are great because they deliver fresh ingredients right at your doorstep – all you need to do is follow along with their recipes and voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious meal in no time.


A necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings are always a good choice when it comes to choosing gifts for women. I especially love jewelry from Made by Mary. They have some of the best push present jewelry ideas including an initial necklace and birth flower pendants. Or surprise her with a mini locket necklace with perhaps the ultrasound picture on one side and newborn picture on the other. Mom will certainly love this gift.

mini oval locket necklace
April birth flower necklace
mini disc initial necklace

Shopping Spree

This is the perfect gift for the mom who loves to shop! A day at her favorite stores will be sure to put a smile on her face. Just make sure you’re available to take care of the new baby while she’s out.

New Bed Linens

A new set of bed linens is always a welcome gift, especially for a mom who looks forward to climbing into bed at night for a nap during the day. Choose a soft and luxurious fabric like cotton or bamboo to make her feel extra pampered. The bed linens from Boll & Branch are extra luxurious and a splurge mom will surely enjoy and appreciate.

Boll & Branch white bed linens


This is the perfect gift for the busy mom. The Eufy robovac is a great choice because it can be programmed via Wi-Fi so you don’t need to worry about being home when it’s cleaning. Just start the vacuum via an app on your phone and your floors are done. Plus, the Eufy robovac won’t break the bank either.


A new plant is a thoughtful gift for the green-thumb mom who loves taking care of plants. Choose one that requires minimal attention so she can enjoy its beauty without having to do much work!

Candles or Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device

Candles are always a great choice for any occasion, and they’re perfect for new moms who need to relax. Choose a scent that she loves so she can enjoy it every time she lights them up. You may also consider a Pura smart home fragrance device that she can program on an app on her phone and enjoy popular candle scents throughout the day without having to remember to blow out a candle.  Plus, you can save 15% when you my exclusive code STEPHANIE15 at checkout.

Pura diffuser scent

Amazon Echo or Other Smart Home Gadgets

If the new mom in your life is into technology, then an Amazon Echo or other smart home gadget would be the perfect gift. These devices can be used to control various aspects of her home, from turning lights off and on to changing the channel on her TV. It’s like having an extra set of hands which every mom needs, right?

Meaningful Artwork

A piece of artwork that has special meaning to mom is a great push present choice. It could be something she’s always wanted or a replica of one in her favorite artist’s collection. I love the artwork by Lindsay Letters Co. as well as her lettering pieces that offer words of encouragement to uplift new mamas, like this beautiful piece of abstract art named “daughter”, or meaningful lettering pieces like The Doxology or this message of hope.

Lindsay Letters Doxology print
abstract art
Lindsay Letters message of hope

Espresso Machine

This is the perfect gift for any coffee lover! An espresso machine will allow them to brew their own delicious cup whenever they want. The Nespresso is an easy option. They offer many different flavored espresso pods to enjoy, and I’d highly recommend getting the frother for milk or creamer as well.

Mommy & Me Newborn Photo Shoot

A newborn photo shoot with mom and baby is a great way to capture the early days of their relationship. It’s also a wonderful keepsake that she can cherish for years to come.

Designer Bag

A designer bag is always a welcome gift, especially for a mom who loves fashion. If you’re not sure what her style is, then choose a neutral color like black or brown. If budget isn’t an issue or you’re really wanting to knock moms socks off, surprise with a Neverfull Bag that can carry all of hers and the baby’s goodies in the fashionable way.

LV Neverfull bag
Louis Vouitton

Audible Subscription

If mom loves listening to audiobooks, then an Audible subscription is the perfect gift. She can listen on her phone while breastfeeding or even in bed before falling asleep at night – it’s an easy way for her to relax and unwind.

A Night Out

A night out with friends is another perfect gift idea, but it’s especially great for new moms who need some R&R with their gal pals and time away from their kids!

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the perfect gift for any mom who loves staying active and in touch with her family and friends. It’s a great way for her to stay connected without having to carry her phone around. And there are so many cool apps for new moms too.

Lounge Clothes

A new set of lounge clothes is the perfect gift for any mom especially since she’ll be hanging out at home caring for the baby. Choose a soft and cozy fabric like fleece or cotton and pick out a fun pattern or color that she’ll love. Bonus points if they’re machine-washable! I highly recommend Tommy John lounge wear. It’s the most comfortable clothes she’ll ever wear.

Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box

A subscription box is the perfect gift for any mom who needs a pick-me-up. With Fab Fit Fun, she’ll get several new items each season (think beauty products, jewelry and more!) that are sure to make her feel like it’s Christmas morning all year long.

Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

Matching clothes for mom and baby are always a hit! It’s fun to see how they look together in outfits that coordinate, plus it makes for some cute mommy & me pictures.  Etsy always has some of the cutest matching t-shirts and onesies for mama and baby.

mama and mini matching shirts

ChatBooks Subscription

A ChatBooks subscription is a gift that keeps on giving, and is the perfect push present idea for the mom who loves to take a ton of pictures. She’ll be able to customize photo books of her baby and get those pictures off her phone and into her hands to enjoy for years to come.

monthly Chatbooks photo albums

Jewelry Featuring Baby’s Birthstone

Pick up a piece of jewelry that features your baby’s birthstone like a necklace or bracelet charm. This is a great way to commemorate the birth of each baby and celebrate their special birth day.  This birthstone necklace would be the perfect push present for a mom having her last baby.

birthstone necklace

Replenish & Restore Gift Box

“The Replenish and Restore New Mom/Postpartum Recovery Gift Box is a care package that has been thoughtfully curated to include an assortment of elevated yet practical items that are perfectly well suited for a new mom during her “fourth trimester”. From nursing discomforts (like sore nipples, extreme thirst, and privacy concerns) to middle-of-the-night feedings to postpartum hair loss (yup, it’s a thing). This new mom care package is full of beautiful items to help this new mama feel more comfortable in her skin, and help you show HER just how much you care. The nursery is full of items for baby – this postpartum recovery gift box is just for mama!”

replenish and restore gift box for new mom
Replenish and Restore gift box for new moms

The Peaceful Postpartum Gift Box

“The days immediately after giving birth are so amazing and so exhausting at the same time. Despite the sleepless nights and nursing-filled days, Mama will look back with joy as she remembers this special and magical phase with her little one. This postpartum care package is all about soothing the new mom in the days after birth, so she can really enjoy these fleeting moments. With a healing warm tea, cloud-like slippers, a hydrating hand cream to soothe hands sore from bottle washing, and a clean-burning non-toxic candle and matches to set a tranquil mood, the Nurtured 9 Peaceful Postpartum Gift Box is the ultimate care package for the new mom for while she cares for her beautiful baby.”

new mom gift box

Cozy New Mama Gift Box

“Achy feet, a growing belly, nerves about labor and delivery…then fast forward to sleepless nights with a newborn; If anyone needs a gift of cozy, soothing essentials designed for ultimate relaxation, it’s an expecting or new Mom! This cozy gift box for Mama has been curated with warming comfort in mind, from the snuggly soft ribbed knit maternity/postpartum robe to the plush slippers (available in two styles) to the glowing nontoxic candle and thoughtful “Just For You, Mama” match set. This comfy gift full of your warmest well wishes is just the pick-me-up Mom needs for a happy and healthy journey into motherhood.”

And I love that Nurtured 9 offers additional wrapping options like swaddles, dried florals, and even a diaper caddy or hospital bag for mom. Their postpartum gift boxes are amazing and would make a wonderful push present for mom.

new mom gift box
robe and slippers
diaper caddy gift for mom

Custom Footprint Artwork

Pick up a custom piece of artwork with your baby’s footprints on it. You can have them made at Minted by sending in a copy of your baby’s footprints from the hospital that the nurse gives you, and they create a beautiful foil print. This gift will be a keepsake that mom will cherish for years to come.

gold foil baby footprint art piece

Star Map Print

A star map print of the day of baby’s birth is another unique push present idea that she’ll cherish forever. It’ll be a beautiful addition to your home as well. You can find these prints at

star map print

Artifact Uprising Baby Book

The Artifact Uprising Baby Book is the perfect way for mom to document her baby’s first year. It includes tons of customizable pages, so she can track everything from milestones and photos to doctors appointments and growth charts. Plus, it’s bound in a beautiful hardcover that will last forever!

The Short Years Baby Book

Looking for an easier baby book option for mom? Check out The Short Years Baby Book.  She can design and customize pages on her phone while breastfeeding or snuggling baby and have the completed pages shipped to her home and quickly added to the baby book. This service makes completing a beautiful baby book fun, easy, and convenient for busy new mamas.

The Short Years baby book
the short years app
The Short Years baby book

Childhood History Journal & Keepsake Box

The Childhood History Journal and Keepsake Box by Promptly Journals is a great way for mom to document her baby’s first year and beyond. It even comes with a beautiful keepsake box to tuck some of baby’s little treasures inside of for safe keeping.  Plus, it’s bound in a beautiful hardcover that will last forever!

childhood history journal and keepsake box

Ember Smart Mug

The Ember Smart Mug is the perfect way for mom to enjoy her favorite drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate…) at the perfect temperature every time. And, it even comes in rose gold!

rose gold ember mug

T3 Blow Dryer Brush

The T3 Blow Dryer Brush is the perfect way for mom to dry and style her hair in a fraction of the time, which is perfect for a busy new mom who still wants to feel put together.

Bloomsy Box Subscription

The Bloomsy Box Subscription is the perfect way for mom to get fresh flowers delivered right to her door every month. She can choose from a variety of box options, each with its own unique selection of blooms, so she’ll always have something new and beautiful to enjoy!

Bloomsy flower box subscription

FAQ’s About Buying A Push Present

How much should you spend on a push present?

There’s no set amount that you should spend on a push present, but most people recommend somewhere around $100 – $300. Just like any other gift, it really depends on your relationship with the recipient, what amount is in your budget, and what they would appreciate the most.

Can you give cash as a push present?

You can definitely give cash as a push present, especially if you’re sending her on that shopping spree!

Can you give a push present at the hospital?

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to give your gift while you’re visiting mom in the hospital. You could even bring it along when going over there for labor and delivery support!

Do you have to give a push present?

No, there’s no requirement to give a push present – it’s simply a nice gesture to show your appreciation for all that mom has done. However, many people do choose to give one as a way of saying thank you.

What are some other good ideas for a push present?

Some good ideas for a push present include jewelry such as earrings or a necklace; flowers like roses or tulips in an arrangement from the florist; gift cards to local stores like Target, Walmart, and Bath & Body Works.

Who gives the push present?

The push present is typically given by the father or partner of the new mother. However, anyone can give a gift to show their appreciation for all that mom has done during pregnancy and childbirth!

When should you give a push present?

You can give your push present at any time after baby arrives. Most people choose to do so when they visit mom in the hospital, or when she’s home from delivery with her new bundle of joy.

What are some good push present ideas for dads?

Yes, dads can be giving a push present too even though they technically don’t do any of the “pushing”. But for all the support they offer during pregnancy and labor, it’s a nice gesture. Here’s my list of 45 great push present ideas for new dads that he’ll love.

What are some good push present ideas for couples?

For couples who are expecting their first child together, consider giving something that will help them enjoy their time at home with the baby like an espresso maker or a new set of bed linens. If the couple already has children, you could give them a night out on the town – complete with babysitting!

What are some good push present ideas for grandparents?

If the grandparents are expecting their first grandchild, consider giving them a photo session with the baby to capture this amazing milestone. Or, if they already have grandchildren and want something different than what you might give as a push present to mom or dad – consider getting them an engraved frame for their desk at work! Here’s my list of grandparent gifts that they’ll surely appreciate and enjoy.

What are your thoughts on these gifts? Do you have any other ideas that would be perfect for a new mom? Let us know in the comments section below!

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